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Squad 51 Squad 51

HW emergency truck.

Go Out and Vote Go Out and Vote

Please vote today.  

Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary 16 Cars Display Set Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary 16 Cars Display Set

Ok folks, this may drive you to madness and temptation.  If you got deep pockets, it will be $500 bucks for it.  

Hawl Again Hawl Again

HW Fire Chaser.

Mail Matchbox Hawl Mail Matchbox Hawl

Matchbox Datsun 510 and a Plymouth Fury Police Car that I replaced when I sent it to a fellow LaLD collector.  The police car’s paint wear is worn out. 

World of Tanks  World of Tanks 

The World of Tanks. A popular online game and now I brought it at Cracker Barrel when I was on the road last month. .

Mail Hawl Mail Hawl

Racing Champions Ricky Craven Tide Pontiac

Rare Hot Wheels Rare Hot Wheels

Hmmmmmm. Something to explore for these finds?

Rare Hawl Rare Hawl

I made this catch today at comic con.  Ertl Dukes of Hazzard set for only 20 bucks.  Great bargain.  

Forza Horizon 4 Club Forza Horizon 4 Club

Forza Horizon 4 came out today.  Time to form our club again.  

Comic Con Hawl Comic Con Hawl

Brought these HWs over the weekend. 

Mail Hawl Mail Hawl

Two HWs of the Viper and Trans Am.

Birthday Hawl Birthday Hawl

Action Racing #18 Pontiac

Truck Hawling Truck Hawling

Brought these trucks today at target.

Look What I Found Look What I Found

HW Wienermobile, two RC micro racers and a VW Beetle micro. 

Have a Safe Labor Day Weekend. Have a Safe Labor Day Weekend.

Don’t drink and drive and wear your safety belts.

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