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Witchfinder General & Ex Machina  Witchfinder General & Ex Machina 

Still watching Ex Machina. Before that, it was Witchfinder General. Last saw that one probably around ten years ago.

Friday Night Double Feature Friday Night Double Feature

Ghost Stories (2017). Starring Martin Freeman. Just finished and overall pretty good. Plays out like a supernatural Black Mirror episode.

The Dark Tower Movie is Fine

To most fans, the concept of condensing The Dark Tower story down to an hour and thirty-five minutes is understandably ridiculous and ripe for incredulity. But conceive it someone did, and the movie was made. So could an ultra-CliffNotes version of a Stephen King epic told over 8 novels work? Yes. Yes it can.

The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep

Okay, I might have to get this. I played one or two of the original games back in the day. My only concern is that I’ve barely touched about a dozen games I’ve purchased in the last few years, so this game could be fucking amazing, but my personal extended gaming doldrums may leave it to collect digital dust.

If I Jerk the handle You'll die In your dreams If I Jerk the handle You'll die In your dreams

An interesting blog post on the inter-dealings of Bowie, Eno, and Scott Walker here.

Mandy -- Some Questions Answered Mandy -- Some Questions Answered

First things first: I didn’t get around to seeing Beyond the Black Rainbow until maybe 2014 at the earliest. After that, it was almost a kind of hobby to see what might be in development from Panos Cosmatos. For years there seemed to be no update of substance until Mandy was announced, almost out of nowhere. So why 8…

Mandy at the Alamo Drafthouse Mandy at the Alamo Drafthouse

Row 67, seat 6. On the small white piece of paper, I ordered the fish and chips, an espresso chocolate shake, and two glasses of water, because I don’t want the guy to come back for the inevitable refill.

Last Friday Night's Movie: The Enforcer (1951) Last Friday Night's Movie: The Enforcer (1951)

Good film noir. Not every film noir reminds me of Fredric Brown, but this one did a bit.

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