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BMW coolant in a Ford?

Any oppos know of any reason that I can’t top up the ranger with BMW coolant? It’s low and BMW coolant is all I've got handy.

F1 on the Grid with Whatshisname from Sky Sports is Peak Awkward

Chasing people down, sometimes uttering complete nonsense questions. Unwatchable. Anyway enjoy the race!

New (actual) Shoes New (actual) Shoes

After much deliberation and some suggestions from Textured Soy Protein, I decided on another pair of Nike’s. I was almost all set on a pair of Brooks Ghost 11's because my Ghost 10's have been good, but Nike’s just look so awesome. I will probably scoop up a pair of Ghost 11's so that I have something to switch out…

Oppo Unite and Help My Friend Oppo Unite and Help My Friend

My friend has two brand new 2018 Subarus. An Outback and an Impreza wagon. Both have now been hit while parked on the street. Last night the car that hit his left some evidence...

JustSubaruThings JustSubaruThings

Getting the forester in beach mode to take the family to the Hamptons for a long weekend. It’s the baby’s first trip to the beach, I’mma surf some tiny waves, go out to a fancy dinner or two, and relax. Happy Friday!

Office Toys! Office Toys!

Some of you may have heard of Candy Lab Toys. I’ve been eyeballing their products for a while, but they quickly sell out of the really cool cars in the really cool colors. They’re also not “impulse buy” cheap, but they baited my by sending me two tires for their cars. I leaned them up against the M3 model in my office…

Not Car Related Not Car Related

I’m a big fan of big wave surfing even though I personally only ride little waves. It’s one of those things that has memorized me since the first time I saw someone ride a wave that was twice as tall as he. I don’t think there is anything more rad that a human being can do on this earth than riding down a gigantic…

Daily Drive a Moto? Daily Drive a Moto?

I know some Oppos do it. What’s it like? What is your gear setup like? Do you have to dress nice for work, if so how do you deal with that?

I Sold a Thing:/ I Sold a Thing:/

In the past I have mentioned that a colleague wanted to buy my S3. It was really more of a joke for the longest time. When I first bought it he said “I want to buy that from you in a few years.” Earlier this year when I started looking seriously at 911's he mentioned that he was serious about buying my S3. He asked…

Today In Things That Cost Too Much Today In Things That Cost Too Much

We have this piece of rubber:

Melatonin Dreams: Holy Shit Melatonin Dreams: Holy Shit

I’ve always had trouble sleeping. When I was a kid I would stay up all night/most of the night, nearly every night. I would play video games, clean and organize my room or other areas of the house or just pace around like a nut job. Even if I slept at a friends house, I’d be up all night thinking or…

Christmas in July Christmas in July

There was a package on the doorstep addressed to my wife yesterday. I mentioned it to her and asked her what she got. She said that she couldn’t remember but that I could open it. This is a common occurrence in our house and I stopped opening packages because it’s normally baby stuff, or clothes/shoes that she’s…

Green Truck! Green Truck!

If I ever were to change the color on my ranger, it would be to the same green as this Frontier.

TIL: The Acura CSX is a Thing That Exists TIL: The Acura CSX is a Thing That Exists

I stopped home for lunch and on the way back I saw what I thought was a Honda Civic to which someone gave the “Acura” treatment (technically I was right). Even when I saw the CSX badge I thought, “that’s not real, did this guy seriously make up his own model?”

My First Experience With Plasti Dip My First Experience With Plasti Dip

It’s weird stuff! However, it worked great on the faded/yellowed grille on the Ranger. I also added a new Ford badge, the old one wasn’t in terrible shape but I like shiny new things. The grille came off of the truck really easily, but separating the inner grille from the painted piece was a huge pain. I could have…

Opposite Chiropractic Opposite Chiropractic

Any Oppos go to a chiropractor? I’m not a huge fan of pseudomedicine things, but it has helped before and I’m not looking to take medication if I don’t have to.

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