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How Political Dynasties Are Ruining America, in Two Minutes

America has so many problems. It also has so many ossified political dynasties. Maybe these things are connected???? (Spoiler alert: yes.)

What It's Like to Be an Undocumented Immigrant Working for Donald Trump

When Victorina Morales told the New York Times about her experience working as an undocumented housekeeper at Donald Trump’s New Jersey golf course, the story caused an explosive reaction—not just for the rabidly anti-immigrant Trump’s hypocrisy, but for Morales’ bravery in coming forward.

How to Fight the Alt-Right

This Thanksgiving, don’t waste your time with those guides about how to show your racist uncle a better way. Watch our interview with an expert on the far right about what really needs to be done to get fascist scum out of our lives. Have a great holiday!

Rejoice at the Defeat of These Conservative Villains in the Midterms

Some good people lost their elections in the midterms on Tuesday, but some really bad people did too. Here are some of them. Celebrate their defeat with us!

This Is What Solidarity With Striking Prisoners Sounds Like

This is the sound of a prison strike rally: a crowd in front of the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn making as much noise as possible so that prisoners participating in a national strike could hear them inside.

Never Forget

There’s absolutely no reason to post this throwback clip of Donald Trump praising Paul Manafort extravagantly!

Kellyanne Conway Thinks We’re Too Focused on Trump—Really

Kellyanne Conway is complaining that people are obsessed with saying Donald Trump’s name. She should look in the mirror.

The Racist History of the Democratic Party

The Democratic Party prides itself on being inclusive and advocating for communities of color, but there was a time when racism was at the center of its policies.

Police Caught On Camera Pinning 10-Year-Old Boy to the Ground

In Georgia, police pinned a 10-year-old boy to the ground after he became “emotionally distraught” over his father’s arrest.

The Government Keeps Getting Rebuffed in the Courts Over Its Family Separation Policy

A federal judge ruled on Monday that all deportations of recently reunited families must be halted. But shouldn’t the Trump administration pay some price for separating them in the first place?

Weekend Wave | Trump Meets Putin, Chicago Shooting & Pussy Riot's World Cup Protest

Did you miss the big news about the World Cup, the violent protests in Chicago, or even Trump and Putin’s latest meeting? We’re here to help.

Papa John's Pizzagate

Just because you’re the face of a mediocre pizza empire doesn’t mean you can sling the n-word around.

The Racist History of Banking

In America today, for every $100 of white family wealth, black families only have about $5.04. It’s a direct result of centuries of racist banking policies that have systematically kept black Americans from being able to prosper.

Trump's North Korea Deal Has Not Been Holding Up That Well

It turns out that Donald Trump, Dennis Rodman and a flashy video are not the magic weapons for a lasting and stable solution to the North Korean problem.

Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh's Impact

President Trump just nominated Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. What could this mean for future cases?

The Truth About MS-13

President Donald Trump loves to repeat the phrase “strong borders, no crime.” This type of thinking has set the stage for much of his immigration policy, whether it’s his administration’s “zero tolerance” policy that has led to thousands of children being separated from their families, or his broader, relentless…

Activists Turn Out in Force to Protest Supreme Court Ruling on Muslim Travel Ban

The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld Donald Trump’s travel ban that, among other things, restricts people from 6 Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. Activists aren’t taking it lightly.

Immigrant Parents Describe the Heartbreak of Being Separated From Their Children

“Since they took him away, I’ve not been able to sleep well.”

Democratic Senate Candidate Arrested at Immigrant Detention Center

A Democratic candidate for the Senate in Maine was arrested after he tried to deliver toys and supplies to children held in a Texas detention center last week. (He was eventually released early on Saturday morning.)

Mother and Son Reunited After Being Separated at the Border

“Nobody is going to separate us again.”

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