<a href="" data-id="" onClick="'send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">Beauty and the Beast&#39;s new gay character isn&#39;t nearly as modern as Disney wants you to think</a>

There are many thoughtful updates in Disney's newest adaptation of Beauty And The Beast. Belle is still a misunderstood bookworm, but she’s also a fledgling engineer who helps her father build music boxes and designs rigs for her manual chores. The other townsfolk are much more ethnically diverse. This is a fantasy in which all kinds of people are allowed to exist—if only in the background as...

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Foap Makes It Easy to Sell Stock Photos With Your Phone

If you like taking photos and you like making money, you might as well combine the two interests. Easier said than done, of course, but Foap makes it simple to sell your pictures to brands as stock photography.

The free app connects smartphone photographers with brands like Bank of America and Nivea. Once you download the app and create a profile, you upload photos, then some tags and...

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Remains of the Day: Offline Playback Is Coming to Hulu

Later this year Hulu subscribers will be able to download shows and watch them offline. Netflix added the feature at the end of last year , alleviating in-flight boredom for many subscribers without Wi-Fi. That and more in today’s news.

In talking with Adweek, Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins revealed that a download option is indeed on their roadmap. There isn’t a definite timeline, but Hopkins says... View more »


La muerte es dulce.
Azudesayuno 15 minutes ago. 1 comments
La muerte es dulce.

En México la muerte es dulce y se regala y desea a las personas. Cuando vengas a la Ciudad en estos días no te asustes si alguien te regala un cráneo de dulce (puede ser de chocolate, azúcar, amaranto o incluso de tamarindo enchilado) con tu nombre escrito. O te escriba unos versos y rimas acerca de cómo y cuándo vas a morir. También pueden darte pan de muerto, un delicioso pan con adornos que...

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An Animated Interview With Ray Bradbury: "You Can't Think A Story"

In the latest episode of Blank on Blank, which takes old interviews with interesting people and then animates them, author Ray Bradbury explains his fear of driving, the importance of friendship, his attachment to Mars, and why a writer should feel an emotional attachment to their stories.

Lisa Potts and Chadd Coates recorded this interview in 1972 while they were driving the author to...

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Filling a Turkey With Molten Aluminum Is a Terrible Way to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner

Toss a turkey in the oven and it cooks from the outside in, which can take hours of roasting before it’s done. But what if you cooked a turkey from the inside out? That’s what Allen Pan tried by filling a raw turkey with molten aluminum and then letting the whole thing cook, cool, and solidify, en route to a friend’s Thanksgiving party.

The results were, well, disastrous. It turns out there’s...

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<a href="" data-id="" onClick="'send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'reframed');">Star Wars fan passes away, gets Star Wars funeral</a>

From the Wales News Service:

"Star Wars fan Gordon Deacon, 58, had four storm troopers as part of his funeral procession to St Margaret's Church in Roath, Cardiff. Gordon died last month after a battle with pancreatic and liver cancer".

It is always sad to see someone pass away, but when you check out with a Storm Troopers guard of honor, well that's priceless. We only can hope Mr....

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Mike Tyson stars in the best worst Superbowl commercial

With the Superbowl almost over, I think it’s safe to say the best worst superbowl commercial goes to a local Washington DC company, Michael and Son. There were two spots, a thirty second and five second teaser that you will never forget.

30 second.

5 second.

Bonus uncomfortable behind the scenes.

The Impact of Mixed Media, the Inspiration it Stirs, and the Vibrant Example Found in <i>Kagerou Project</i>

As someone who takes a great deal of time in deciding on something to watch, read, or even write, I have to admit something like Mekakucity Actors felt off to me. The 2014 anime series was prodded at with a very large stick by all of my friends, warning me that it was a very polarizing experience (I would later discover after becoming a writer on here that many others feel the same...

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Rainbow 27 minutes ago. 1 comments

Japanther is a great band to listen to in the car, really really loudly.


Here's Our First Look at Bill Nye's Even Bigger, Higher-Flying LightSail

Less than a year after the LightSail cubesat successfully deployed its solar sails in space , the Planetary Society has unveiled its successor, an experimental spacecraft designated LightSail-2.

LightSail-2 is still under development, but if all goes well this prototype solar sail spacecraft will be on board SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket during its first operational flight scheduled for later...

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The Biggest War in Animal History, an Incredible DIY Arcade Cabinet, and Thousands of Free NASA Images

The unassuming story of the greatest—and ongoing—war in animal history, your next desktop wallpaper, courtesy of NASA, an airline that wants you to join the mile-high club, and much more in this week’s Lifehacker Brain Buffet.

Welcome to Lifehacker’s Monday Brain Buffet, a series where we round up interesting, informative, and thought-provoking podcasts, interviews, articles, and other media...

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Electric sheep probe dream of a better lamb chop

The old Blade Runner might want a real one, but a couple of replicant ringers have recently infiltrated fluffy flocks in North Wales. Don’t tell Shaun the Sheep, who has his own history as a robot fighter, but these electric ewes are all part of the quest for a better lamb chop.

Students at Bangor University are using the electric sheep to gauge how their real life counterparts...

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Dr Emilio Lizardo
Still Cat from MA
No Man's Sky: The Journey Home
KBABZ 34 minutes ago. 3 comments
<i>No Man's Sky: The Journey Home</i>

This is an ongoing log where I chronicle the events that befall me in No Man’s Sky as I travel all the way back to my starting world, in first-person. I hope you enjoy!

20/8/2017 - Day 1

Captain’s Log. Stardate: See above.

I awoke next to my humble little Explorer, the BugJumper, in a Space Station. It had been a long time since I last journeyed into the stars, but a recent protocol update,...

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Fighting Against Conspiracy Theories and Misinformation in the 2016 Presidential Election

Well, I just voted and I thought I’d finally share this document I’ve been working on for about a week (really rushed through it). It is a document about the current presidential election so if you have no interest in reading about politics, stop now.

So, considering the title of this article, it is clear that I am not a fan of ridiculous conspiracy theories or using misinformation and quotes...

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Maria Z
Advice: Just Be Yourself (NSFW)

Because I watch all the House Party movies far too often, have this great message delivered by the man Bernie Mac.


Documentary of the Ferrari 312B is Showing Today in Canada

I was just curious if the Ferrari 312B documentary was being shown since they said it would have a global theater showing. Can’t find anything for the US but I guess you all in Canada have it playing up there for tonight only. Maybe someone else here has or can track down more info.

Cineplex brings Ferrari documentary to big screen |

Fasten your seatbelts because...

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ScarJo Playing Motoko Kusanagi isn't White-Washing — It's Film Finance 101.

With the latest image of Scarlett Johansson as The Major in the up-and-coming Ghost in the Shell film, the Internet’s comments are a storm about that this is just more awful Hollywood white-washing, or that keeping the name Motoko Kusanagi in a “Western Adaptation” is just as bad and it should’ve been altered. Hopefully this article’s admittedly overly clickbait-y title has drawn you in...

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The First European Splatfest
Shiryu 42 minutes ago. 4 comments
The First European Splatfest

Get down and show your true colors.

How fitting, fireworks in both America and Splatoon! The very first Splatfest is underway for the first time in the West, with American choosing between cats and dogs while in the old continent we must decide between Rock and Pop. As you will be able to witness in the thirty minutes or so of the European Splatfest I recorded earlier, everything gone dance...

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sub judice
St. Ridley Santos
Anna Kendrick is the Bestest Indy Ever!

Okay, that’s overstating things a bit. But this little re-make of Last Crusade with Anna Kendrick as Indiana Jones is cute and very funny.