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Obbosite Mountain Pike Obbosite Mountain Pike

Took an accidental two hour lunch today to ride a few trails with a couple of colleagues. It was boggy, buggy, and full of thorns, but I got to get my nature on. Saw a some deers and ton of little tiny toads. A little know fact about me, I like amphibians.

Oppoinion  Oppoinion 

In my quest to make things more difficult than they need to be. I have decided not to use the switches that came with the power window kit for the Ranger. Mainly because they are ugly, but also because I prefer the window switches in the middle of the car.

Shocks, I Needed Them Shocks, I Needed Them

I almost didn’t get them when I bought wheels and tires. Then I thought “fuck it, I didn’t buy a 911 that might have ruined my life. So what’s a few hundred bucks for shocks.” Turns out I needed a set of shocks far more than I needed wheels and tires.

Does What You Drive Change How You Drive? Does What You Drive Change How You Drive?

My wife has been driving the S3 a lot lately. She said, “I drive like such a dick when I have your car, it’s weird.” I said, “well yea!? When you’ve got the juice you make the rules, haha.” She agreed saying that she does things she that never cross her mind in the Forester because a. it’s fast and b. it’s really easy…

Special Delivery! Special Delivery!

Red Ted’s work boots arrived!

Tire Rack Ships Fast Tire Rack Ships Fast

I ordered these yesterday afternoon. Wheels and tires arrive Monday!

Ranger - Night Mode Ranger - Night Mode

I’m waiting for a ton of parts and consumables to arrive for the Ranger and M3, but I had a hankering to do something tonight. So I took a bunch of cheap LED bars that I have and wired up some footwell lights. I wired the relay so that they come on when the truck is unlocked, a door is opened, or when you turn on the…

And That's That And That's That

I contacted the dealer this morning, and they apologized for the situation and gave me my deposit back. So the search continues. I’m now only looking at 2006-2008 S models at the advice of the tech who looked at the fucked 2005 non-S 997. I will also only be looking at cars in rad colors. Red, yellow, green, purple,…

997 Saga Final Chapter - Disaster 997 Saga Final Chapter - Disaster

Just got a call back from the place doing the PPI. Annnnnnnnnnd it’s fucked. They caught a bunch of misfire codes on every cylinder but one, noticed a metallic sound in the engine, and reported an excessive amount of metal in the oil and oil filter.

Tripper's Office - Anxiety Central Tripper's Office - Anxiety Central

I’m an anxious person by nature and I’ve had too much coffee. So here I am sitting in my office with a ton of stuff that I need to get done. My office is a mess (which I hate) because I’m in the middle of a bunch of large projects. My wife and I have an appointment later today to check on the baby which will be here…

Reminder: This Video Exists Reminder: This Video Exists

My wife and I were talking about how weird music videos are, which led us to talk about the “Turn down for what” video because it is hilarious. From there we seemed to remember that same song put to a boat crash, so we looked it up and watched it 10 times until we were done laughing at it.

997 Saga 997 Saga

I put a deposit on it! I was planning to wait until after the PPI, but I slept on it for three nights and decided that I would be more upset if the car was bought while I was trying to make a decision, than if I put the deposit down and have to get it back because there is something glaring on the PPI. It goes down…

Car Shopping Butterflies  Car Shopping Butterflies 

I love cars. So do you, but how wonderful it must be to be someone who does not.

Truck Shifters Truck Shifters

Anyone have a short throw shifter in their truck? It’s next on the list in my quest to have the nicest 2001 ranger ever. So far I’ve got:

I Have a T-Shirt Problem I Have a T-Shirt Problem

I’m sure many of you have this same problem, but blipshift is really exacerbating that problem for me. I lost count at 15 shirts and that was weeks ago. On top of the cool designs, they also fit great, are super soft, and cheap! Luckily I don’t like shirts with words or slogans on them, or I’d have twice as many.

New Garage Addition Sans Engine New Garage Addition Sans Engine

I never use my road bike and a bunch of dudes at work go mountain biking often. So I shined up my road bike and completed a quick and successful craigslist transaction. We all know that they are as rare as Bigfoot, but I got paid in cash, kept all my organs, and didn’t encounter one Nigerian prince!

Oppo Check In Oppo Check In

It’s has been a while. I’ve popped in for a comment or star here or there but not much else. There are several reasons for that, but I did a bunch of car stuff this weekend so I thought it a good time to say hi.

Dad Cars - I Found The Best One

Since I found out that we’re expecting I have been thinking about a Dad worthy DD. I have been all over the place with my options, and I still have no idea what I want/need. Well I just found out what I need...

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