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Newsflash: Fifa 18 and other Loot box games set for banning from Dutch market

G’day TAY. The Dutch gambling authority have published the results of their study on whether loot boxes constitute gambling and should be handled under gambling laws. Long story short, when assets gained from loot boxes can be traded with other players (and with that they can be sold) they gain monetary value, and as…

Plea from the right

G’day TAY. Today I bring you a non-gaming related article. I implore you all to give this a good read as this is incredibly important. I’ve been granted TAY authorship a good while ago and have been using this position to share my personal takes on gaming related experiences an thoughts. But TAY authorship has allowed…

Tay theme week: One year of Switch Tay theme week: One year of Switch

It’s the third of March. As I look upon the mountainous path through Hyrule’s east Necluda ahead of me, it try my luck climbing a tree. Perched on top of the tree is a rock. I know what that is, this unnatural place for a rock can only mean one thing. I lift the rock and the lack of control triggers that cutscene we…

My take on the €60,- game and micro-transactions debate. My take on the €60,- game and micro-transactions debate.

G’day TAY. I like to watch Jim Sterling on Youtube. The guy has a lot great points once you understand what his persona is all about. I also like Extra HIstory, an offshoot of Extra Credits. Extra Credits have made a video where they basically argue that €60,- isn’t the right price for a video game anymore. Jim…

TTW: Wiim's worst game of 2017 TTW: Wiim's worst game of 2017

G’day TAY. So our current challenge is to write about our worst games of 2017 and I looked at it and though: did I play a bad game this year? 2017 was an amazing year especially at the Nintendo side of things. So what did I play anyway? Since I keep to one game a month this should be easy:

Dream island (Theme week entry) Dream island (Theme week entry)

G’day TAY, so the extended theme week is all about game worlds. Instead of doing the game world I would like to live in. Let me recount a little story that a lot of you have probably experienced in some form or fashion yourself.

Blip: GBD wrote a book?

So I frequent Nintendolife and came across this:

The beauty of ARMS motion Controls. The beauty of ARMS motion Controls.

So we’ve seen ARMS a couple of times and I’m stoked for this game. It’s no Splatoon in my eyes, but still looks like a real Nintendo game. Fun, flashy, colourful and full of character. But something came to me when looking at the latest Nintendo Direct, I think I can deduce how this game came about in it’s entirety.

Help Wanted: Japanese reading ability.

Hello TAY, so the Switch is coming next month and one point of debate has been it’s online service, specifically the “free game a month” that’s promised with that service. The USA and UK sites word this free game in such a way that it seems that a virtual console game can be played for free every month with the game…

Dutch blip: The Netherlands welcomes Trump

You have probably seen this around around the web before, but as TAY’s resident Dutchman I can’t help but plug this here. Love y’all

Switch blip: NoE site outlines missing Switch information Switch blip: NoE site outlines missing Switch information

Small but interesting tidbit: NoE’s site had these buttons greyed (or redded) out for a while and I figured it was a programming error, but now they have full blown coming soon texts over it (it’s the same for the Dutch version of the same site).

The Switch
is not a handheld (for now). The Switch is not a handheld (for now).

This article is a must read for everyone expecting Pokemon Stars, Mario & Luigi or other Nintendo handheld-series on the Switch. Spare yourself the disappointment as I’ll prove why you shouldn’t expect these series either anytime soon, or ever at all.

Wiim’s fever
dream, the Nintendo Bait and Switch Wiim’s fever dream, the Nintendo Bait and Switch

G’day TAY, another day and another Switch post. I’ve held off on making one since many fellow TAY’ers have said most of what needs to be said. I’m personally much enthused by the Switch presentation and its line-up, but I can’t deny that the line-up is to slim for many gamers. But what if the line-up is slim and the…

That Street Fighter bit was actually a new Street Fighter 2 version

Complete with Evil Ryu and newcomer (to me) Violent Ken this is Ultra Street Figher II: The Final Challangers according to Capcom.

Funny blip Funny blip

I read the internet in English, so this little image made me laugh a lot. Do I get Ravenpuff points now?

Wiim blip: I'm back

Hi guys, sorry for my month long absence and especially to those following my Let’s Play, Miiverse style series. I was on holiday for a month and Iphone Safari doesn’t let me make comments for some reason. So I wasn’t able to tell you I was gone.

Let's play Pokemon Blue, Miiverse style part 6 Let's play Pokemon Blue, Miiverse style part 6

Hello TAY, a bit late again, but Blue’s journey hasn’t stopped. Blue just made it out of Rock Tunnel. We’re nearing the halfway point of the game now, and Blue isn’t slowing down. Enjoy:

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