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Paging ImmoralMinority

ImmoralMinority to the courtesy phone.

That ain't good That ain't good

The trackpad on my laptop is slowly working its way free from the rest of the computer. The problem is the battery underneath. Dell has a problem with lithium batteries going bad and swelling up. When they swell, they push the trackpad out of the chassis. I guess it works as a safety relief valve and notifies the user…


Down in the Hotel Parking Lot.

Flying Weekend... And that's a wrap! Flying Weekend... And that's a wrap!

Wrapped up the flying weekend today. This morning’s flight was with my instructor, going over maneuvers. The afternoon flight was a mock check ride with a different instructor. I still have to put together a long flight plan to be reviewed by a senior instructor who is a former FAA examiner and take another mock check…

Flying Weekend! [Update: Now with VIDEO!] Flying Weekend! [Update: Now with VIDEO!]

Friday was a bust. Winds were at 20kts, gusting to 28. I decided it wasn’t with the time in the air.

Hola, Oppo! Hola, Oppo!

From my daughter who is currently in SPAIN!

Phase II Phase II

And so it begins.... My FAA check ride has been scheduled and I’ve started instrument training. What’s that? It’s flying the plane with only the instruments. When I’m done, I’ll be able to fly through inclement weather conditions where visibility is compromised. Not that anyone wants to fly through bad weather, but…

New rental! New rental!

It’s an F-150 Lariat with the 5.0 and a towing package. What would you like to know about it?

It’s Prom Night It’s Prom Night

I’m playing chauffeur, for reasons.

This is why.

This is why rare burgers are a bad thing. I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.

Say hello to my cecropian friend! Say hello to my cecropian friend!

This big girl appeared in my back yard tonight! They are the largest North American moth.

Slightly delayed Slightly delayed

But I made it home! I also met Miss Mercedes’ twin. She’s a stewardess for United.

Meeegelll day gee zus

“Please report to gate 115.”

Airport travel challenges Airport travel challenges

The latest trend in self service are these food “Bazaars.” Having never been to one, here’s how it went.

Today I learned.... Today I learned....

That Depositions aren’t much like Inquisitions and lawyers love to say, “I object to form.” This usually happens when the plaintiff’s lawyer asks a multi-part question or a question that calls for speculation.

Apt Description Apt Description

They can’t. There’s too much construction going on at night for anyone to sleep. Vroom vroom go the trucks. Beep beep go the back up alarms. Bang bang go all the heavy equipment. Woo woo go the sirens. Honk honk go all the drivers who are blocked by anything and everything all freaking night long....

I do not like NYC I do not like NYC

It’s too crowded, it’s too noisy, a $7.39 burger is barely bigger than a slider, they put a mayo-based sauce on the burger, and “large” coke which is the size of a medium anywhere else cost me $3.

MR2 Sighting MR2 Sighting

Anyone looking for a derelict MR2? There’s one at the Toyota staging lot just outside Newark International. I’m sure you can score a great deal.

Got me a ticket to an aero plane. Got me a ticket to an aero plane.

Departing for New York

Introducing, Frankenbunny! Introducing, Frankenbunny!

Rocky loved his first bunny so much that he ate him. My wife found another bunny, so Rocky ate him too. My daughter took pity on poor Rocky and from the various bunny parts, made Frankenbunny.

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