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What are the odds..

Only in the Okanagan;

Lights! In the mail; Lights! In the mail;

Put in my order to Bailey this morning, (btw having a representative on a bunch of forums giving advice and answering questions is the way to go - I ordered over a year ago and Bailey was able to look back and see just what I had and recommend what else would work.. plus give you a discount!)

Great Zoidbergs.. Great Zoidbergs..

1980/ 4x4/ 105,000km/ $4500cad

Okanagan Ghost.. Okanagan Ghost..

Have to be quick to see the local Ghost car in action..

Take a seat. Take a seat.

Dad is looking for new seat covers for his 1996 Camry to cover up the ratched leather.. He tried the local parts shop and was not impressed by the local options..

C'mon, c'mon, c'mon... C'mon, c'mon, c'mon...

Selling parts off the old Tacoma, already managed to find buyers for the cb, skidplate, and the canopy.. Ditch light mounts are still posted but I’ve got a friend who wants them lined up after Christmas.

Tell me more.. Tell me more..

Great Car To Start With

New things.. New things..

4 days old..

Decision dayz. Decision dayz.

Truck spent the morning at the dealership. Tech spent an hour with it and came back with headgaskets; -no misfire or codes on startup, air through heatercore, overflow bottle discoloured, exhaust smell in rad and overflow.

Tacoma day. Tacoma day.

So the Tacoma is going in for diagnostics tomorrow;

Dang.. Dang..

Not many of those left..

Headgasket luck Headgasket luck

And it’s not the Subaru! I think the Tacoma has a leaking headgasket. I’ve read the 2005 and early 2006 had a weaker design. Toyota changed part numbers mid-2006.

Nothing starts the day like a good old dumpster fire. Nothing starts the day like a good old dumpster fire.

Garbage truck driver noticed smoke and dumped the load in the parking lot behind our office;

Dang- I liked that flashlight. Dang- I liked that flashlight.

Looked out the window yesterday and noticed one of my mf towels on the ground beside the truck in the driveway. Weird.

Not Doug. Not Doug.

tl:dr > Jerk drives hummer like a jerk. Gets staked out. Gets tickets and towed. Still probably a jerk.

Anyone Boosted?

Looking at putting a cell booster into the truck,

Cross your fingers.. Cross your fingers..

Local Gm dealer has a draw for this ‘tent that bolts to your truck’, apparently they’ve never heard of an rtt.

One good thing about my town.. One good thing about my town..

It’s right in the middle of the province, basically every major routes through BC goes through town and it’s an obvious stopping point..

Jake Jake

Anyone else following Jake? I saw his Overland Expo vid first and started watching through his channel.. it’s pretty entertaining.

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