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What are your personal Halloween Power Rankings?

I agree with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup but there is no world that is good and pure than ranks Reese’s Pieces above M&Ms or 100 Grand above Skittles. This is the work of Satan.

Good Morning Good Morning

The last couple of days, I’ve been packing up all my stuff while Kevin lets out these high pitched meows, expressing his frustration and desires to climb the highest bookshelves and the top of the utility closet. It’s been very exciting. So how are you guys? How’s your morning?

Good Morning Good Morning

As an educator and a cat mom, I am trying to balance finishing this big review and have little time to think of anything else. Hopefully, it’ll be done by tomorrow though. It’s always fun to be texting your friend because you are both working on a Saturday night to meet a Monday deadline. And of course, I work around…

Theme of the Week: Memes and other things that make me laugh Theme of the Week: Memes and other things that make me laugh

It’s been a tough week in America. NAY. The world. I mean, look at how our favorite Australian has yet to procure a pet wombat. I think we need an easy theme. Something to make us feel better. Memes. Man. Not the 4chan ones though. The ones that don’t make us feel like the world is full of soul sucking garbage. Extra…

 Our Greatest Wish: Open Thread

I mean, the whole “I have never heard of Brett Kavanaugh but we are stuck with him for life” thing. SO ENVIOUS. How are you on this fine morn peeps?

Theme of the Week: Autumn Foods Theme of the Week: Autumn Foods

We transition from the lovely fresh fruity tastes of the summer to pure bourbon. Or maybe pure pumpkin spice. Anyway, I like the transition to fall with all the squash that a New Englander could dream of, all the soup you can fit into your dutch oven and just lots and lots of apple crumble. What about you? What types…

Good Morning Good Morning

I can’t tell who’s Kevin and who is his doppelgänger. I’m exhausted and it’s been one hell of a week but I’m doing OK. However, I feel like just going back to bed even though I have a ton of stuff to do. How are you?

Theme of the Week: Fall Theme of the Week: Fall

All the world is full of Pumpkin Spice and maybe it’s time that we talk about everything we love that is fall (or Autumn). If you are a certain antipodean dweller, then you can talk about Spring and maybe everything around you that can kill you because I hear that is a thing down there. Right now I am enjoying a warm…

Good Morning  Good Morning 

It’s one of those mornings where you just want to go back to sleep. How are you?


Do you like Mario Kart? What do you think about mushrooms?

The Owl and the Pussycat

I like how the cat is like “Can you believe there is a fucking Owl out here?” and the Owl is like “Yeah, whatever. How you doin’?”

Good Morning: This is your open thread

This is me. Man, last week kicked my ass and this week I am starting to feel much better. I’ve just got to clean and get my life together. How are you?

Late night kitty Late night kitty

Someone is actually relaxing for once.


Headed by a guy that old gawker (and current jezebel) used to mock all the time. My guess is I won’t read that site either. Doesn’t it all seem kind of stale? Maybe the whole idea of a site with that kind of commentariat is past its due date? What do you think?

Good Morning Good Morning

Good morning. It’s never to early to take some probably unvalidated pseudo-scientific test. I figure I’m a combination of that dancing lady and that guy with a sword. I think they just get me though I don’t look as good in warmer tones. Anyway, oh boy, it’s fall here and I haven’t seen the sun for days. I’m somewhat…

The only personality test that matters The only personality test that matters

I mean, I found out recently rather than being Cheez-its, I am now Cheese Balls but I truly believe that I was meant to be a ball of cheese. Please share your alignment and/or your favorite chart. Cheese Nips though should not be chaotic evil—they are chaotic good, cheetos are chaotic neutral and doritos are chaotic…

Theme of the Week: Personality Tests and other ways we categorize ourselves Theme of the Week: Personality Tests and other ways we categorize ourselves

So I was reading this article about how the Myers Briggs was basically kinda bullshit or at the very least, it’s not really well researched enough to actually correlate to any real personality outcomes in a statistically significant way. But there is always an allure to these personality measurements and I was…

Good Morning

I’m pretty much ready to just go back to bed. What about you? Any labor day plans or sales?

Back to School

Ready to go back to school? Let’s talk about it this week. It used to be that in the US, people went to school after labor day (edited to say) though who knows when people go back to school now. I mean, I didn’t because I grew up in a hick town where we went in at the beginning of August and were out during harvest…

Things that America does that other people think is weird Things that America does that other people think is weird

I like lists so I like to read the Business Insider which has better lists than Buzzfeed or Upworthy or one of those jerky millennial websites. What do you think about this article about weird American stuff? What do you think is weird? What do you do?

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