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Toe dip Toe dip

Some of you may remember (and most of you don’t care) that I got all pissy and left a while back, but the nice people in the white coats say I’m all better now and quite frankly I’ve got a lot of pent up ramblings and nowhere to post.

Comes a time. Comes a time.

There comes a time when a thing that was once yours isn’t yours anymore. It’s not anyone’s fault, that’s just the way the world works. Old blood rushes out, new blood rushes in, and things change. I think the worst thing one can do is to is to either rage against change or to try to move in a direction that one…

Or, how not to be funny. Or, how not to be funny.

Edit - the original post was a lame attempt to be ironic and funny all that cool stuff. It failed spectacularly and people called me out on it - rightly so. I leave it here as a monument to failure and poor decision making. I lamely touch on that in responses below, but most people probably won’t go that far into it.

Name your poison. Name your poison.

This stuff is the shit. Neat, no ice, no mixer, no water. Hell, I might start writing again.

I just feel like... you're just not there for me anymore... I just feel like... you're just not there for me anymore...

So in this post-Hogan, post bankruptcy, post-off-the-books-Denton-loan, post-topical-name change world, who’s still left in Clashtalk? Am I the only survivor of the Daulerio pograms out there? Who remembers the dawn of Clashtalk? Anyone?

Bluebirds Fly Bluebirds Fly

I spent my entire Father’s Day (a day of requested/demanded solitude for me) learning to sing and play Bruddah Iz’s take on this song note-for-note, word-for-word. It was difficult, not for the material, but for his version being such a bring-tears-to-your-eyes version/mash-up for me.

And so it begins And so it begins

How long before they shut us down I wonder? It’s been fun.

Too much time on my hands... Too much time on my hands...

Behold my latest time-wasting obsession: The New Yorker cover jigsaw puzzle. I seriously do about 20 of these in one setting, and I discovered it over a month ago.

Wham! Wham!

Overshadowed by the news about Prince’s overdose was the passing (on the same day) of another rock & roll legend, Lonnie Mack. He was a huge influence on several generations of guitar greats, most specifically Stevie Ray Vaughan. Mack’s collaborations with Vaughan created a later career resurgence for him as well.

My new screen name My new screen name

I’ve been thinking assuming a new nom du plum and this definitely would have been the winner if it hadn’t gotten so popular already:

End of days End of days

Penny Dreadful season 3 starts May 1. In case you weren’t paying attention, Penny Dreadful is the best series ever in the history of anything ever, so shut up. You have just enough time to comfortably binge watch it between now and then, so go subscribe to Showtime or go steal it or whatever.

How about a hundred bucks then? How about a hundred bucks then?

Evidently Gawker’s crack legal team believes that being 41 and still having over $27,000 in student loan debt is punishment enough, and is using that line of reasoning to justify their request to have Albert J. “AJ” Daulerio’s punitive damages (stemming from Gawker’s unsuccessful performance in their Battle Royale…

KinjaedIn KinjaedIn

Is anyone else starting to get rando followers that are actually shill accounts for businesses? The last one was a construction company based out of the UK. I suppose one of those services that purports to promote your business and brand online has discovered Kinja burner accounts.

Minion. Minion.

So Denton will probably end up beating this thing on appeal, as people with money often do, but what of Albert J. Daulerio? What do you suppose his career trajectory will be after his stellar turn on the witness stand?

Mashup Mashup

Here’s a curious intersection of Gawker personalities for the old timers. It’s a pretty vapid write-up, but 8/10 on the weird combo scale.

Holy shit!  A talking Rat! Holy shit!  A talking Rat!

“You can’t have a First Amendment-type argument in front of a jury trial, and then have it come down to decency. For better or worse, I don’t have most of that going for me—at least in public. But I know I’m a helluva lot more decent than those people on the other side, I’ll tell you that much.”

Less than Zero Less than Zero

One interesting tidbit that came out of the Hulk v Gawker cage match today is that AJ Daulerio started the trial with a negative $27,000 net worth, and just slid into the hole another $100,000 deeper.

Mid-season recap? Mid-season recap?

I’ve been away either

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