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Exotics @ RTC opening day 2018 Exotics @ RTC opening day 2018

Beautiful morning for the first Exotics @ RTC for 2018. With the construction going on at the mall they only have space for about 600 cars so it looked like they were turning folks away, (we watched as a guy in a beautiful, brand new AMG GT R in green get turned away and have to park on the street!) Row after row of…

Yakima, WA Yakima, WA

Tagged up box cars under the big Del Monte water tower north of the BNSF yard in Yakima, WA

Happy Lincoln's Bday Happy Lincoln's Bday

Happy Lincoln’s Bday - we are still dealing with many issues he did. I wish he could have had the opportunity to blast through the countryside in a new blown Navi instead of meeting his end during a second rate theater production.

LeMay Automotive Museum LeMay Automotive Museum

Still raining out so we snuck down to the LeMay Automotive Museum this morning. Lots of really neat toys.

GRC 2017 Seattle pics GRC 2017 Seattle pics

GRC 2017 Seattle pics

My wife just surprised me with VIP tickets to GRC! (I gotta stock up on Redbull!)

UP Argo yard in Seattle with a few old BNSF EMDs down from the BNSF Stacy yard to the north.

My new toy arrived today - I can’t stop smiling... (If anybody is in the market, Jethro at Eastside Subaru is awesome.)

Had a new ZL1 Camaro fly past me on I-90 coming home. Saw it in my mirror coming up the diamond lane closing the gap very quickly. It was completely wound up - likely the fastest non-race vehicle I’ve seen in person. If top gear it would mean it was going about 165-170 which seems about right given it was going at…

a Corolla or a Malibu... a Corolla or a Malibu...

Service loaner guy says, “Well, we have a Corolla or a few Malibus...” What about that silver Tahoe LT over there?

So... I may have ordered a 2018 WRX today...

The 2018 WRX config is up on the Subie website.

A nicely maintained 44 tonner working for Nucor Steel on a rainy day in Seattle

First oil change in the Subie - my wife is very excited to be driving around with her sexy new blue oil filter and 4.5 quarts of NAPA full synth 0w20.

Jealous as heck...

A lady I used to work with just traded in her 2016 Mustang GT for a brand new 2017 Corvette Gran Sport 3LT. I need more money.

BNSF Stacy yard BNSF Stacy yard

An old Sante Fe reefer behind doublestacks at the BNSF Stacy yard.

My ride down in AZ the last few days, a loaded up 2016 Impala. It does drive like a big sedan, but it sure was damn fun flying up the mother road Route 66 in an Impala outside of Winslow, AZ. Pic below has it parked across the street from the “Standin’ on the corner in Winslow, AZ” park. It will kick down at 85 and…

Exotics at RTC Exotics at RTC

Took my father-in-law over to the Exotics at RTC show & shine this morning. He couldn’t stop smiling. Big win. Beautiful morning.

11,500 hp, 18kt flank - MV Spokane.

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