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Thanks, Google. Thanks, Google.

Saw Rocketman this weekend and noticed a 1978-80 Monte Carlo on the street outside the scene of the Troubadour, Elton John’s first US concert. Trouble is, that concert took place in 1970.

Trans Am On A Spit Trans Am On A Spit

Finished my ghetto rotisserie.

Been Awhile Been Awhile

Trans Am is still a mess. But progress is being made after it sat all winter while I built a work bench and shelving.


Hellcat swapped Durango. Yes please. (just take off the stickers and light bar)

Thanks, I Hate It Thanks, I Hate It

I never realized how many EXPOSED FASTENERS a Saleen S7 has.

If YouTube Is So Smart If YouTube Is So Smart

Why has this not been recommended to me before? It takes a bit to get going but HOLY SHIT.

Work needs to end. Work needs to end.

So I can go catch some fucking POKEMON. I have to use 47 more berries (that I don’t have) to catch that many, and THEN catch 108 MORE of the fuckers.

Too Soon? Too Soon?

...of COURSE someone crashed a Senna already. Its right there in the name...

The NX-01 Enterprise  The NX-01 Enterprise 

Is a Dodge Demon for space travel.


I think he appreciates it.

Preparing For Surgery Preparing For Surgery

I love coding lock cylinders.

DOTS: Worst Photo Ever Of (weekend spotting edition) DOTS: Worst Photo Ever Of (weekend spotting edition)

A far away 996 in a cold windy (and later snowy) parking lot



I'm Liking How This Is Turning Out I'm Liking How This Is Turning Out

Inspired by the ‘industrial chic’ products at a booth during the last local craft fair, I decided to build our newly adopted 5 year old Rottie a raised table for his food and water bowls, since he’s a B I G B O I and shouldn’t be leaning over so far to eat. Its not good for them.

Dodge RAM it.... Dodge RAM it....

Sunk in a DITCH.

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