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Another day, another tariff.

Maybe they should redirect some inventory to Canada. We can use more stick shift 320is.


First actual topless one I’ve seen.


Not the V8 version though.

So I was driving along today So I was driving along today

Nice and sunny out there, so I was full on top down.

2 Gran Coupe 2 Gran Coupe

Old news, but not sure how I missed it. Can anyone tell if this is FWD or RWD from the proportions?

Hon Hon

OK which one of you guys did this.


Good morning.

Hmmm. Hmmm.

Uh huh...


Relative insurance claim indexes are actually published publicly by the IBC.

Kinja strikes again. Kinja strikes again.

Uncovering the mystery of the dead Comment Reply button.

The want is strong The want is strong

ThinkPad 7-row mechanical keyboard. This and a separate keypad would work perfect on my tiny desk.

Paging Svend

In case of Kinja.

This is why you don't run a car company like a tech company.

What’s next... smash the screen inside the car, “sorry, it’s glued down permanently, and car will be destroyed if you try to remove it. You’re gonna have to RMA the whole car. Can we interest you in this screen damage warranty?”

BMWs Hacked BMWs Hacked

Mostly F-series cars.

Opposuits? Opposuits?


Unnecessary Svending Unnecessary Svending

Nothing special... just another wash and a coat of carnauba in a boring long weekend afternoon.

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