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Yakuza, Sega's Hidden Gem

So over the past decade while I knew the franchise existed I never played them. Then, with overtime at work coming in and the extra money flowing, I decided to download Yakuza 4 on my PS3 and loved it. So I bought the rest of the series with the disc only titles coming in the mail.

Sega Saturn Requirement Sega Saturn Requirement

So, I like the Sega Saturn. A lot doesn't even cover it. There are arcade classics like Street Fighter. Side scrollers are great too. I particularly like Megaman X4. Though I had it as a kid, it was expensive to replace it box and manual included.

Gamepro Half- Life Review Gamepro Half- Life Review

I went looking in my old Gamepro magazines and found a rare full review of Half- Life for the Dreamcast.

Gamestop discounts 2 great Wii games for Black Friday

So I went to Gamestop to see if there were any good deals for my Wii U and passing by the Wii section I saw that Metroid Prime Trilogy was on sale for 39.99. Seeing this I asked the clerk if there anymore deals and to my luck Xenoblade Chronicles was also 39.99. Both are sought after by collectors and fans of good…