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The Cars are Attacking! The Cars are Attacking! wallet. I’m selling the Grom. My plan was to use the money to take care of M3 needs. Two sensors, a valve check/adjustment, and VANOS preventative maintenance. However I got the call back on the 02 today...

Classic Car Check In! Also Louvers? Classic Car Check In! Also Louvers?

I dropped the 02 off this morning for a “classic car check in”, which is the equivalent of a pre/post-purchase inspection. They will also be inspecting the car, fine tuning the carbs, changing the oil, and installing my ANSA sport exhaust. I tried to install it, but the hangars are in the wrong place, so they need to…

Dad Cars Dad Cars

KingTChalla’s post about the C class wagon, then CaptDale’s about his Allroad have got me back on the kid-friendly car search.

Getting Ready For Work Getting Ready For Work

I got up early so that I could take the Bimmer to work today. It went like this:


If you haven’t seen it, ya gotta.

A Gift A Gift

Happy Wednesday!

PSA: Cars are for Driving PSA: Cars are for Driving

A quick rip and a quick sponge bath. Happy Sunday!

Oppopinion - Buy or Do Not Buy Oppopinion - Buy or Do Not Buy

My in laws are offering their 1999 Ferd Expedition to me for “whatever it costs to get fixed” They don’t know what is wrong with it, or if anything is wrong with it. My FIL went to drive it the other day and “it made a noise” so he decided not to drive it...

Hello, My Name Is Tripper and I'm an Addict Hello, My Name Is Tripper and I'm an Addict

With each dose I become more dependent. I know this could possibly ruin my life but I just cant stay away.

How Does Oppo Store Fuel? How Does Oppo Store Fuel?

I have two gas cans like the one pictured below. You know the shitty ones where you have to press down to release the fuel into whatever you’re fueling and all over your hands/pants... I have a small one for the mixed fuel for the backpack blower and weed whacker, and a slightly larger one in which I keep 93 octane…

Will Grom for Bimmer Parts Will Grom for Bimmer Parts

I’ve decided that I’m going to list the Grom for sale. It has a few outstanding recalls that I will get taken care of first, but then to the block it goes.

A Thing I Like A Thing I Like

I’ve been directly behind one of these of a handful of occasions. They sound glorious like a Formula 1 car of the same era.

I Have More Miles on My Shoes than My Car in 2019 I Have More Miles on My Shoes than My Car in 2019

I’ve clocked just under 90km on the 02 since it’s arrived, so about 55 miles. I’ve run 63.43 miles. I’ve only been able to legally drive the 02 since 1/23, but somehow the odometer accrued the equivalent of about 15 miles before then.

MC Mom MC Mom

Here is a NSFW laugh for your Friday. I watched all of Key&Peele, but somehow missed this gem.

A Paradox A Paradox

This is one I’m sure some of you share with me. I want all the cars. By “all the cars” I mean the ones on my list and a few side quests. However, I can’t bring myself to get rid of one to make room for another. The Ranger is too practical, the M3 I’ve owned for too long to sell, and the 02 not long enough. It’s tough…

"I'm Surprised You Have it Out" "I'm Surprised You Have it Out"

“That is a (cool, slick, sharp, sick, awesome) car!” is the most common thing I heard on Saturday, but “I’m surprised that you’re driving it” was a close second...

Schwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! Schwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!

This is silly money, but it is super nice!

Dogs Dogs

Here are my brindle babies. One Boxer one English Mastiff.

Oppopinion Oppopinion

So apparently the only options for 13" wheels are track rubber or crap rubber. So I’m going to get a new/used set of 14" wheels (even though I really love the look of the Minilites). I want to stick with something OEM-ish and I’ve narrowed it down to two:

Picture Me Rollin' Picture Me Rollin'

I finally got my first proper drive in the 1502 last night. I left work early to pick up the plate and registration. Then I quickly had to strap the stock exhaust back on. The new one I bought needs the hangers cut and moved before I can install it:( I guess it’s time to buy that welder that I have been wanting.

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