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Mothers of Backtalk, this is your day Mothers of Backtalk, this is your day

Happy Sunday, you magnificent bastards. I don’t have a lot to do today and I might just go to the record store and maybe the grocery store. Yesterday I went out to eat Yemeni food for the first time and it was really interesting. Lots of lamb and something in the clay pot which always is really exciting. And the bread…

Good Morning Good Morning

I’m off to graduation. It’s going to be a long day. I volunteered to a Marshal for the grad students so I better go get coffee. And yes, Michigan ends early.

Good Morning Good Morning

Hello. I am excited about going out and going to IKEA and doing a bunch of stuff around the house after I buy some shelves. I am feeling exceptionally lazy however, and I have a very busy week so it’s hard to motivate myself on a day that I don’t have much to do. I am angry however that they canceled Santa Clarita…

Good Morning Good Morning

Happy Easter! I’m here in NYC and am ready to spend a day with my friend’s family whom I’ve known a long time. How are you?

Good Morning! Good Morning!

Anyone go to Record Store Day yesterday? I went to two record stores in my town—one across town that I’ve never been to before and I thought it was actually a really interesting store. It had some obscure indie used records and is owned by a couple who are artists in their own right. (It’s Stormy Records in Dearborn).…

These are your new gods

The firm is likely buying it for much less than Univision paid for it and the writers get fun corporate-speak!

Angel Kitty Adventure Time: An Open Thread Angel Kitty Adventure Time: An Open Thread

Good Morning. I woke up this morning as my cat was hovering above me, looking worried. Hey kitty. I’ve had a really busy week and finally have a day where I will do NOTHING. GLORIOUS NOTHING. Well, I’ll clean a little but I’ll do NOOOTHING.

In like a lion, out like a slightly nicer lion:Open Thread In like a lion, out like a slightly nicer lion:Open Thread

It’s March 31st and it snowed last night. I had these plans to sit out and do some reading but damn it, when will winter end? Share your feelings and your day here.

Good Morning! Good Morning!

Good Morning. It’s time to make the donuts.

Good Morning!!! Good Morning!!!

I hab a code which I believe absolves me of all responsibility for at least today. How are you guys doing?  I think I’m going to binge on Great News and try to convince Kevin to use this window seat I bought him. He’s not into it and maybe have some liquor. I love tea and whiskey. So much more cozy than just tea.


I AM A HENGEQUEEN. How are you balkers doing today? What’s going on? I’ve been straight out busy and the most exciting part was going to the wrong place during a field visit and having to circle back a half hour out of my way to get to the right place. But I did hit up a Starbucks and an Aldi on the way back so…

Guten Morgen Guten Morgen

Owl’s computer is indisposed. I blame the Y2K bug coming back and wreaking havoc. What about you? How is your Wednesday? It’s German Wednesday for no real reason. Post your best German Black Forest Cake or maybe a Krups coffee maker or Leider Hosen!?

Good Morning Good Morning

We both overslept. It’s been a really busy week. How is your Sunday?

Gooooood Morning Gooooood Morning

How are you all doing? I started watching that show about the identical triplets which is really fascinating and on Hulu. I’m also going to try to be productive, go exercise and do work and stuff like that. The usual. Blah. Ps. Happy birthday Owl. 

Good Morning Good Morning

I’ve been so tired lately. I don’t know if it is the weird weather or what but anyway. We are supposed to have high winds today and I will try not to use that as an excuse to not work out. But you never know with me!! How are you?

Good Morning 

I’ve been working and then sitting around and listening to music. Recently I’ve really been into Low, who I know has been around a while but I never really listened to them before. What about you? Any new things that you’re into these days?

Good morning  Good morning 

I’m still at my cousin’s house and am hung over. How are you all? Sorry about my lateness.

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