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Oppopinion Headlight Edition Oppopinion Headlight Edition

The headlights in the 02 are not good. I have found two kits from “Dapper Lighting” and I am ready to pull the trigger on one. So lighting pros and other Oppos with oppinions... What say ye?

One More From The Weekend One More From The Weekend

I packed it in again this weekend. I got both the M3 and the 02 super shiny at the same time and took some pics. I spent Saturday with the baby which started with swimming class. Saturday night the baby and I met up with my wife and some friends. Sunday, we went to brunch and a local car show with some friends, then…

Svended Svended

Just the outsides. Wash, clay, wash, wax. Then I borrowed my wife’s googleyphone to snap some pictures. A side story that some of you more seasoned parents will enjoy because I’m a new parent.... 

M3 is Back! M3 is Back!

It’s dirty so here is a picture of when I first bought it. 12 years and 4 months, 67,000ish miles ago.

Happy Friday! Happy Friday!

I posted about the M3 for the first time in a while a week or two ago. Well, I just got the call from the new inde shop and for the first time in so many visits to to a mechanic, it was less than I expected! $1000 all in! The shop is over an hour away, but getting away from “Mainline” prices makes it worth it. I’m…

Oppositelocksmith? Oppositelocksmith?

Any of you know a lot about locks? I just put a tool box on the ranger and want to wire up an actuator so that I can lock and unlock my tool box with the doors/keypad.

Collinite 845 Review. It's Good. Collinite 845 Review. It's Good.

I hope everyone had a good weekend! I forget who, but one of you recommended that I use Collinite 845 insulator wax. Thank you, it’s awesome! I accidentally packed in a ton of stuff this weekend and actually enjoyed it. I ordered a new set of bed rail caps and a small tool box for the Ranger last week. I always…

Dirt Legal? Dirt Legal?

The FP post about the Mahindra Roxor reminded me that there is one for sale at a heavy equipment dealer near my house. In doing very little research to see if is anyway to get one road legal, I found this site. Obviously I’d need things like mirrors and turn signals, but that’s nothing compared to dealing with the DMV…

Car Memes Car Memes

My nephew posts car memes pretty much exclusively. This one struck a funny bone for me.

This is NEAT! This is NEAT!

I would love to get a drive in this.

Excitement!! Excitement!!

There have been a few excitement posts on Oppo today, and I’m jumping on board with my own.

Schwing Schwing

I’ve been watching this since it listed, knowing that it would go close to or over six figures. Still I love it.

Grom Sold Grom Sold

8 days on the market and the Grom is sold! I had to field a lot of “interest”. Nearly 40 people. A couple of nice people, an offer but a no show, 34 bullshit artists, 2 scam attempts, and one buyer.

New Pedals! New Pedals!

I’ve been watching the Amazon delivery map all day. I bought a set of OMP pedals because the brake and clutch pedals that are currently installed are the Dutch equivalent of Pep Boys pedals.

That Car Just Broke... That Car Just Broke...

“Sir, your car is being delivered as we speak.”

What Is Your Worst NA 4 Cylinder Fuel Economy? What Is Your Worst NA 4 Cylinder Fuel Economy?

My odometer is in Kilometers and I have never “filled” the tank on the 02. However, a rough estimation puts me around 16-17 Miles pg combined highway and around town driving. According to the 2002FAQ this is normal for anyone rolling the same setup (twin side draft carburetors and a modified cam). Still, that is…

Oppositehelp Oppositehelp

What would you use to get this (probably 10+ year old sticker and the gunk behind it off? I was thinking a razor and goo gone/goof off but I’m nervous about using a razor on the glass. What say ye?

My Car, It Has The Noises! My Car, It Has The Noises!

I picked up my car yesterday afternoon and that process took over an hour! It took that long because everyone at the shop came out to talk about the car. The guy who did all of the work is an older gentleman, I’ll go as far to say as he’s the oldest guy I’ve seen at a shop with dirty hands. He showed me everything he…

Who Daily's an Old Car? Who Daily's an Old Car?

Let’s say pre-1990 at the youngest. What, why, and for how long have you been doing so? What’s good about it, what’s bad about it?

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