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AOC makes surprise appearance on Hbomberguys speed run for charity

Hbomberguy attempts 101% donkey Kong 64 run, raises 250k for charity that helps trans children and AOC becomes first congressional representative on twitch.

Good Morning  Good Morning 

I have a couple of days before I go conferencing on the west coast but a ton of stuff to do. How are you? Enjoy this owl from the exciting reddit community, “Accidental Renaissance”. Enjoy this burrowing owl and more at this website dedicated to photos that accidentally look like renaissance masterpieces.

Good Morning  Good Morning 

Someone just spent the last few hours meowing because he couldn’t get into the basement because there’s equipment there. Just from a basically 5 AM on with this intense unhappy meow. I’m sure now that I’m awake, he will go somewhere curl up and fall asleep and dream wonderful dreams because he knows that somehow he…

Good Morning Good Morning

A story in two scenes. Eternal rivals. Unrequited love. A bag. A shredded toy bone. Heartbreak. Fin.

Good Morning on Christmas Eve Eve Good Morning on Christmas Eve Eve

I was wondering which jerk forgot to put a morning post on this morning, and then I realized, I am the jerk. Anyway what I am doing mostly is well illustrated by this lovely picture of Kevin, when he lies by the heating grate when I do work at home. However he is away and I am here in Maine having a good time. But…

Good Morning  Good Morning 

Why hello friends. How are you doing this fine morning? I sure wish I was still asleep. What about you?

Today's Google Doodle: It's the Gemini Meteor Shower Today's Google Doodle: It's the Gemini Meteor Shower

It’s actually much better on the google page itself, being adorable and celebrating the peak of the Geminid Meteor Shower:

Good Morning Good Morning

I spent a whole bunch of time going shopping and out to eat and having general merriment yesterday, which is nice and also costs me money. One was this holiday market above. I really liked the poster so I thought I’d share.

Good Morning Good Morning

This is the inside of the Whitney in Detroit and Owl was asking me a bit about what I ate while I was there. I met up with one of my friends, my cousin and his fiancee and then my mom came. We had high tea, which you usually have to reserve ahead of time because I think they plan the menu out in advance.

Guten Morgen Guten Morgen

Apparently we are due for a snowstorm. Any excuse to stay in and lounge. How are you?

Gooood Morning Gooood Morning

Only a few more hours until our next nap.

Good Morning Good Morning

I’m coming back from a fun time in Orlando at a conference where I see and hang out with my academically affiliated pals and I’m exhausted. For you, the best reddit community from kitten to cat. In exchange, tell me how it’s going.

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