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Pre-Thanksgiving Instagram Plug Thread Pre-Thanksgiving Instagram Plug Thread

Drop your IGs in the comments below to give me another thing to scroll through rather than talk to assorted relatives this Turkey day.

Goodnight Oppo Goodnight Oppo

R8 V10 I found tonight.

Something you don’t see every day  Something you don’t see every day 

‘99 Discovery II Trek Edition. 1 of 15 apparently.

Semi-related to previous post Semi-related to previous post

At least one entirely unique, gorgeous, historic vehicle has fallen victim to the California fires, along with the entire collection it was in.

How's everyone doing? How's everyone doing?

The past few weeks have been exhausting, demoralizing, and all-around shitty for many of us around the U.S., and although I haven’t been tuned in to international news lately, I’m sure the rest of the world as well. There have been all sorts of problems, both natural and man-made, in all manner of forms to hinder…

Daschcam spot Daschcam spot

It’s 27° here in Iowa, but soon there will be a nice warm fire...

Adding this to my holiday wish list Adding this to my holiday wish list

‘63 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk. My late grandfather collected/hoarded cars, including everything from a Ford Skyliner to a diesel Mercedes to a Brill bus to a Packard Clipper, but he had a particular fondness for Studebakers. Someday I’d love to own any of their performance GT cars (post-’53 Starliner/Starlight, GT…

Neat Neat

A manual Saab 9-2x Aero, aka the Saabaru. Don’t see them very often, I guess they’re kinda rare.

Like stationary lemmings Like stationary lemmings

Six drivers (red GMC up through white BMW convertible) pulled up and were patiently and politely waiting to turn right. Only trouble was, they had pulled in behind a line of parked cars in a marked parking lane, rather than the turning lane. Wish I was in a position to stay and watch how long they all sat there, or…

Go Vote. Go Vote.


This video is confusing This video is confusing

When your undercover police cars get *very* undercover, it becomes rather difficult to tell what’s going on in a video like this.

Today on Unexpected finds Today on Unexpected finds

A 1990 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL Japanese hearse. This is pretty much guaranteed to turn heads at any American Cars & Coffee. Only thing is, the dealer seems to have picked it up at Barrett-Jackson earlier this year for $11,000, and is now asking almost triple that.

Out of idle curiosity... Out of idle curiosity...

Has anyone ever seen/heard of a brush guard such as this one being fitted to a current-gen Range Rover or Range Rover sport? I ask because I love the current Rovers, but I also like the look of these grill guards in some applications. Yet I can’t seem to find a single instance of someone making or installing one on a…

All manners of WTF All manners of WTF

Not my video

Going through some of my old posts from when I first joined Oppo Going through some of my old posts from when I first joined Oppo

Circa 2014-2015 posts. They are so cringey. Like holy hell. I am honestly amazed I did not get shunned by y’all within a few months of joining, so thanks for that.

Good Grief Good Grief

This is Rebel Snodgrass. Yes, that is his actual name.

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