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Birthday Hawl Birthday Hawl

Action Racing #18 Pontiac

Truck Hawling Truck Hawling

Brought these trucks today at target.

Look What I Found Look What I Found

HW Wienermobile, two RC micro racers and a VW Beetle micro. 

Have a Safe Labor Day Weekend. Have a Safe Labor Day Weekend.

Don’t drink and drive and wear your safety belts.

Rare Nascar Diecast Rare Nascar Diecast

Davey Allison's brother Clifford Allison.  Clifford passed away in a testing accident in 1992.

 Mail Hawls  Mail Hawls

MBX Texas Dept. Of Safety Jeep Cherokee and speed trailer.  MBX Peterbilt cement mixer. 

Empty Handed Trip Empty Handed Trip

Yep, I was thinking of getting more HWs or Matchbox Hawl at Target and I saw this. (Store Stock Pic Not Actual Target Aisle)

Mail Hawl Mail Hawl

I got my HW Sheriff Patrol car from Ebay.  

Target Hawl Target Hawl

Went to the new Target near my home and picked up two HW Fords.  

'Murica Monday 'Murica Monday

HW Pontiac Firebird Funny Car. Unfortunately, the front wheels isn’t straight. But its a good find.

My First Ever John Force Diecast.   My First Ever John Force Diecast.  

 I have been a drag racing fan for years and John Force was one of my favorite Greatest of All Time drag racer.  I brought this WC Ford Mustang FC last week.  My first John Force Funny Car diecast ever.  

Real Hot Wheels.   Real Hot Wheels.  

A VW Bus Pickup T2 with the Hot Wheels livery.  Someone in Brazil decided to make it look like one of the Hot Wheels diecast cars.  

Matchbox 2019 Preview. Matchbox 2019 Preview.

Credit: Lamley Group

Another HW 50 Hawl Another HW 50 Hawl

Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Race Team ‘70 Pontiac Firebird.  

Mail Hawl Mail Hawl

RC Kyle Petty Pontiac and HW Caddy GT3 race cars. 

Another Danica Car.   Another Danica Car.  

Chevy Impala Xfinity Stock Car. 

HW Team Transport  HW Team Transport 

This is one of my coolest hawls to date.  HW’s Car Culture Team Transport of a VW T1 Pickup with a Porsche 356 roadster.   The latest car culture series from Hot Wheels was the most anticipated sought after diecast I wanted to get.  

Swamp Hawl Swamp Hawl

MBX Swamp Raider.   Rugged and tough. 

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