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Theme of the Week: Tuesdays Theme of the Week: Tuesdays

Tuesday seems to be the official backtalk day of the week and by official day of the week, I mean the one that people complain about the most. Now as an eternal optimist, I want to look at the glass half full and ask you, “What is your favorite Tuesday?” I put my choice here. Now it is up to you.

Good morning...afternoon!?! Good morning...afternoon!?!

Come into this safe space and tell me how you are doing today.

Happy Caturday Happy Caturday

Two years ago today, I adopted my little Kevin. He’s grown so much. They told me he was a year old but he’s grown in length by a third so he probably was more like six or seven months. Ah, that first day. I saw him at the shelter and he got right out of his little hammock and demanded to sniff me. Then he demanded me…

Theme of the Week: Mondays Theme of the Week: Mondays

Hi! I’ve been lackadaisical lately and been trying to be motivated and finally wrote this post. I think we need to go with the general consensus. This week will be a week of Mondays. Or a week complaining about Mondays. My family leaves tomorrow and now I really have to face a music. This summer will be nothing but…

Good morning  Good morning 

These are birds by Lake Michigan. My mom took this picture. I found out they aren’t sea gulls but smaller and a different type of gull. Any thoughts about which one?

Kathleen Turner talks about EVERYTHING Kathleen Turner talks about EVERYTHING

She doesn’t care who knows and I’m here for it. You gotta read it and we gotta talk.

Theme of the Week: Camping Theme of the Week: Camping

Back when I was a kid, around five or six, my favorite toy was a puppet of a cow that I decided was an alien bear named Growly. Growly was an alien and I knew it because he pee’d orange. (He was extensively documented through pictures and tapes so I have a shocking amount of story development that I don’t need to go…

Good Morning Good Morning

Look, I’m gonna do an impression. I’m a rug. I’m going to do another one. I’m a pile of fuzzy balls. I’m going to do another one. I’m pudding. What are you doing today? I’m blending in.

Midnight Movie: Nobbleberry

I think this is the next prestige television show. Watch the whole thing. It has everything. Nobbleberry. A show within a show. Sentient robots. Evvvvverything.

Sumer is icumen in Sumer is icumen in

Get your kirtles and bonnets ready and fire up the maypole and let’s rock it English Medieval Style. Maybe hit the renaissance faire circuit. (and yes, I know that I’m referencing two different time periods but the renaissance faires always reference medieval times so there).

Theme of the Week: Summer Songs Theme of the Week: Summer Songs

Every year people talk about the song of the summer. I suppose this year it’s something by Drake. It’s everywhere. So nice to see a Canadian young man be so popular.

Good Morning Good Morning

Someone was up late and then up early and wouldn’t stop meowing. It’s a hard knock life. How are you? I think we should a summer music week and I can actually write some posts.  Or write some summer movie ones I didn’t do this week. Hmmm.

God I’m tired and full of sloth  God I’m tired and full of sloth 

I hope I’m not preempting Periwinkle but I wanted to express my general mood. This is relaxed. Sluggish even. How are you?

It’s a very Larry Sunday It’s a very Larry Sunday

I’m still at my mom’s house. We went to North Conway, New Hampshire to shop and my mom told me how the tennis association screwed over Serena Williams by giving her a lower rank because of the break she took during her pregnancies. We agreed; the tennis association were assholes and to celebrate, our theme should be…

Happy Sunday Happy Sunday

Choose your fighter. Happy Sunday. We are going from scary to our really hot week theme or really scary. How are you all doing?

Why so much heat? Why so much heat?

It’s only 95 but the humidity makes it so much worse. Why has the earth forsaken us? What’s it like in your neck of the woods and have you bothered leaving the house?

Good Morning Good Morning

This is Major Kevin to Ground Control. I’m thinking of shredding your clothes. I’m floating in the most peculiar way. I think I ate too much catnip today. For here. I’m sitting in this weird tube. Right near your feet. Your feet really smell. It’s like I’m in hell.

Drepanosaurs look weirdly familiar.

I thought this was neat. Basically, Triassic animals look way too much like later animals that aren’t related to them at all and in a whole bunch of ways aren’t familiar. It says a lot about the ways that evolution work and how it was influenced by two mass extinctions. Totally fascinating. 

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