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Pingutastic pencils and plumbing Pingutastic pencils and plumbing

If nothing else, p-p-p-pick up a penguin. April 25 is World Penguin Day. They are smart little buggers in their own environment.

Lab rats and sausages Lab rats and sausages

April 24 brings us World Day For Laboratory Animals, observers of which would prefer you didn’t dissect Rosie the Rat, Freddy Frog or Tarquin the Smoking Beagle.

Last day to picnic with a killer astronaut?

Talk about time twisting, today manages to squeeze three weeks plus into a single multi-layered 24-hour period. Among other things, April 23 is Impossible Astronaut Day. As big a Doctor Who fan as I am this still seems a bit dubious. It marks the anniversary of a Matt Smith episode, The Impossible Astronaut, where his…

The mystery of Wilson The mystery of Wilson

Award-winning actress Ruth Wilson (Suburban Shootout, The Prisoner, The Affair, Luther, Saving Mr Banks) has started filming Mrs Wilson, a new original drama for BBC One, co-produced with Masterpiece, based on the life of her own grandmother.

Don't forget to shower Don't forget to shower

April 22nd is:

Kiss of the virtual world Kiss of the virtual world

I’m currently half way through Channel 4's six-part YA adventure Kiss Me First which plays an idyllic computer generated paradise off against mundane reality, depression, child abuse and general unpleasantness. It’s producer, Bryan Elsley, previously gave us long-running teen drama Skins.

Pour a nice cup of tea and listen to a record

I keep meaning to break the record player out of storage. Not sure where I can put it, but I have a truck load of vinyl to liberate as well. Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, Beatles, Radiophonic Workshop, Fraggles, it’s all boxed up.

How to hunt a Silurian How to hunt a Silurian

There is an article on The Atlantic about a couple of NASA scientists considering the question of pre-human civilisations on Earth. If it was short lived how would we tell it had been there? What would we be looking for anyway?

The high cost of living in Spaced The high cost of living in Spaced

Fancy living in a house that featured in a cult British comedy show? The Tufnel Park house that includes the flat used by Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes in Channel 4's Spaced is up for sale. So if you fell like moving to North London ...

Lookalikes, lima beans and fake cheesy chips

April 20 is National Look Alike Day which is supposed to be a fun occasion to get your inner doppelganger on. Isn’t meeting your mirror-self supposed to be a harbinger of impending doom though? 

Hang out your washing Hang out your washing

No excuse Dawnell, it is National Hanging Out Day today. I presume that’s laundry rather than people. Don’t eat the Tide/Persil/Ariel/Omo/Daz or whatever. Watch out for the triffids.

Comics that cracked 1,000 Comics that cracked 1,000

Comics reaching their thousandth issue might be more common than you think. You just need to look around the globe.

Stress free brunch/dinch with the raptors Stress free brunch/dinch with the raptors

Love those bats, but please save a few for your friendly neighbourhood velociraptor. April 18 is National Velociraptor Day.

Bats and free-flow blood

It’s Bat Appreciation Day. I will try to rustle up some recipes. Or you could show your love in Haiku form.

The mushroom is here The mushroom is here

Are you a fun guy? It’s The Day of The Mushroom. Better than counting beans.

It sucks, but if I had to take a wild guess, it's April 15 It sucks, but if I had to take a wild guess, it's April 15

It’s April 15, which is Take A Wild Guess Day and also Good Deeds Day, so none will go unpunished. You can also have fun with:

Cross the road the Batman way Cross the road the Batman way

Remember that time Tufty got kicked to the kerb by a flying rodent? Me neither. However, it seems that the Caped Crusader was out there teaching the Green Cross Code years before Dave Prowse got in on the act.

April 14th can't be licked

Keep your hair on and have a Happy Dolphin Day! On April 14 you can also swim along with:

Lost with the Robinsons Lost with the Robinsons

Two episodes in, and I’m rather enjoying Netflix’s Lost in Space reboot. It jumps in feet first, though I wasn’t quite sure about some flashbacks employed in the first episode. It is based on the Irwin episode No Place To Hide. Inspired might be a more appropriate description.

Ready to scrabble around? Ready to scrabble around?

Friday April 13 is:

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