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Nextdoor MAGA

Ffs. There was a maga/proud cuck/info war rally today that started at my kids school and shutdown the street.

I Went Full Nextdoor.com

There is a proposed city ordinance to ban panhandling. I got a Nextdoor email about support of it.

I'm not dying right now & OT

I got up the courage to visit a doctor for the first time in about 15 years. Seriously I was looking for every reason to cancel. But I did the thing. Now I have a primary care physician. He was great also. My stress level went down talking to him. The results are drink less, smoke less, and take some blood pressure…

What's Stressing You Out - OT

What is stressing you out right now? What else is happening?

OMG I Offed the Opossum

There has been this big ass opossum that mauled my cat and my neighbors toy dog.

Weekend Projects + OT

I’ve slacked hard on keeping this going. Mostly because my projects wrapped or dried up. I’ll try to make it more regular.

YouTube is Down

And my family is freaking out. I'm cracking up!

It's Been a Long Week

And it’s only Monday. We are pulling our son out of the Immersion school. He was in trouble every day last week with some major and minor refferals, and a day of in school suspension.

Sunday Night OT

Tell us all what OT shit is on your mind today or what you did!

OT - Back From Vacation

We had an awesome time on the coast and came back with a few more days off.

Blog Invite Never Goes Away Blog Invite Never Goes Away

I finally got tired of it and put a ticket in. The issue looks like this:

Weekend Project Updates & OT Weekend Project Updates & OT

Hi all! What are you gearing up for project-wise this weekend? Any updates on current ones? Also whatever!

Weekend Projects & OT Weekend Projects & OT

What are you gearing up for project-wise this weekend? Any updates on the recent projects? Also whatever else.

Weekend Projects & OT Weekend Projects & OT

What are you all gearing up for this weekend? Or just talk about whatever.

Weekend Projects & OT

I meant to get this out yesterday, but it was our anniversary, and I’m still coming down from the ribs.

Weekend Projects - Add yours! Weekend Projects - Add yours!

I’ve had this project for a while, about two years now. I want a well on the property and have drilled and filled several holes.

Dealing With Debt

Recently we just got hit with half a dozen little collection bills, I recognize a couple, but the majority are odd small things. Then I got a larger small claims summons for an MRI that I know I paid for.

Firewall Subscription Firewall Subscription

I let my firewall Subscription lapse. Not to get too technical; I route all of my phone traffic home and out again to filter ads/malware/etc.

4th Of July Kitty 4th Of July Kitty

We got a new kitty a week and a half ago. He was a rescue cat, about a year old. We worried that the fireworks would freak him out. At the moment the house is literally being shaken by morters going off, and new kitty is sleeping soundly, slightly older kitty is passed out near by.