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///M ///M

Apple is one colour short of partnering with BMW.


First one I’ve seen on the street all this time it launched.


Please stay as a concept.


I do wonder if it’s just a standard disclaimer, about “picking up with a flatbed and unplated.”

So if manuals are dying in US and Canada

I wonder if it’s a feasible business model for them to just make them limited models that appear once every few years, maybe just one or two special models per generation?

Paging Crazie

In case of Kinja.

RIP: Toyota Mark X

Article is in Chinese.


Some US rule I suppose? Some US rule I suppose?

The brake lights bother me. 


FCA sedans.

Seeing the Malibu MAXX post Seeing the Malibu MAXX post

...reminded me of this.

Round 2: Does that look FWD or RWD?

Still has a trunk though... if only it was liftback like the Escala. Slots below the CT5.

Oh hey look... Oh hey look...

... it’s yet another whisky I can’t afford and can only drool over the pictures.

What's for Dinner, Oppo? What's for Dinner, Oppo?

Something I haven’t made in a long time... Penne alla Vodka.

I think I should be grateful for FP.

It’s a great site for stress testing my phone after a repair.

2019 Porsche GenericBlob 2019 Porsche GenericBlob

Move the light bar up a bit...

Why am I not surprised it was lifted? [UPDATE]

Asshat in Jeep beat up the guy, then ram him, presumably into his Ridgeline.

Mahk is selling Chevys now.

In Case of Kinja.   For those who didn’t get the reference.

Potato DOTS Potato DOTS

Light was changing, barely caught it.

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