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MBX Trailer MBX Trailer

I converted the MBX trailer to a sort of off road support rig.

Today's Hawl Today's Hawl

Took Spaceball Jr. out for a bit today to give Mom and baby some quiet time. Grabbed these.

Dropped and swapped RS6 Dropped and swapped RS6

Had to cut into the base a bit but overall I’m happy with the stance.

Thank you Philiphilip! Thank you Philiphilip!

The package arrived promptly in the middle of the worst snow storm this area has seen in over 10 years. The 190 E is amazing!

Project Crusty Project Crusty

Been stuck around the house with tons of snow so I wrapped this one up.

Saturday Swap Saturday Swap

Swapped on some nardo grey Monoblocks.

JDM Legends TT JDM Legends TT

I didn’t see a release date yet. Looking forward to this set.

Test Fit Tuesday  Test Fit Tuesday 

Which do you like best? I’m leaning towards the bottom as they’re not comically big. But the top fits the fender gap better.

Hour Rule - Mini GT LB Works GTR Hour Rule - Mini GT LB Works GTR

Bought myself a little bday present.

ORAT Jeep Scrambler ORAT Jeep Scrambler

Plus some WIP

Thank You Pixel! Thank You Pixel!

Shipping was super fast! Some great trucks and Jeeps in this mix.

Safeway score! Safeway score!

Hidden among all the clearance Xmas decorations was a small picked over display of HWs.

Bummer Bummer

Finally scored a couple Audis. One was perfect. This one. Not so much.

HW Advent Calendar  HW Advent Calendar 

Has some fun little accessories.

New shoes! New shoes!

Grabbed two sets of All Terrains from Greenlight. These should compliment some of my truck projects that I have yet to start.

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