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Indycar Friday Indycar Friday

Graham Rahal Greenlight Series. 

Eye Candy Eye Candy

Coming to a Kroger near you.

GL Pursuit Series Hawl GL Pursuit Series Hawl

Got a new hawl from Greenlight NYPD Ford LTD police wagon. 

Construction Hawl Construction Hawl

New construction vehicles from MBX. Load lifter and ground grinder.

Belated Hawl Belated Hawl

MBX Moving Parts Camaro, International M2 fire truck and GL VW Van Chinese New Year. 

Hot Wheels Special Edition Hot Wheels Special Edition

Hot Wheels Larry Wood 50 years set. Available at Walmart.

Vacation Hawl Vacation Hawl

Went to grab these during my vacation.  

Mail Hawl Mail Hawl

Thank you Nate13. Loving my chevy Caprice. 

Another Hawl Another Hawl

MBX NYPD Suburban 

My New Hawl My New Hawl

My new diecast car called the Invisible. 

Hot Wheels Vending Machine.  Hot Wheels Vending Machine. 

Imagine if there’s a Hot Wheels vending machine that you walked by.  By the video that was shown, mostly likely in Europe.  

The Holy Grail The Holy Grail

Finally, I got my MBX Chevy Caprice.

HW Hawl HW Hawl

HW Merc Unimog and SRT Viper.

Target Hawl Target Hawl

HW Vette GS roadster

Trade Trade

I brought this HW MOMO Datsun 510 and willing to make a trade.

Hawl  Hawl 

William Byron Xfinity Camaro and three ambulances. 

Hawl Hawl

Two MBXs

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