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Happy Kevinday Happy Kevinday

For you noobs, it is Sunday. By the way, the theme for next week is 2nd place, whatever that means to you. Maybe you can make it all about Al Gore or that beauty pageant you lost in high school or that really great red ribbon you won for a swimming contest. YOU DECIDE. I’m out here with Kevin and pretty tired but I…

Good luck and God Speed, Precious Baby 

I thought it was a good idea for you all to get closure. Godspeed Raccoon friend.

Theme of the Week: Oceans

Hey homeslice(s). It’s been a long ass day full of bullshit but I’m here (finally) and inspired by my pal, Pie, this week is about OCEANS. You can write about seas if you need to or if you are in the great lakes region, the “third coast.” Just kidding. An ocean is an ocean and if you call a lake an ocean, you’ll have…

RIP Kate Spade

This is very sad and shocking news.

Theme of the Week: Amusement Parks

For everyone else, amusement parks are wondrous places, minicities even, where you can experience high-speed thrills and often exciting food and cultural events. I mean, look at Disney World—every new section is a whole adventure in itself. For Kristin Bytes, well, I included the above, which is the Euthanasia…

Good Morning Good Morning

Kevin got me up at 5 am and now we are sitting and watching the rain while I try to stay awake. How are you? Any good suggestions for themes this week? Any Sunday funday?

If you could meet anyone in history, who would it be? If you could meet anyone in history, who would it be?

People were asking this on facebook and to be honest, I thought, “I’d like to meet Jane Austen. I bet she’d be a hoot.” I love her books. She was supposed to be a really funny and lively woman and I think she’d have keen observations about private life. What about you? It doesn’t have to be the most worthwhile person…

Theme of the Week: Flowers Theme of the Week: Flowers

Welcome to the days of late spring and early summer where everything is in full bloom. I recently was inspired by a trip to the botanical gardens (though my favorite botanical garden is Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. It’s AMAZING). I thought it’d be a bring and cheery way to celebrate our entrance into June (and if…

Good Morning Good Morning

It’s Memorial Day Weekend. Does this mean you’ll get some extra time off? Or that you’ll just work a whole bunch more? Either way, get a glass of cold brew (I bought one of those kitchen aid iced coffee makers and love it) and let us know what is up. I see therapy clients on Sunday so like I’ll be busy seeing seven…

Relaxing: Young Nordic Nature Photographers Relaxing: Young Nordic Nature Photographers

You know, lately, I’ve had the urge to go to the woods and for me, maybe it’s because I grew up in Northern Maine, I really like temperate, deciduous forests. If you feel like I feel and want to look at some LOVELY online galleries, check out this website of young artists from Scandinavia. It’s a nice break from…

Hey man, it's the theme of the week Hey man, it's the theme of the week

You know, it’s been a busy day. I just finished with my class and what me and Kevin like to do the most is relax and take a load off. For him, it’s usually in the litter box or through destruction. But me, as a human, I’m more complicated. How about this week we talk about the fine art of relaxing? Yeah. Relaxation.

Good Morning Good Morning

Hey, does this picture look familiar? It’s because I posted them yesterday. I am being lazy and thought I’d draw attention to myself. Anyway, I had a long anxiety dream that I decided to start another Ph.D. program so I’d be doubly ready and then I lost my research book and was spending my time going through coffee…

Theme of the Week: Plot Twists Theme of the Week: Plot Twists

Inspired by the massive spoiler in the article on the front page of Jezebel (if you plan to see Tully, don’t read that review), let’s talk about plot twists. Some things in life are unexpected and while movies are best known for plot twists, occasionally real life has them too. I liked this list and the knowledge that…

Happy Your Mom’s Day Happy Your Mom’s Day

This is the open thread but I don’t give up a chance to mock your mom. What are you doing for her today?

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