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1 Alan Walker

On My Way flac

Alan Walker. 2019. Writer: Alan Walker;Sabrina Carpenter;Farruko.

Here With Me flac

CHVRCHES. 2019. Writer: Steve Mac;Martin Doherty;Marshmello;Lauren Mayberry;Iain Cook.
3 5 Seconds Of Summer

Who Do You Love flac

5 Seconds Of Summer. 2019. Writer: Andrew Taggart;Talay Riley;Oak;Sean Douglas;Luke Hemmings;Calum Hood;Ashton Irwin;Michael Clifford;Trevorious;Zaire Koalo.
4 Bonn

No Sleep flac

Bonn. 2019. Writer: Albin Nedler;Bonn;Martin Garrix.
5 Avril Lavigne

Crush flac

Avril Lavigne. 2019. Writer: Johan Carlsson;Avril Lavigne;Zane Carney.
6 Katy Perry

365 flac

Katy Perry. 2019. Writer: Zedd;Katy Perry;Caroline Ailin;Corey Sanders;Daniel Davidsen;Cutfather;Peter Wallevik.
7 Alan Walker

Are You Lonely flac

Alan Walker. 2019.
8 Jonas Brothers

Sucker flac

Jonas Brothers. 2019. Writer: Kevin Jonas;Joe Jonas;Nick Jonas;Ryan Tedder;Louis Bell;Frank Dukes.
9 Brooks

Better When You're Gone flac

Brooks. 2019. Writer: David Guetta;Emma Lov Block;Ido Zmishlany;Jackson Foote;Jeremy Dussolliet;Brooks.
10 Dido

Hurricanes flac

Dido. 2019. Writer: Dido;Rick Nowels;Rollo Armstrong.

Happy flac

DEAMN. 2019.
12 Ariana Grande

Bloodline flac

Ariana Grande. 2019. Writer: ILYA;Max Martin;Savan Kotecha;Ariana Grande.

Rise flac

IZ*ONE. 2019.
14 Avril Lavigne

Dumb Blonde flac

Avril Lavigne. 2019. Writer: Mitch Allan;Bonnie McKee;Nicki Minaj;Avril Lavigne.
15 Little Big Town

Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time flac

Little Big Town. 2019. Writer: Thomas Rhett;Karen Fairchild;The Stereotypes;Jesse Frasure;Ashley Gorley.
16 Ariana Grande

Make Up flac

Ariana Grande. 2019. Writer: Brian Malik Baptiste;Tayla Parx;TBHits;Victoria Monét;Ariana Grande.
17 Dzeko

Halfway There flac

Dzeko. 2019.
18 Ariana Grande

Imagine flac

Ariana Grande. 2019. Writer: JProof;Priscilla Renea;Happy Perez;Andrew "Pop" Wansel;Ariana Grande.
19 Ariana Grande

NASA flac

Ariana Grande. 2019. Writer: Ariana Grande;Scootie;Tayla Parx;TBHits;Victoria Monét.
20 Ariana Grande

Thank U, Next flac

Ariana Grande. 2019. Writer: Crazy Mike;Scootie;Victoria Monét;Tayla Parx;TBHits;Ariana Grande.
YouTuber Shane Dawson Has Said Far Worse Than the Cat 'Joke'

Shane Dawson, one of the biggest YouTubers on the planet with over 21 million subscribers, apologized Sunday for joking about dry-humping and ejaculating on his cat in a recently resurfaced quote from a 2015 tapping of his Shane and Friends podcast. He wrote on Twitter, “ive apologized many times for all the dumb shit ive said in videos and podcasts over the years. ive learned my lesson over...

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Paul Blest
Barbara Lee for Speaker 
Paul Blest just a moment. 0 comments
<a href="https://splinternews.com/barbara-lee-for-speaker-1830489444" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">Barbara Lee for Speaker </a>

Nancy Pelosi’s leadership over the House Democrats is in trouble. As of right now, however, the alternative is worse. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Earlier this week, HuffPost reported that a letter signed by at least 17 current or incoming House Democrats was circulating in opposition to Pelosi. An even bigger number of House candidates said during their campaigns that they would vote...

