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Predicting Personality from Facebook Likes

This 538 article popped up in my FB feed yesterday, despite it being a year old (FB must know I’ve been visiting the site a lot recently). They do a much better job of explaining this project than I could (hey, that’s their job), so I’ll leave that to them. This boils it down though:

The Forgotten Invaders

Quick quiz - which British Invasion group holds the mark for most appearances by a rock band on The Ed Sullivan Show? That’s right, it’s of course The Bea—wait, what’s that? It’s The Dave Clark Five, at 18?

Sing a Simple (Sixties) Song

Sing a simple song Try a little do re me fa so la ti do*

NASA Goes Retro NASA Goes Retro

Found out about these promotional “space tourism” posters from another source, but sharing/not sharing the Gizmodo write-up.

Songs from Siblings

I want your songs from sibling (or “sibling”) acts. Sock it to me.

More Music Repurposing - The Mashup

I know Gamecat has the BackTalk music beat covered, but this week’s theme has me thinking about another form of musical repurposing and recycling beyond the Cover - the Mashup (a third - the Sample - could probably fuel its own blog).

Obsolescence: The Typewriter

Typing, I fear, is becoming a lost art. We live in a world where keyboards are ever-present and the QWERTY layout is ubiquitous on phones and tablets; nobody learns how to type. My kids - now in their teens - have grown up on technology. They’ve never not used a computer keyboard. Yet I watch them and shake my head…

Paul Rand: Pioneer in Advertising and Design Paul Rand: Pioneer in Advertising and Design

For Modernism Week, I made it halfway through a post in which I intended to feature two graphic designers. The first was Saul Bass; the second was Paul Rand.

Mid-Week Mini-Theme Musical Interlude

Puzzle chains, department store chains, Alice in Chains...

Grammar Serenity Now


Sorry Judy - But in My Experience, They're Right

UPROXX: Yeah, which again, I think so many people will appreciate the way that the minutia of their marriage is mined for comedy. I think it's done really expertly here by the writers of the show.


As part of my daily morning commute I cut through the parking lot of a shopping center that's in my neighborhood. There's a supermarket, and in front of the supermarket there are some speed bumps, a stop sign, and a crosswalk. 95% of the time when I pass by in the morning there are no other cars or any pedestrians in…

On Desire and Libido

*tap tap tap* This should be fun - my first blog post. I realize that there is a great likelihood that nobody will see this, but that's fine. Sometimes shouting out into the void is what is needed.