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Quick Announcement

Friendly reminder the voting for the new EDC is underway.

If you haven’t voted yet, just head on over to this post and leave a comment on which one you like:

Let the Voting Begin

Recently, the EDC Cherokee my diecast companion for the past year has been retired. Now a new…

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The last day of voting will be Monday Sep 3 and the winner will be revealed the following day.

Get A Free Box Of Delicious Snacks From Graze And Stay Satisfied

Graze sends you monthly boxes of healthier, non-GMO snacks from wholesome, fun ingredients. With over 100 varieties of snacks, Graze ensures both sweet and savory tastes are satisfied. Boxes are normally $14, but readers can get their first box free, including free shipping. See full details here.

The Promotions team (we’re on the business side, not editorial) negotiates discounts on notable...

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Making My First BINGO Sheet Was A Success! Getting An Actual BINGO Was Not.

No BINGO for me, but no BINGO for Thatsmapizza either. Although Pizza still gets eight points versus my seven.

What’s really funny, (and not at all intentional, I swear!) is that my BINGO sheet almost looks like the Smash logo, or at least it would look like that if two of these three things happened: 1) Smash Bros. Ultimate launched in September, 2) we got a new Metroid Prime 4 trailer, or 3)...

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NPOCP: Fiat X1/9 Bertone with Shult widebody

I came across this thing, worth it or not?

2.950 euro.

1500 cc engine

sat in a showroom for 15 years

needs some work, mechanically and bodywork

Link to the original ad

What do you think?

Not a trailer Queen!
Bttfdmc1984 just a moment. 0 comments
Not a trailer Queen!

I know I’ve shown off this truck before but I needed something to show off a quick detail job on a trailer I did

Amazing what a lil bit of aluminum tape can do for details on an old maisto U-Haul cargo trailer. Might go back and dirty it up a bit to match the truck cause when you drive around an old beat up 1954 Chevy 3100 truck you need to carry around as many tools and parts to keep it...

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Tokyo Motor Show, Oppo Post Part 2

For additional images please visit my Patreon or my blog, Nippolitica. There will also be video, I shot about 20 minutes total raw, and that will be edited down to 5 minute release or something, once I am able to sit down on the Mac Pro and do it.

Urambo Tauro
Murray Christmas Oppo
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Apple, la asesina de tecnologías

¡Ha vuelto a suceder! De todas las cosas que anunció Apple ayer durante la presentación de sus nuevos iPhone, lo que más me llamó la atención fue algo que no anunció, pero en que Motherboard han resumido muy bien. ¡Apple ha vuelto a matar en riguroso directo! La nueva víctima se llama TouchID.

Ha sido tan fino que muchos no se han dado cuenta. Ni uno solo de los nuevos iPhone usa ya sensor de...

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I'm Pearl From <i>Steven Universe</i>! (According To This Quiz)

I’ve tried multiple times to write something well thought-out about Steven Universe, but other than my review for Save the Light, I’ve never been able to. Video games are my area of comfort for writing, and it’s hard for me to write about other media. Perhaps I’ll write a beautiful essay on just why Steven Universe is awesome one day, but that day is not today. Instead, I took an online quiz...

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The Grapes of Mud
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The Grapes of Mud

SCTV Movie of the Week. From 1977.

"SCTV" The Grapes of Mud (TV Episode 1977)

Directed by Milad Bessada, George Bloomfield. With John Candy, Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Andrea…

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Knock Off An Extra $15 On A Sleek, Minimalist Timepiece From MVMT (From $80)

Reward your wrist with a minimalist timepiece from MVMT Watches that will never go out of style. Take an extra $15 off with and buy a watch for as low as $80, plus receive free shipping worldwide with code KINJA15.

The average consumer should be able to buy a stylish watch that fits any situation, without the hefty price tag. That’s why MVMT designs, builds, and sells their watches directly to...

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Title: Wed Oct 11 2017 20:27:25 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Body: Wed Oct 11 2017 20:27:25 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Hey Opposaurus Welcome back.

This is why you didn’t want to leave the beach

this is the note that was waiting for me

as you can see, that shit was sent out. its not my fault that in 2018 people still can;t figure out email.

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Moar food from Japan. Kanazawa & Takayama. 

Having covered our Tokyo culinary capers in my last post, here are some of the om nom nom highlights from our short jaunt up to Kanazawa and Takayama. For those not yet in the know, Kanazawa is best known for seafood (and rice… but seafood’s definitely more exciting than rice), with neighbouring Takayama offering up some choice Hida Wagyu. I’m guessing you can see where this is going.

We didn’t...

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Subject: Statement Statement from the Press Secretary on the Visit of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia


Office of the Press Secretary


March 12, 2018

*Statement from the Press Secretary on the Visit of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia*

President Donald J. Trump will welcome Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia to the White House on March 20, 2018. The President looks forward to discussing ways to strengthen ties between the United...

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How to See What's Actually Inside Your Mutual Fund

Warren Buffett has made a reputation for himself as the world’s greatest investor, and he’s a big fan of index funds . Funds are basically one big investment made up of a bunch of individual ones. If you’re into lazy, set-and-forget investing, you’re familiar with them. But how do you find out exactly what’s in your fund?

How Index Funds Make Investing Easier and Less Scary

Once I finally...

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Let Me Show You My Pogs: Bad Boy Club

Bad Boy Club sounds like an aggro brand, but it was actually founded out of 1980s San Diego surf culture. The Bad Boy Club logo featured a flat-topped muscle man flexing his bicep with a spike-studded bracelet. You’d see it on bumper stickers, so that people knew that vehicle’s driver was a certified Bad Boy.

Bad Boy Club went away—Calvin peeing on the Ford logo or whatever has replaced it as a...

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Takuro Spirit
Woke Up Today Like
Takuro Spirit just a moment. 0 comments
Woke Up Today Like

(after the day I had yesterday)

The Dawn of the Mart
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The Dawn of the Mart

Here’s a face I bet you didn’t expect to see on the new Star Wars: Rebels! That dashing young rogue in his trademark vest, piloting his lopsided freighter directly at overwhelming Imperial forces—never tell him the odds! Yes, that’s right, it’s . . . Mart! Mart Sato, whose carefully rendered wavy black hair in no way indicates this was a model the production team spent a lot of time on before...

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Cars from my trip to India over a year ago *pic heavy* (Part I)

The visits to Europe posted by the Jalopnik staff reminded me that I didn’t post my car spots here after I returned from a trip to India that happened over a year ago.

I did write this after I came back, however:

Your guide to utilitarian Indian body-on-frame manual diesel 4x4s

Like many readers, browsing Jalopnik regularly over the years, I naturally became inclined towards…

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