New Coke
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New Coke

1985 national nightmare. I did drive around town looking for the Classic when they brought that out a short time later.

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RC Cola and moonpie. Anyone remember Delaware Punch? What the hell was that stuff?

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New Edition.

President of Coca-Cola.

Two Cokes.




Pie 'oh' Pah
McCoy's Mistress
767-400 Down In The Weeds
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767-400 Down In The Weeds

Our pink plane made it to the Great Georgian Air Show last weekend and spent some time down low.


Distraxi's idea of perfection is a Jagroen
Luggage handling systems are impressive

Here is the baggage handling system at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam.

And here is a video Delta put together.


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Clicker Heroes Isn't Bad at All.

Tally-ho, Internet!

Following the post about Clicker Heroes yesterday , I decided to give it a look myself. Free to Play? Clicking? Pfft. Cookie Clicker did it better. Why would I give up quintillions of cookies just to start over again in a brand new clone of the game?

Oh gosh I’m so glad (and regretful) that I did. It’s good fun! It’s endearing! The cat has HUGE boobers!

You can check out my...

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Novibear of Pants
What Happens to Record-Breaking Food After It Wins, Color Photos from the 1900s, and a Three-Minute Trip Around the Universe

This week we’re checking out what happens to the world’s biggest burger, pizza, or other record-setting food after it sets those records, taking a quick trip around the universe, checking out some of the earliest color photos of life around the world, and staying productive in terrible times.

Welcome to Lifehacker’s Monday Brain Buffet, a series where we round up interesting, informative,...

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Here's What Embroidery Patterns Sound Like Played Through a Music Box

If you step back and compare the two, the intricate patterns you'll find in a detailed folk embroidery don't look that much different than the series of punched holes you'll find on the scrolling scores used in a traditional hand-cranked music box. Artists Zsanett Szirmay and Bálint Tárkány-Kovács saw the same similarities, and discovered that when played through a music box, classic...

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Ben Zvan
More Bosozoku Lamborghinis.
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More Bosozoku Lamborghinis.

Since I can not post on the front page, I used to be featured, I thought I would share this other awesome video.


Patrick Nichols
Mr. Ontop, No Strokes, No Smokes...Goes Fast.
Witness What Is Likely The Most Expensive Single-Vehicle Crash Ever

Video has emerged of what looks to be a super-expensive Koenigsegg Agera R supercar crashing in China. Priced somewhere around $4,000,000 US, it’s likely one of the most—if not the most—expensive single-vehicle accident ever.

In the video the driver appears to floor it before losing control and crashing into the metal barrier lining the street. Carscoops claims there are multiple...

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A Music Box Is Secretly an Engineering Marvel

You give the handle a few cranks and listen to it plink out a few seconds of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, but if you were to crack open a music box and dig deep into the mechanics of how it works, you’d find some deceptively simple but brilliant engineering that’s been refined over the centuries.

Before streaming audio, MP3s, CDs, cassette tapes, records, and even wax cylinders, the music...

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Episode 3, the first race weekend

Taking club racing back to its roots; sleeping in the trailer, cooking out on a little hibachi, running used tires, and generally just mucking about.

After a bit of testing and sorting of the car I finally got out to my first race weekend of the year. A double regional at Grattan Raceway with the Western MI Region SCCA. It was a great weekend for a throwback to club racing’s roots....

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Meg Neal
The Best of Gizmodo This Week
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The Best of Gizmodo This Week

This week, lots of you devoured our “morning inspiration” series—glad to know there are optimists reading Gizmodo! We did a deep dive into high-speed rail and continued to shame people about the California drought. Here are the favorites.

First off, I skipped the Best of Giz post last week, so let me give a shout out to our great coverage of all things Google last week. Highlights of I/O...

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Meet Bosco, the Eminently Cool Atlanta Musician Whose Great Vibes Are Contagious

Bosco is the kind of young creative so many aspire to become. As a musician, the Atlanta-based singer and songwriter has released her songs without fear of experimentation, most notably on her 2015 EP Boy and Girls in the Yard, her 2016 collaboration with ATL DJ Speakerfoxxx, both excellent. (You might also have heard her voice on Sunday night’s Insecure Season 2 premiere.)

And as a connector—a...

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Josiefiend Baker
<i>Crazy Ex-Girlfriend </i>Gives Us the Unequal Friendship Song We Were All Waiting For

“I’m Your Best Friend,” sung by Darryl to Paula, isn’t the best song Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has ever done, but it might be the most heartfelt.

During last night’s episode, after Darryl tries to fix Paula’s marriage with a well-meaning (but overreaching) scheme, Paula tells him that he’s not her best friend. All throughout the season, he has been trying to worm his way into Paula’s...

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Falsoman el Garabatero
Moisturize First to Make Your Cologne Last Longer, Don't Bathe In It

Putting on a little fragrance at the beginning of the day and expecting it to stick around through the day and through an evening event is a bit of a tall order, but Aaron Marino, of IAmAlphaM, has a very simple (and almost obvious) trick to help it last longer—and thankfully it’s not “just apply more.” Moisturize.

It’s actually pretty simple. If you moisturize your face before...

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<a href="" data-id="" onClick="'send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">Black Teenager Rightfully Wins Town Essay Contest On &#39;White Privilege&#39; </a>

The winner of Westport, CT’s controversial student writing contest calling for entries about white privilege is 15-year-old Chet Ellis, a sophomore at Staples High School, for his essay, “The Colors of Privilege.”

The essay was written as part of an annual contest held by the town’s diversity council and was, according to the Westport News, inspired by the 2016 election. The prompt

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Dr sizzor
Nicki Minaj Twerks Around Identifying Herself As A 'Feminist'

Nicki Minaj might be a feminist and she might not but one thing is sure, the Queens-by-way-of-Trinidad woman is rejecting all those who try to squeeze her into a singular definition of herself and career.

In a chat with Vogue, Minaj talked about her complicated relationship with feminism:

You know, I feel like certain words can box you in. I think of myself as a woman who wants other women to...

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Bobby Burns
Protecting Bees, the Futility of Bay Leaves, and Five Years of Raspberry Pi in This Week's Highlights 

This week we learned why some types of wildflowers won’t help the bees who need it most, investigated whether or not bay leaves actually add any flavor, looked back on five years of tinkering with Raspberry Pi, and more. Here’s a look back.

Don’t Plant Those “Bee-Friendly” Wildflowers Cheerios Is Giving Away

Bee populations are in decline, and Cheerios wants to help. So far, so good. But...

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Humble Game to give: SimplePlanes edition

Another month, another Humble Monthly game up for grabs.

SimplePlanes started out as something more casual in between Kerbal Space Program and the X-Plane Plane Maker, but has evolved into a creation playground. You can design planes, cars, ships or pretty much anything you can think of and test them in a sandbox, or download one of the many community made models.

They also offer 3D...

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Sam Stoner
Grill, Press Coffee, And Charge Your Phone Anywhere With BioLite's CampStove 2

BioLite didn’t exactly have a ton of competition for their wood-burning, device-charging original CampStove , but that didn’t stop them from making the CampStove 2 better in all the ways that matter.

BioLite CampStove: Charges Your Phone and Warms Your Tush, By Burning Twigs

Stoves have come a long way since the humble primus: turbo flames, jet boilers and ultra-light…

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Cars & Coffee ft. Torontoppo

Photoset now live on flickr. (Yes that’s a minipig)

[2017] Cars & Coffee Toronto

Explore this photo album by Chaoz Bandit on Flickr!

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Oh and before I forget: that EK9 Type-R is youtube famous.

Obligatory IG plug


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