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Mail Hawl Mail Hawl

RC Kyle Petty Pontiac and HW Caddy GT3 race cars. 

Another Danica Car.   Another Danica Car.  

Chevy Impala Xfinity Stock Car. 

HW Team Transport  HW Team Transport 

This is one of my coolest hawls to date.  HW’s Car Culture Team Transport of a VW T1 Pickup with a Porsche 356 roadster.   The latest car culture series from Hot Wheels was the most anticipated sought after diecast I wanted to get.  

Swamp Hawl Swamp Hawl

MBX Swamp Raider.   Rugged and tough. 

Radcast: Buick Grand National Radcast: Buick Grand National

RC Buick Grand National. V6 muscle car.

Radcast 2018: Cybercruiser  Radcast 2018: Cybercruiser 

Colorful Wheels and goes fast.

Sheriff Buford T. Justice Sheriff Buford T. Justice

Completes my Smokey and the Bandit set

LaLeMans  LaLeMans 

The iconic Porsche 917K

In Memoriam: Tom"Mongoose"McEwen 1937-2018 In Memoriam: Tom"Mongoose"McEwen 1937-2018

Former drag legend Tom”Mongoose”McEwen who was one part of the rivalry against Don”The Snake”Prudhomme passed away yesterday at age 81. McEwen was responsible along with Prudhomme to have Hot Wheels selling their drag racing diecast cars to kids in the 70s.

Forza Horizon 4 Announced.  Forza Horizon 4 Announced. 

Microsoft announced at E3 that Forza Horizon 4 will come out on 10/2/18 and it will be set in Great Britain. Club LaLD will be there.


Action 1993 Ernie Urban #4 Kodak Chevy.

Saturday Hawl Saturday Hawl

Brought these hot wheels at KMart.

Starsky and Hutch Starsky and Hutch

Its so cool to get this.

Hot Wheels Stop Motion Hot Wheels Stop Motion

I haven’t posted a video for awhile. So here’s your Hot Wheels Stop Motion compilation 

TRU Hawl TRU Hawl

Since Toys R Us is closing down. I had an opportunity to go there and came out with two Majorette diecast cars.

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