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New Spring Colors at Walmart New Spring Colors at Walmart

I could tell that I’d missed out on new stuff, but I’m happy enough to have found these.

A Couple of Surprises @ Home A Couple of Surprises @ Home

I’m sorting out cars to banish from my basement, trying to find all the loose cars that don’t fit my plans anymore. I remember buying this Jaguar XJ220 from a vendor without noticing that it had been sat upon by a previous caretaker, and being annoyed when I did. I never gave it a second look after that.

Meanwhile...at Another Flea Market... Meanwhile...at Another Flea Market...

I discovered a new flea market while out car shopping in CT. Luckily, I found these seven diecast at the first vendor I stopped at. Luckily not just for the decent finds, but because my skeletal components had had enough. I think this is finally the end of my field trips. Right at the start of the season too! I won’t…

MBX Hiace Prototype Coming MBX Hiace Prototype Coming

On its way down under

Walmart Drive By/Through/Leave Walmart Drive By/Through/Leave

Just checking on what’s new:

Caveat Emptor

I’ll let the seller’s own photos tell the tale:

Leggo My Senna

I just don’t have the space for this...

Save The Wheels! Save The Wheels!

I’m getting rid of as much cardboard as I can while at the same time, saving  good cars from being harvested for their tires. First Round:

Save The Wheels! Premiere MBX Lot 13 Left Save The Wheels! Premiere MBX Lot 13 Left

The great cardboard banishment has begun. I’m too old to babysit cards. First, and coincidentally, I promised to save cars from my drill from now on, so there will be one or two more Save The Wheels posts before I move on to the carded HWs. So, the premiere lot is the 13 Matchbox Premiere Cars left. The bulk deal is over…

Hour Rule: The Brown Ferrari Hour Rule: The Brown Ferrari

Unearthed in the furthest corners of the basement.

The Most Overdue Thank You Possible? The Most Overdue Thank You Possible?

Thank you Muscle-GTA. My apologies for taking so long to post your RAOK work. (And for the bad lighting I’m still using...) This is the Porsche 959 M-GTA/Alex made for me. Last year... We’d exchanged emails over the “birthing” of the car, going through different colors, etc. Seeing his work was one of the compelling…

Slam It! Damn It! WIP... Slam It! Damn It! WIP...

As I re-discover these lost projects in the dark corners and shadowed recesses of my work space, I plan to share them as a kind of kick-in-the-ass to force myself to get moving on them.

Water, Water Everywhere...* Water, Water Everywhere...*

But not what I was looking for on my way home from dining out with friends last night. But, I didn’t pick up even ONE as a wheel donor, so, I’m getting better.

First Day Back, to Obscurity and Beyond! First Day Back, to Obscurity and Beyond!

Today was my first real trip back to the indoor/outdoor flea market in quite a while. I found a nice stash of old Speed Wheels on cards, some will stay some will go, and a really nice assortment of loose cars!

Redlines, row 2 Redlines, row 2

Indy Eagle

Me and My Aero, Taking the High Road... Me and My Aero, Taking the High Road...

Snow spoiler to help keep the tail end on the road.

Emory Motorsports Allrad 356/911

someone drooled on my keyboard, excuse me...

New Phone = New Camera New Phone = New Camera

Things can only get better as I learn the ins and outs. M@@N Equipped JDM recently seen at Walmart:

Recent Hawlage Recent Hawlage

I was able to play stock boy at walmart this past Thursday. One case of HWs Gulf Cars, 3 cases of MBX with opening parts, and one each of the Ford trucks and mainline MBX. This is what I walked away with; Both Honda Civics and one big Mac are available for trade/paypal.

VW Heritage? VW Heritage?

I see it in the split rear window, but that’s just me...

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