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I love these Korean boys I love these Korean boys

I feel like a proud auntie or something. Check out their historic performance from last night

Show Your Love for Martha, SHE MADE IT Show Your Love for Martha, SHE MADE IT

Martha is on the MP, show her some love in the comments ya bish! She made it yall!

What is The Takeout?

Help me understand why this suddenly appeared in the Kinja sites.

If Any of You Try This......

We ain’t friends.

PWC: On Rumors post from Jez

I know some of you have seen this but the comments are...........reading material.

Talking shit about Kinja users

Hokes look at this fool

Forget this bitch and screw Jezebel for allowing this shit to roll through

Immediately we called up former Jezebel writer Kara Brown and I had my daughter ask her because passing the buck is one of my all time favorite parenting techniques. Kara said, yes, she could dress up like Serena with a tennis outfit and racket but no makeup. 

Kinja Usernames

I hate when people use their real name as their Kinja username (other than staff). Who does that?

A Definitive List of the Best Candy A Definitive List of the Best Candy

Well I’m here to provide y’all with the definitive ranking of the top 10 best candies.

Reactions for Hokes for Problematic Bae Episode

I swear to god if a man like RA ever was outside washing up like that my legs would buss open so fast

I hate the new people

Do y’all ever stop reading your favorite Kinja sites for a while and then come back and new idiots have infiltrated the comments with their trash ass thoughts and opinions?


Hokes why do I have to scroll more than 1 page to get to our Side Conversations? Here is our open thread so I can share some fuckery.

I am so happy they broke up I am so happy they broke up

He was all types of controlling, like if Ralph Angel decided to dedicate his life to Zika. I still cannot believe he called her hysterical on LIVE MOTHAFUCKIN TV. Thank god we can move on from this plot.

White Women, Weinstein and the Sexual Assault Narrative

I have gone back and forth on whether or not to post this. But after reading this op-ed in the NYT by Mayim Bialik, it just set me off.

MANSPLAINING: the Lifehacker version

Sooooooooo Lifehacker did a post yesterday on mansplaining. I guess it is now the end times y’all.


Ok fuck. I am finally caught up (I think) with the second season of Queen Sugar.

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