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Hey Calgary, how's the weather? Hey Calgary, how's the weather?

Oh yeah, still snowing..

ADV interest? ADV interest?

A co-worker rides a V-strom 650, he spends most of his spring/summer/fall riding around the province following roads to see where they go;

Coffee monies.. Coffee monies..

If I pooled them I could buy this T-top egg;

Burger run 2.0 Burger run 2.0

Second annual quad ride at my inlaws farm in northern Alberta. We come for a week or so every year- and my father in law is happy to spend a day riding around on quads with me. Next year the kids will come along, this year they are still practicing around the yard.

Pretty wheels.. Pretty wheels..

Blitzen 17s fs locally for $900 CAD..

Weekend fun. Weekend fun.

Greyed out the chrome grille — less shine but still OEM looking;

Summer Roadtrip v1.0 Summer Roadtrip v1.0

Took a week and toured the east side of Vancouver Island;

Oops.. Oops..

Was a hellcat, all logod up and visiting from Alberta..

CP Galore.. CP Galore..

First up, an 86 Westy dressed like a syncro but not a syncro..

Some interest.

Local Beetle fs by an actual VW person; (nice background!) Price is $3500.

Co-worker score pt 2 Co-worker score pt 2

Remember my co-worker?

Spring bug? Spring bug?

There are two of them for sale in town now.. each for $3500

Stay down.

She’s pissed. Look at her ears!

Ace-Ventura.. Ace-Ventura..

Fiberglass, vw pan, Brazillian, ‘it’s not a Puma’..

Very Nice Very Nice

Rich and Ash (aka Desk to Glory) are headed to Expo West in their new to them Tundra, they stopped at ARB for some suspension work, then at GoFastCampers for a XL prototype in time for the show.. Add some wheels and K02s and they are looking very sweet indeed.

Hug yer kids. Hug yer Family Hug yer kids. Hug yer Family

My Brother-In-Law wasn’t feeling right yesterday, tight in his chest and a bit of pain. He walked into the clinic in the afternoon and ended up getting raced to the Hospital in the next town. This morning they confirmed a complete blockage in his heart and had a stent put in this morning. He’s recovering well and…

Yard Boat Yard Boat

Kiddo #2 goes to a great preschool that tries to encourage tons of play outdoors. One of the ways is having gear in the yard for kids to play on that might not otherwise get a chance to see.

Rain test passed. Rain test passed.

Finally had good weather window and installed the Prinsu over the weekend;

They are on, and they are bright. They are on, and they are bright.

Squadron Pros and Squadron Sports are on - and boy are they bright. I’ve mounted them using the BD fog brackets and CBI ditch light brackets.

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