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Bo Burnham's new music video is great. Bo Burnham's new music video is great.

It's both hilarious and meaningful. Check it out.

More information about corruption in games journalism. More information about corruption in games journalism.

I know it's not comfortable to discuss, but the evidence and vitriol is mounting. I think it's time Kotaku and other places take the time to address these things without demonizing those asking questions or participating in the "spontaneous" idea that the term gamer is dead.

Pass JudgemenTAY on my PC build!

After much deliberation and opinion gathering I have purchased the necessary parts for my first PC build. Spent just under $900 not including a monitor or OS as a friend is giving me some spares.

PC build. First timer seeking advice.

I've been trying to come up with a first time build and could use any advice I could get. Any advice for alternate parts, cheaper options, or better times to buy would be great.

Anyone know where I can get a good computer desk?

I've been using a short stand with my laptop for a while. Bending over to type is a big pain, not to mention the difficulty of gaming. Looking for a decent priced desk that can accommodate a PC tower, when I get around to getting one.

My backlog. It seems insurmountable.

I took the time today to list out my backlog of games. Well, Ps3, Vita, 360, 3DS/DS games at least. Did not include my Steam list because I want to build a decent PC before I tackle that special beast. Also didn't include my PS2 backlog because... I'm lazy. Check it out, make some suggestions, shame me for my…

Choose my fate TAYClassic

I have quite a few games I haven't played yet and can't decide what to play. I've narrowed it down to 3, so please pick one for me. Either Dishonored, Tomb Raider, or Valkyria Chronicles.

Steins;Gate: The Best Anime I've Seen in a Long Time Steins;Gate: The Best Anime I've Seen in a Long Time

It's been a while since I have watched much anime. Most new anime haven't interested me much, and the ones that might have got lost in the mix. I heard many people talking about Steins;Gate (some right here on TAY) and ordered the Blu-ray collections from my library.

Just beat Spec Ops: The Line.

Played episode 2 of The Walking Dead last night. I am now afraid of salt-licks.

Good PS4 analysis/discussion.

So I'm thinking about buying a PS3. What are some games I should pick up with it? Older, new whatever. RPG's are my main thing but I play almost everything with the exception of sports/racing games.

Looked for Fire Emblem at Walmart, Gamestop, and Best Buy. No luck.

This 3DS eshop game, Liberation Maiden, is very fun. Downloaded it and Crimson Shroud today and I'm quite enjoying them both.

A little upset that there are no more pre-orders available for Fire Emblem at Gamestop. I hope Nintendo learns that when they finally advertise something great like Fire Emblem that it works, and not to limit first prints.

Anybody know where I can find a copy of Radiant Historia for a decent price? It's ridiculously expensive on Ebay and Amazon.

So I'm thinking about buying a 3ds soon. Should I go original or XL?

Here's a thread with some compiled info on FF13: Lightning Returns. The newish battle system looks good to me.

Started my first job yesterday and I couldn't sleep then and I can't sleep now. Any idea how long this nervousness/anxiety will last Kotaku?

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