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Want to make a formal complaint to the FCC? That'll be $225. 

The FCC has voted to change its rules around formal complaints from the public. Now, complainants will have to pay a $225 fee to bring their issue to the commission via the official process. Informal complaints, however, are still free.

Things that made you completely break down today

The story on the main page about Linda Daniels made me lose it today. If you don’t want to go to the mainpage, here’s the story.

Maxine Waters is the only Dem who has it right 

Now Republicans want to censure her for her comments about Sanders and the Red Hen. Despite the fact that Trump and literally every conservative commentator says FAR WORSE SHIT EVERY DAY.

SCOTUS sides with anti-choice pregnancy crisis centers

Because America is not a democracy, and we’re quickly devolving into a theocracy.

Yes, this was Melania's "Let them eat cake" moment. 

But unlike Marie Antoinette, who never actually said “Let them eat cake” in response to starving peasants, Melania actually did wear a jacket that read “I really don’t care, do u?” while visiting a concentration camp for children.

They thought they were free

But then it was too late.

Vomit warning - DC is publishing a nude Harley/Joker sex scene...

First off - who asked for this? Why though?

Mueller Warns of Active Russian Meddling, Seeks Disclosure Lid

U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller warned that Russian intelligence services still have active “interference operations” into U.S. elections and that handing over certain evidence in a criminal case could imperil ongoing investigations.

Let's just clear this up - minimum wage is not the cause of automation  Let's just clear this up - minimum wage is not the cause of automation 

It doesn’t matter if corporations are required to pay $15 or $5 an hour, if they can automate a job, they’ll do it. Because in the long run it costs less and makes them more money.

Let's talk about that school shooter game...

If you’re not aware, some assholes made a game that lets you play as a school shooter. And they’re making it available through steam. Here’s an article about it.

Santa Fe shooter's father is a piece of shit

Here’s a CNN article about him. I put it through a doNotLink because every time the father is quoted saying his murderer son was “bullied” cnn has a video with a screenshot of the girl who rejected him right after it. Subtle, CNN. You can go fuck yourself.

A woman was murdered. Men still try the "women have it worse in other countries" excuse.  A woman was murdered. Men still try the "women have it worse in other countries" excuse. 

This is the article I saw it on. It’s a heartbreaking story about a girl who was murdered by her boyfriend because the penalty for aborting is worse than the penalty for murdering a woman.

How I got banned from facebook three times 

I just read this article on Buzzfeed. It’s about how Russians (probably more than them, but still) sell fake facebook profiles. Facebook’s brilliant idea to stop “fake” profiles is by basically banning anyone who doesn’t have photos and a large social network. I’m sure there’s other criteria, but that’s the core of…

Impulse purchases that changed the game for you

I posted this on another thread, but today my airfryer broke. I had impulse purchased it after watching a guy on youtube fry up some tofu squares in one. That was the first thing I did and it was amazing. Baking at 400 degrees does the same thing as an airfryer btw, but an airfryer takes far less time (no preheating),…

Don't let terrorists paint themselves as victims

There’s another post about the incel who murdered a group of mostly women below this, but I wanted to make another one to say something. For those unfamiliar, here’s a link about the story.

Burning more idols - Shania Twain says she would have voted for Trump

If she could. But she couldn’t since she is Canadian. You should read her reason for it too -

Mini book review - 'The Power' by Naomi Alderman 

I’m probably late to the party here, but I just finished this book and wow. This is exactly what I needed to read at this moment. This was deeply satisfying, cathartic, and ended up giving me a sense of peace that I didn’t think was possible in this political climate.

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