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LALD ///May: Alcohol and Racecars LALD ///May: Alcohol and Racecars

Surely two of the best things life? Now imagine them combined. Now imagine no longer for I have image-based proof of the glorious combination!

LaLD Engine Week: There's a V12 in there somewhere! LaLD Engine Week: There's a V12 in there somewhere!

OK, I’ll be honest with you, there’s not much to see in there, but the only other V12 engine shots I have all have my fingers in them! Oh well, do I get a bonus for pointing out that the picture was taken on top of a real V12?

Once again, boredom strikes... Once again, boredom strikes...

So little to do after a colossal Easter lunch other than watch a boring movie and browse the internet.

LaLD Car Week: Silver LaLD Car Week: Silver

Seeing these pictures makes me miss my Mini...

LaLD Car Week: Blu Tour de France LaLD Car Week: Blu Tour de France

Doing that ‘big and little’ thing again for today!

Late Teutonic Tuesday Post! Late Teutonic Tuesday Post!

I realise I’m a bit late to the 959 party, but I hope you’ll appreciate the pictures anyway! An Auto Art rendition...

A very small motorcycle... A very small motorcycle...

My lovely BMW GS started showing menacing messages on the dashboard the other week, with SERVICE outlined in black appearing. A great opportunity to fish around the back of the garage for some of the more seldom-used metal. Today’s choice falls on the 1994 Suzuki RGV250, fresh from a comprehensive service, new power…

More Initial D! More Initial D!

Oh yes, the Skyline cometh!

Mercedes Benz 300SL-24 Oppo Review Mercedes Benz 300SL-24 Oppo Review

The sun is out, the roads are free of salt and the world is my oyster, the time cometh to put the top down on this portly pile of Teutonic convertible and head out. My daily driver until June 2016 was an S2000, the Mercedes shares its engine location and location of driven wheels as well as it cloth top with…

Land of the Rising HAWL Land of the Rising HAWL

Hi folks! Long time no post. I’m getting very enthusiastic about all things JDM of late. I guess it shows a little bit in my lastest HAWL. I bought some of these a while ago, but only managed to get them out of their boxes on Saturday.

Of rainy Sunday afternoons... Of rainy Sunday afternoons...

Damn you to the pits of fiery Hades eBay!

How do you keep track of your models? How do you keep track of your models?

I can pretty much guarantee that I won’t end up with the same 1:18 model twice, I have a fairly good idea of what I own and I don’t run the risk of buying them twice, however I’ve started buying Hot Wheels as well and I’m worried I might end up with two of the same.

Teutonic Tuesday - Flashback edition Teutonic Tuesday - Flashback edition

Hey folks, just rummaging through some of my old pictures, thought I’d do a little retrospective on the German Concours d’Modellas I did in my previous life.

My top ten from 2016 My top ten from 2016

Hi folks, here’s my top ten purchases from 2016. A handy list because I only actually bought ten models this year.

Another Wangan Midnight car on the way! Another Wangan Midnight car on the way!

After months of stalking Model Citizen’s Instagram feed, they finally opened the books for pre-order of the ‘Blackbird’ Porsche.

Update! Update!

Hi folks, the artist formerly known as t_s here. A quick update of some of my latest additions. Picked this up at a swap meet a few months ago, Minichamps Zakspeed Ford Capri.