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Found On Facebook Found On Facebook

I need this in my life,

Car Museum Photos (pic dump) Car Museum Photos (pic dump)

Well last week was my first wedding anniversary and my wife and I decided to just do a small get away and went to La Crosse, WI. It was a lot of fun. On one of the days she indulged my inner child and said we could go to a small car museum in town. It’s called the Dahl Auto Museum. It turns out it’s attached to a…

Doggo and Puppers Aquired. Doggo and Puppers Aquired.

My wife and I have been looking for a dog for the past few months. We decided we were finally ready to get another one after our last dog passed over a year ago. Well  we ended up find these two about 7 hours away from where we are. Last Friday the foster dad meet us half way which was awesome.


This thing was way more green than blue like it was a green that shifted to blue. My camera on my phone could not display the color properly.


Not Marauder, BMW, NISMO


My tiny town bar weekly cruise in. Still surprised when I see new cars on a weekly basis.  


A grove of Foresters (ignore that dirty ass Outback, stupid gravel road and screw construction season the road was fine!)

Well That Can't Be Good. Well That Can't Be Good.

Pretty sure there is a dead body somewhere now. I didn’t do it.


I have known about this fish for years and finally I caught ‘em!

Weekend Success! (Updated) Weekend Success! (Updated)

Got some shelves up in the garage finally!


My grandma had a Saturn this color at one time.

Just Fixing Things Just Fixing Things

Well the Haas had an air leak when I left last night. Went to find it this morning.

More Engineering Questions More Engineering Questions

I need advice on whether or not a material I am thinking of using would be appropriate for the job. I need to make some pins for a Powerlifting combo rack. I am thinking about using ETD 150. Would that material be sufficient for the job?


Tow truck


I mean there logic behind getting the collector plates it’s just wow, this car is at least 20 years old now.

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