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1:64 Scale Vintage Car Suspension to a T... 1:64 Scale Vintage Car Suspension to a T...

Here’s an old Matchbox Model T I grabbed because of the local postal livery. Was going to go down the hot rod route but instead went with a stock but functional look. The original wheels and axles are reused in some custom plastic axle housings and attatched to some small plastic leaf springs. Seems to work like a…

Old dog, new tricks... Old dog, new tricks...

After I worked out how to do the super flexible suspension on the 4Runner I just had to make a new chassis for the FJ47 with the setup.

Hour Roll

A bit of slow motion fun. Testing out a new style of suspension and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Happy New Year!!! Happy New Year!!!

Wishing you all a safe and happy new year and may your hunts be fruitful!

[Custom] FJ40 Hard Top Removal  [Custom] FJ40 Hard Top Removal 

Sorry all you residing in the northern hemisphere but it’s bloody hot down here so it’s time to get the top off an FJ40. It’s something I’ve wanted to do from the first time I had an FJ40 from MBX. I mean how hard can it be? The cut lines are already present right? Ok then....

Hour Rule Hour Rule

Taking out the trash.

356 Day!!: Sunset Edition  356 Day!!: Sunset Edition 

Took these shots yesterday evening (22nd) and as it’s still 356 day on the other side of sphere I’m sharing them. Plus any excuse for some outdoor shots using my custom trucks and trailer is good enough for me!

356 Day!!! 1958 356A by Dinky/Matchbox  356 Day!!! 1958 356A by Dinky/Matchbox 

I’ve posted this here a long time ago but not these pictures. These are freshly taken pictures in honour of the 356th day of the year. What a coincidence that the subject is a 356 Porsche....

356 DAY!! 356 DAY!!

22nd of December is the 356 day of the year. Here’s all my Bburago 1:18 356B models.

For Hire For Hire

I’ve made a few of these trailers now and they all look the same! Had to make one in the style of a well used hire trailer.

Epoch Rule Epoch Rule

Get your 356's ready! Post ‘em all!!!

Trailer build done!  Trailer build done! 

Actually came out like a bought one!

Tap Tap Tap... Tap Tap Tap...

Hello? Is this thing on?

Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert!

Adjustable front spoiler on the Aristo Rat plus a stowaway. PSA; For some reason I'm able to post and add pictures from my gallery but have lost the ability to post external links or reply to any posts including my own! This is the third day now, KINJA!!!!!!

I smell a rat! I smell a rat!

Fantasy or Hot rod? I'll go with the later. Nice cast but also a potential gold mine for customisers looking to harvest some good bits. Check out the details in the interior and base alone!

[Custom] Ford F-350 [Custom] Ford F-350

I finally got around to trying my hand at a triple axle vehicle. Been wanting to do one for a while and as I had a few F-350 casts around with no plans I put them to use.

[Custom] Wheel Swap Welly [Custom] Wheel Swap Welly

Some of you may remember this Mini with another set of rims from some time last year. Decided it was time for a new set of rims, mainly as I'd stolen it's first set for another cast.

[Custom] Holden UTE!!  [Custom] Holden UTE!! 

So I was looking at this old Matchbox Holden UTE!! and decided I had to do a wheel swap. Then I found other stuff it needed...

Tooligan!  Tooligan! 

I don’t usually buy the fantasy cast but when I do...

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