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Happy Friday Happy Friday

Here is an collection of cars & beers I have assembled for no particular reason. Have a great weekend, LALD!

Teutonic Tuesday: New and old hotness Teutonic Tuesday: New and old hotness

Thanks to R32Rennsport for finding the new longnose 911/Magnus Walker Outlaw cast for me, it’s perfect timing for us both at the shop with this wonderful late ‘73 911T in...

Singlecab Saturday Singlecab Saturday

Kids are painting, daddy diecasts...

Haiku Humpday: The cars of my desk Haiku Humpday: The cars of my desk

Boss complains of these

A beer and a Ferd A beer and a Ferd

Mah Ferd, dangit, and mah beer. Yo Oppo...

Munich M1-day Munich M1-day

Love these old Bburago 1/43s, nothing fancy but they were childhood favorites so I’m happy to have added a few to the collection recently. A little lunchtime detailing on this M1...

Haiku Humpday Haiku Humpday

Haikus are back, yo. Awful toy car poetry inbound!...................................................


So clean. So 90's. So bad color. So want.

Happy Christmas, Oppo Happy Christmas, Oppo

And any other celebration you may observe. Health, peace, and happiness to you all.

Happy Holidays, LALD Happy Holidays, LALD

Wishing warmth, health and happiness to you all, season’s greetings and good hauls.


Le Mans starts in 183 days, 7 hours, and 20 minutes. Also, howdy!

BeeR30 BeeR30

It had to be done.

Cheers, Oppo Cheers, Oppo

I’ve been awfully down about the world lately, but right now, in this moment, this car makes me happy. I salute you, owner of this beer-colored manual Chevy SS. Because of course I checked that it was a stick, nodding knowingly to myself, confusing onlookers. Also beer makes me happy. Cheers to you too, Oppo.

Feels Feels

This is my all time favorite 911, this car in particular, a 1983 911SC. It’s a gray market car imported by the owner of my shop in period, and I’ve known it for 21 years. Sadly, I just found out its owner passed away, and the car will be for sale. He was a good dude, and I want to be its next caretaker more than…

Ferrari's Blue Whale Boxer: Pozzi 512BB/LM, Le Mans 1980 Ferrari's Blue Whale Boxer: Pozzi 512BB/LM, Le Mans 1980

Spaghetti Sunday and Maranello Monday have come and gone, I guess it’s Tertre Rouge Tuesday? This is one of those cars that exemplifies my belief that the 70's and early 80's were a magical golden age at Le Mans, when crazy prototypes and mutant GT cars of all kinds did battle at La Sarthe. From the little local…

Netflix Wheelman

Just so you know... I’m 3 minutes in and have already found a flaw. It’s clearly a BMW E46, a ZHP judging by the wheels, but it makes Audi 20v noises that predate it by a good 8 years, at best. Cool noise, but Fail. It’s not hard to get this stuff right, you know?

New York

Shit. Shooting and vehicle attack near a school, at least two dead. EDIT: now at least 6.

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