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Happy New Year! Happy New Year!

Be safe everyone!

Rogue $1 Rogue $1

So, thanks to a careless employee, these Hot Wheels Star Wars Rogue One character cars weren’t scanned into the system at Target so the cashier manager gave them to me for 99 cents!

It's a Christmas Miracle! It's a Christmas Miracle!

OK, maybe not a miracle...

Case D Case D

Found some case D at Shop Rite but no Fugu Z... 😕

HW Redliners HW Redliners

A fortunate stop at Walmart after work scored me the last full set on the pegs.

Honey, I Shrunk the Countach... Honey, I Shrunk the Countach...

I’ve loved the Countach since I was a kid.

Zamac Time Zamac Time

Needed a new power strip for the Christmas tree so I stopped at Walmart after work.

:) :)

I finally found the elusive Emoticar!

Shop-Rite Mega Hawl Shop-Rite Mega Hawl

Stop for groceries, buy cars...

Pre-Black Friday Hawl Pre-Black Friday Hawl

Looks like GT-RGuy and I had the same luck today. And it looks like stores are getting ready for Black Friday and stocking up. Check your Walmarts!

Small World Small World

So I posted a pic of these annoying “swaps” I found at Walmart last Thursday.

Found Found

I finally found KITT thanks to new shippers at Shop Rite!

PSA: Target Sale PSA: Target Sale

For anyone looking to start their Christmas shopping, Target is having a 30% off sale on toys, today only (promo code PLAY).


It was a Good Friday.

Star Wars & Hawl Star Wars & Hawl

It’s about time Walmart! Finally found the Star Wars series at my local Walmart. Only picked up the 3 that I liked even through they had the whole set. Gotta love that card art.

Track Day Friday Track Day Friday

Looks like everyone is finding Track Day today. Stopped by Walmart early this morning and luckily found these 3 to finish the set.

Finally... Finally...

Finally starting to see some newer stock in my area.

2016 Hess Truck 2016 Hess Truck

Technically not diecast, but just a heads up in case there are fellow collectors out there. The 2016 Hess Truck went on sale this morning at 10:00am.

PSA: Forza & TRU PSA: Forza & TRU

Heads up all. This tip from Lamley Group will probably be welcome to a few here at LaLD. Good luck!

Hot Wheels Movie? Hot Wheels Movie?

No, not the Justin Lin one.

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