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 Saw a former SEMA car on my way to lunch  Saw a former SEMA car on my way to lunch

I has headed to lunch and pulled out behind this. I was very confused on what it was, and wish I had gotten a back view, since the rear tires had to be 275+ Pretty cool little car actually. So I did some research and found these pictures online. Seems it was at SEMA 2013, but I have no idea who built it, its specs, or…

So pissed at my local shop 

So i dropped off my 100 series land cruiser at the Goodyear by my office. I’ve been using them for two years, mainly out of convenience, and been happy ado far.

Got to test drive some of my dream cars yesterday Got to test drive some of my dream cars yesterday

Since we have bank holidays off for some reason, I took the opportunity to partake in one of my favorite hobbies: test driving cars. I found a dealership about as hour away that had three cars I’ve been looking to drive for years: a 2003 BMW M5, a 2002 M3, and a 2006 CTS-V.

Had a networking event at the Royal Enfield dealer last night Had a networking event at the Royal Enfield dealer last night

I’m trying to attend more networking events to gain business and (hopefully) make my case for a promotion, so I decided to go to one at the Royal Enfield dealership in Milwaukee last night.

Anyone here have a camper?

My wife and I used to camp all the time before our daughter was born, but haven’t gone since. No particular reason why, just busy. Anyways, my wife’s parents had a camper when she was growing up and brought up the idea a month ago or so. Being the dutiful husband I am (who loves toys of all shapes and sizes) started…

Sport Sedan Options under $30k Sport Sedan Options under $30k

So, as much as I would love to buy a 996, the reality is I will need to either pick up or drop off my daughter from childcare every day. Hence, rear seat accessibility is key if I ever want to drive it. As a result, I will present to you several sport sedan options I’ve been mulling over in order to get your feedback…

Saw someone driving with only one lug nut last night

Sorry for the lack of a picture, I was dumbfounded when I saw what was going on, and didn’t get one.

Public Service Announcement: Wisconsin Technically has no Drinking Age

Wisconsin has this nifty law that says a minor can drink alcohol in a bar or restaurant if they’re with a family member or guardian. The establishment obviously has the right to refuse service though. I don’t know the background of the law, but presume it was snuck in when the fed made Wisconsin raise its drinking age…

Stadium Super Trucks are literally the best

Pound for pound, this has to be one of the most entertaining forms of racing.

Manual Shifting Automatics - An evolution of opinion

I have never had much respect for the manual shifting automatics, as all of the ones I’ve driven were shit. The Porsche Tiptronic, Audi Tiptronic (both ZF units), and whatever Land Rover called theirs. The shifters only ever gave the semblance of control, but were quick to dive back in to control up or down shifts.…

Chevrolet SS Chevrolet SS

I posted earlier today about some test drives I took on Saturday. After a few days of thinking about them, I can’t seem to get the SS out of my head. Even in an auto, it was a stupid amount of fun.

Got to drive some fun things this weekend. Got to drive some fun things this weekend.

For valentine’s day last year, I got my wife a nice gift certificate for a spa day. Lo and Behold, 13 months later she actually uses it. I graciously offered to drop her off, and proceeded to drive to a Chevrolet dealership to test drive some vehicles.

Mickey and the Roadster Racers: or How I got my daughter into race cars. Mickey and the Roadster Racers: or How I got my daughter into race cars.

Those of you who aren’t parents likely spend very little time watching shows on Disney Jr. As I have a 2.5yo, I spend considerable time with these shows. Prior to this month, my daughters favorite show was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and she would lose her mind over Minnie Mouse. Drew Magary put together a perfect…

Best views of the New Land Rover Discovery I've seen

The video is playing up the family aspect of it, but if you jump to 1:25, they show the vehicle in the kid's camouflage. The interesting parts then follow, when you get several unencumbered views of the interior and undercarriage, as well as showing it off road.

Good article about rolling coal and politics


Surprisingly good car spotting by my office

Over lunch I decided to take a drive to the nearby auto parts store to get some items I need for the cruiser. my windows are down and then I heard it. High RPM wail, simply angry. Didn’t sound like a sportbike, so I keep my eyes peeled. Up ahead I spot something very low and very wide. I sped up to try and get a…

Just realized Lehto is on R&T too.... Just realized Lehto is on R&T too....

Well, I guess that pretty much cements where I’ll be getting my auto news from now. I just wish they didn’t use so many slideshows....

Blogs being spun off?

Did I miss the news on what’s happening with the Gawker blogs? On the main Gawker article about “Senior Week” someone in the comments said that Deadspin, Kotaku, and Gizmodo were being spun to one company, Gawker and Jezebel to another, and that Jalopnik was just going to die.

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