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Here's a Hack for Alternate Side Parking in NYC

I can’t say I recommend this, exactly, but it is a thing people do.

Once a week, or, depending on where you live, twice a week in New York City, you’re required to move your car for an hour-and-a-half to accommodate street sweepers or else you get a ticket.

Don’t want to deal with all this nonsense? You’re getting a spot in a garage. How much might that cost? Some $600 or more monthly if you...

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Comment of the Day: 2JZ-Swapping the New Supra 
Comment Of The DayYour good comments.  

The new 2019 Toyota Supra is coming in hot, and Toyota reminded us of this when it released today a short video of the car’s inline-six engine growling . The noise from that new Supra motor got one reader thinking about about the engine that made the Supra name so legendary: the 2JZ-GTE .

I’ll let commenter Eddie Brannan take it from here:


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Alcatel's Refreshed 1X Is Going Big For a $120 Phone

It wasn’t too long ago that any phone priced around $100 would be a complete joke. And while Alcatel’s most recent attempt at making a phone that cheap still had some hiccups, the next version of the budget-friendly 1X looks like it’s taking some big steps to fix its mistakes.

Right away, a side-by-side comparison between the new and old versions shows how far the new 1X has come. Not only...

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Vintage. Library of Congress. 1915 header, Yellowstone Falls.

Yellowstone Falls, Yellowstone Park

1 photographic print : gelatin silver ; 9.5 x 23.75 in.

Read more Read Yellowstone Lake

1 photographic print mounted on mat board : albumen; image 43.5 x 53.6 cm.

Read more Read [Yellowstone River]

1 photographic print : gelatin silver ; 10 x 32 in.

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The 1910 Brooke Swan Car is the Most Absurd Thing I've Ever Needed to Drive

There’s plenty to criticize about the British rule in India, but I think I’ve found its most redeemable factor. I’d like to introduce you to the 1910 Brooke Swan Car, designed by a very wealthy engineer named Robert Nicholl “Scotty” Matthewson. It is absurd. It is hilarious. It is the only thing I ever want to drive for the rest of my life.

Back in the day, a Brooke cost way more than a...

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Turning Off Facebook Location Tracking Doesn't Stop It From Tracking Your Location

Aleksandra Korolova has turned off Facebook’s access to her location in every way that she can. She has turned off location history in the Facebook app and told her iPhone that she “Never” wants the app to get her location. She doesn’t “check-in” to places and doesn’t list her current city on her profile.

Despite all this, she constantly sees location-based ads on Facebook. She sees ads...

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Una mujer recauda $400.000 para un indigente en GoFundMe, luego se niega a darle el dinero

Según reportan, el veterano de guerra Johnny Bobbitt se encuentra sin hogar y pidiendo dinero en las calles de Filadelfia menos de un año después de que prestara ayuda desinteresadamente a una mujer varada, su historia se hiciera viral y la gente le donara cientos de miles de dólares por crowdfunding.

En octubre de 2017, Kate McClure se quedó sin combustible en la carretera interestatal....

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<a href="https://kinjadeals.theinventory.com/try-out-gunnars-blue-light-blocking-computer-glasses-st-1827132815" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">With These Discounted Gunnar Glasses, Maybe Screens Won&#39;t Keep You Awake As Much In 2019</a>

While Gunnar glasses are marketed towards gamers, they can be effective at reducing eyestrain for anyone that spends their day staring at a screen. The problem is that they’re typically pretty expensive, and rarely go on sale. Today though, you can grab a pair of MLG Phantom frames for $40 with promo code KINJAMLG.

Gunnar Optiks Prescription Eye-Strain Reducing Glasses

It was three years...

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<a href="https://tv.avclub.com/the-simpsons-has-had-it-with-those-tv-recapping-clowns-1830646553" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');"><i>The Simpsons</i> has had it with those TV-recapping clowns</a>
TV ReviewsAll of our TV reviews in one convenient place.  

