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Wrangler & Tacoma  Wrangler & Tacoma 

Had a blast filming this video with some friends, sorry for some of the profanity! XD Enjoy!

Big Brakes  Big Brakes 

Does anyone know the car that holds the record for having the biggest brakes?

Scion tC Borla Exhaust Scion tC Borla Exhaust

just finished installing the borla on my tC. Can you guys notice the difference? (Skip to 4:18)

Who else likes parking garages?  Who else likes parking garages? 

*insert cool quote here*

Just bought a Borla exhaust for this beauty <3 Stay tuned for more!

How Good are European Cars?? How Good are European Cars??

If this video doesn’t show how good Europeans make their cars.... I don’t know what does. The poor little golf takes a beating :0

Feedback/Suggestions Anyone? 

Hey guys and gals, I recently started a Youtube channel (FWD Bros) and I was wondering if any gearheads wanted to give me some ideas for videos? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Keep in mind that I’m a broke college student lol!!!

New Photoshoot spot? New Photoshoot spot?

Sorry for the lopsided image, but my computer has been acting up. Anyways, I was driving around last night and found this nice ass incline driveway with graffiti everywhere! It’s a sweet place to take pictures of your whip if you live in Raleigh, but I’m not sure if it is open to the public so be careful!

DIY Carwashes  DIY Carwashes 

So I took my car to a self-service carwash today and managed to get a sick picture of this beauty! However, these carwashes never give you time to finish (I don’t think that I’m slow, the time is just realllyyy short)! I had to swipe three times before I could go through the whole cycle. In the end it was worth it…


Hi, I am a car enthusiast that drives a scion tC. I love cars, nature, and the Fast and Furious movies. Glad to join this car-loving community!