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Unnecessary Car Boners with Tripper Unnecessary Car Boners with Tripper

I’ve always been a fan of these. It looks great in silver.

1502 Update - Next Stop USA! 1502 Update - Next Stop USA!

It was my company’s holiday party last night. Everyone was asking about the car and more specifically where it is. By the time the third person asked I said, “lemme check, I haven’t looked in a few hours.” I was fully expecting it to still be in Southampton, but to my surprise it was on the move. Then I saw the…

Motion in the Ocean Motion in the Ocean

As you can probably imagine, I’m constantly tracking the cargo ship on which my Bimmer is a passenger. It’s been in Antwerp for the past couple days, but just went underway and is headed to Southampton.

Sauna Truck! and Others Sauna Truck! and Others

Decided to have a peek at the local CL as I haven’t in a while...

Translating Foreign Car Documents Translating Foreign Car Documents

Today I finally received the title, registration, and another document for my 1502. Everything is in German/Dutch. I tried google lens/translate it only gets some of the words because of the sort of paper they are on (the watermarks are all letters/words). Any ideas on how I would translate them other than going word…

1502 Update - On a Boat - Anxiety Continues 1502 Update - On a Boat - Anxiety Continues

If I said that I have been losing sleep over this whole thing, I’d be telling the truth.

Holidays Be Like... Holidays Be Like...

Back in full effect once you have kids! Especially when all of your friends also have kids. I loved Halloween through Christmas as a kid. Even through college years it was such a fun time. Then after that the holidays became kind of stale. Sure we’d dress up and get drunk on Halloween, see family on Thanksgiving, and…

Paging IT Oppos Paging IT Oppos

Do any of you have any Cisco certs? If so do you know of any companies/schools/organizations that do in person “bootcamp” style courses. I asked my employer if they would pay for me to get CCNA certified, and they agreed. However I won’t do an online course (that style of learning does not work for me.) I need to be…

All The Cars - A Timeline All The Cars - A Timeline

So here it is, the post that no one asked for! The detailed history of my cars. you will slightly chuckle at certain points, you’ll think “what the fuck?” a lot, and you’ll probably say what an idiot/asshole/dumb ass a few times. I’d love to hear your individual automotive timelines too! In detail or in short. 

Broadway - A Racket Broadway - A Racket

My wife really wants to see the Harry Potter Broadway show. If you aren’t already aware, tickets are hard to come by. Reasonably priced tickets, don’t exist. So for months I have been looking and looking...I was advised by a harry potter maniac, that the best chance you have at getting “cheap” tickets is to wait until…

Oppopinion - Spoiler Edition Oppopinion - Spoiler Edition

As you might imagine almost all of my thoughts are centered around the arrival of my 1502. I should receive the title, and service records along with a 1502 badge this week!

First Leg of the Journey First Leg of the Journey

Beesd to Amsterdam! I reluctantly ran a freezing cold 5k this morning. Then I sat in the Ranger for a while before I drove home because I thought my lungs were going to dissolve inside my body. Checked my email and...

Happy WednesFriday Americans Happy WednesFriday Americans

Happy regular Wednesday to everyone else!

Pedal Karts Pedal Karts

My sister has asked me to look at and maybe buy two pedal karts for her kids from a local FB yard sale group.

1502 Update - More Bad Dreams and More Good News 1502 Update - More Bad Dreams and More Good News

I have mentioned it on here before, even in the thread of posts about this car, but I am an anxious person. I have made a lot of progress over the past two years. I meditate every day, I exercise almost everyday, I go to therapy every week. I’m putting in the work. All of that combined with the arrival of my infant…

1502 Update - Banks & Insurance 1502 Update - Banks & Insurance

For anyone looking to catch up on the saga:

Time To Play "What The Shit Happened To This iPhone X?" Time To Play "What The Shit Happened To This iPhone X?"

One of our guys texted me over the weekend saying he needs a new phone. I guessed wrong. What say Oppo?

1502 Update 1502 Update

For those of you who haven’t seen my first few posts, I’m in the process of buying an Agave Green 1975 BMW 1502 from Holland and importing it to the United States of America!

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