“You were born to recap TV at a fourth-grade level!”

I mean, I prefer “reviewer,” but thanks.

But I kid The Simpsons, which spends half its running time in “Krusty The Clown” on a co-A-plot about Homer taking over Lisa’s TV recapping duties for the Springfield Elementary Daily Fourth Gradian. When Principal Skinner reveals that the...

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Deadspin Up! All Night: Put Your Money On Me

Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. Listen to The Struts and root for the dang Vikings tonight for our pal Drew .

The Metaphor Club Is Black, Creative and Defying the Gentrification of Crenshaw Boulevard in Los Angeles

As a black creative living and working in Los Angeles, the search to find spaces that both accommodate my lifestyle and give me the fellowship and creative boost I need can be hard and often times disappointing.

Traditional coworking spaces are everywhere in L.A., but they are expensive and can be just as isolating as working at home for one very specific reason—they are overwhelmingly...

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Importable eBay Germany finds of the week

After a hiatus of almost a month, I’m back. Now with more cars (16) that ever before. All at least 25 years old, all

Tripple axle Barkas B1000 pickup truck from the former communist DDR. Restored, built in 1982, 50hp because screw haste. €1131, reserve not met. Vehicle in the bed not included, as far as I know.

1972 Audi 60L. Project car. Not a lot of information. €3990 BIN, negotiable.


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Se filtra el nuevo teléfono de LG con cinco cámaras

Hace tiempo que dejé de entender la hoja de ruta de LG. El fabricante coreano ha lanzado tres teléfonos de gama alta en lo que va de 2018: el LG V30S ThinQ, el LG G7 ThinQ y el LG V35 ThinQ. Pero todos esos modelos de tres cámaras se van a quedar obsoletos este mismo año porque aquí llega también el LG V40 ThinQ con... pausa dramática... ¡cinco cámaras!

El nuevo buque insignia de LG se ha...

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<a href="https://splinternews.com/bored-soldiers-grill-james-mattis-about-what-the-hell-t-1830441863" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">Bored Soldiers Grill James Mattis About What the Hell They&#39;re Doing at the Southern Border<em></em></a>

Right now, there are more than 5,000 U.S. troops stationed at the border between the U.S. and Mexico, ostensibly to provide some deterrent to migrants attempting to cross the border unlawfully. What are they actually doing there? A good question, and one the troops themselves would very much like to know the answer to.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who is down at the border visiting said...

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DOJ Unseals Indictments of Eight People Allegedly Behind 3ve, Methbot Ad Scams

The Department of Justice has unsealed indictments against eight persons allegedly behind two separate massive digital advertising scams, 3ve and the charmingly named Methbot, the Verge reported on Tuesday.

According to a DOJ press release, six of the defendants were identified as Russian nationals (one held dual Russian-Ukrainian status), while the remaining two were from Kazakhstan. The DOJ...

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Former Maryland AD Meddled In School's Handling Of Football Players' Sexual Misconduct Case

Former University of Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson showed what the school called a “serious lack of judgement” in his hiring and retaining of a lawyer for two football players accused of sexual misconduct in 2017. That’s according to a report from Maryland student paper The Diamondback, which found out about the payment from a public records request. From the report:

In 2017,...

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<a href="https://kinjadeals.theinventory.com/whats-your-favorite-camera-bag-1782675913" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">What&#39;s Your Favorite Camera Bag? </a>

The best camera is the one you have with you, but with the right bag , that camera can be much better than the one on the back of your smartphone. Since so many people are heading out on vacations over the next few months, we figured it was a good time to ask what we should all use to carry our precious optics.


Obviously, bags come in all shapes and sizes, and we don’t want to limit...

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Eine Vogelspinne Tödtet Einen Kolibri.

One of hundreds of thousands of free digital items from The New York Public Library.

Read more Read Crab Spider (Thomisus Viaticus), In The Background Thread Being Discharged And Flying Towards The…

One of hundreds of thousands of free digital items from The New York Public Library.

Read more Read Aranea Diadema, Diadem Spider.

One of hundreds of...

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