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What Is This What Is This

Any clues Oppo? Found in basement of my wife's grandparents. Her Grandpa used to work for a company that made carbon seals for jet engines.

I'm In New Joisey I'm In New Joisey

Vehicles seent on the way there

Baby Got Rack. Baby Got Rack.

Y’all can’t deny.

Please? Please?



Sexy thang



oWo School Me On Roof Top Cargo Carriers oWo School Me On Roof Top Cargo Carriers

I have to drive from SE Minnesota to New Jersey next weekend for a wedding and while we are out there we are going to stop in Philadelphia to visit my wife’s Grandma. Her Grandpa passed away last year and there are some tools that we have been offered we are only going to be gone for 5 days. I am looking at ordering…


Mmmmmmmm tasty aluminum 5.3 LS


I didn’t even recognize what this was they had so altered it from stock. I finally realized what it was when I saw the front end. It looks so good I couldn’t hate it, even though I wanted to. Also I think rare color bug-eye wagon. Awesome old International Harvester pickup. Never see them. Also TRAIN!!!


1964 El Camino MUCH WANT!!!

Glitch In The Matrix Glitch In The Matrix

This guy pulled in like a minute after I parked.

Fancy Dent Fancy Dent

Saw this poor neglected thing while avoiding an over turned semi.

Craiglist Will Be The Death Of Me Craiglist Will Be The Death Of Me

I have got this crazy idea stuck in my head lately about buying an old crew cab square body Chevy/GMC and sticking the body on a way better frame, like 1999+. I would also cut the cab floor out of the square body and swap in the floor of the newer truck to make everything bolt together better and get the nicer seats.…


I found you a Wagonmaster!!!!

UGH..... UGH.....

My wife and Mother in law are at an auction right now where this is going to get auctioned


Pretty sure these two were heading to the weekly Eagle’s Club Wednesday Cruise In. Saw some other cars but couldn’t get photos. Had to go fail at buying college books.

Tiny Town Cruise In Tiny Town Cruise In

More new cars!

Bitchin' Mural Bitchin' Mural

I took a photo of this a couple weeks ago and I found an article about it yesterday. I get to drive by this on my home from work every day. So cool.


(shudders with horror)

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