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Hawl Hawl

So I found the F&F Eclipse. For the life of me I can’t find the RX7 or the S14. Also mom’s friend gave me this Drag Car ooooohh and the other hawl I forgot at work lol

Well guys...hawl Well guys...hawl

March has been busy...like omg busy. April? Same story different month. May? I can tell it’s gonna be exhausting but! Few things first. Let’s show y’all the hawl that have been accumulated in the past month.

👀 👀

In June it’s gonna be 5 years being on LaLD and lemme tell ya a lil story for the newbies in here...


Waited 18 years to photograph an NA1 NSX. Also diecast ElDorados!

Hawl and trio  Hawl and trio 

S I’ve been back from Mexico just working and school. No time for LaLD post...but it’s Monday and I got 30 minutes to kill so why not post an update?

Question Question

Wanted to buy an R33...not hot wheels tho. Any brand just under 50 for price.

Stuttgart and Datsun Day  Stuttgart and Datsun Day 

Haven’t done one of these inalmost a year lol

What a freaking month it's been What a freaking month it's been

So Heyooo my dudes! It’s you E31 loving guy here...so it’s been quite hectic these past few weeks.

STH RS1800 STH RS1800

From the awesome box of SS PlasticPrints !

My secret super My secret super

Da homie PlasticPrints made me tear up...

Hawl Hawl

First time being back at Sam’s club since 2003 when we bought our first DVD player. Crazy to think how much tech has evolved in such a small time span. Now then, to the hawlage for the week involves a 1/18 Datsun. 2 long tail Bois and a friggin hauler son!

Have I even posted for October ?  Have I even posted for October ? 

Hi guys...I’ve been busy as all heck. Finally found Suki’s S2k tho so I’m happy!

I'm late as ever to Rennsport week I'm late as ever to Rennsport week

But hayooooooo. I’m here

It's been a week huh lol It's been a week huh lol

Haven’t had work this whole week. Get told more than half way to work to go home. Picked up my check. Walmart was across the street so I went and saw. Not bad..

Hawl post? Say whaaat Hawl post? Say whaaat

Yah. I hit the motheload. Most def not expecting sending and getting this much in a night

Rarely do I buy Kinsmart Rarely do I buy Kinsmart

But OMG. That blurple 720S haaaad to come home with me...WOULD YOU JUST LOOK AT IT?!

Birthday Hawl! Birthday Hawl!

Post of pictures coming up soon

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