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But my body... my body is tellin' me yes

Sometimes I think I’m not that stupid, but then other times I get to lustin’ after a lifted ‘99 Impreza. It wouldn’t be thaaat bad for trips between Seattle and Victoria, BC. Right? RIGHT?!

Anyone have any experience with Vees knobs? Anyone have any experience with Vees knobs?

I need to replace the shift knob in my 900 and would love something wooden. This looks awful purdy to me, but it’s from a site/company I’ve never heard of. Anyone have some intel?

New car! '92 900! Eep! New car! '92 900! Eep!

This morning, I bought the car I’ve dreamed about since I was 12/13 - a naturally-aspirated C900. Yeah, I know, I was a strange kid. The NA version is cool cuz nobody wants it, less goes wrong and the engine bay is so much easier to work in.

I've fallen in love with the AE92 GT-S I've fallen in love with the AE92 GT-S

I think it’s my next car. One in my area with 90k on it for $3,000. Time to call. eep

3000GT with a friendly man 3000GT with a friendly man

I saw one of these on the side of the road about a week back and I’ve been obsessed ever since even though I hated them when I was younger. I’ve heard that the trannies have some issues - is that true? Have a fun-lookin’ dude leaning on his red car for your time. :)

Now that Top Gear UK is kaput...

... does that mean that Top Gear US is the best Top Gear left? Discuss.

/u/comfybear needs your help to race w/ Seb Vettel at ROC /u/comfybear needs your help to race w/ Seb Vettel at ROC

It’s been awhile, Oppo, I know. I come from r/formula1 with a request for a friend (/u/comfybear). He’s been given the chance to race in the Race of Champions this year. His heroes, Sebastian Vettel and Nico Hulkenberg will be there. All he needs is for you to go vote for him through this post and he’ll make it there.…


It’s the meme.

TBT: Torchbug Nostalgia TBT: Torchbug Nostalgia

I was looking through my hard drive yesterday for fun and found my Europe vacation photos and the Torchbug popped up!! This little guy made that trip so special. All of the locals I interacted with loved talking about it with me and teaching me related words in Catalan or French or whatever language they spoke. This…

Most Successful Oppo Post Ever? Most Successful Oppo Post Ever?

Probably. It’s back in the top three stories again, guys/gals/others.

Hi, I'm saabstory Hi, I'm saabstory

ICYMI: PS9 relaunched Oppo earlier.

Planelopnik Planelopnik

Tex Johnston’s barrel roll at Seafair. Wow.

2011 Canadian Grand Prix 2011 Canadian Grand Prix

Where to watch now? I need to see this race. I’m tired of being told I need to see it. Anyone know where to take a gander, preferably for free?

What a Bad Start to the Day

Got up early to drive to the airport. The car, a 2006 Saab 9-5 Aero (wagon), is known to turn over slowly. It fails to fire the first time and feels vaguely unbalanced. I tried again and it fires but it felt like the engine was rocking out of its mounting. I turned off the car and opened the hood. Nothing obvious…

This is excellent. This is excellent.

I liked St. Anger a lot when it first came out, but this is a great little thang someone made. #roadjams

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