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Getting Kinja'd

Not sure what to do here...

Good Kitty!

Probably the only good use of a 4-cyl F-Type! I’d love to see a V8 one in rally form too though.

Anyone interested in cars that chauffeured G7 dignitaries? 

Because the Canadian RCMP is selling like 500 cars that were used once or twice.

Mad Manx

Here’s something you don’t see everyday.

Want of the Day

550 Maranello in Resale Red and Tan.

DOTS Toronto DOTS Toronto

With added seasoning for bikesexuals

Killer Koenig for sale

This is the only 348 I’d buy.

Beware of Poorosang

Another ugly SUV that should exist is being brought into existence.

Unwelcome "auto open" tailgate feature now welcomes the outside onto your truck bed while driving

That’s what you get for making tailgates inspired by Inspector Gadget.

Want of the day

Minty fresh Caprice sleeper

True Daily Driver True Daily Driver

I’ve moved 4 residences this year. Some within the same city, some across the world. This move was my fifth.

Someone damaged my car! Someone damaged my car!

So there’s construction going on in the basement parking lot and no one asked me to move my car.

Someone please buy this badass 560SEL!

UPDATE: SOLD FOR $11,111 :( Hoping for sub-$10k cars is a lost cause on BaT.

Lister listed on leading lebsite

Sorry, I just had to make it rhyme.

Widebody E30 M3

Perfect combo of “Mother of Want” coupled with bankrupting price. :D

The death of fair deals on older desirable cars

Is it just me, or does any site that focuses on selling or finding ads for quirky, old or enthusiast favorite cars ends up growing into a site where you can no longer find these cars for a fair price?

Updated - Vegetarian food advice

So, one of my relatives is visiting me in Canada and I want to introduce them to new cuisines.

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