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Sunchaser on BaT Sunchaser on BaT

How is possible that has nobody posted this yet?

DOTS Long Roof edition DOTS Long Roof edition

Wagon wagon wagon wagon wagon

YouTube recommendation YouTube recommendation

I like it more than the new hatch but of course that doesn’t matter because it’s not coming to the US.

Can't sleep? Can't sleep?

Try staring at this - it’s the Oppo version of counting sheep.

One of you peoples was at my office building today

Los Angeles near the Petersen Museum around 4 pm, silver AP1 with a JALOPNIK sticker on the wind deflector. You know who you are.

Product reveal presentation styles Product reveal presentation styles

Did Apple start this nonsense of having someone standing on stage trying to single-handedly brainwash their audience?  Only Jobs could pull that off and even he was pretty nauseating if you didn’t live within Apple’s reality distortion field.

Car show weekend Car show weekend

I’m taking my mostly car-agnostic wife to the LA auto show and Radwood this weekend. Her Infiniti Q50 lease is up next year and she wants something with more personality that she would love “the way I love my S2000.” “It’s not love,” I replied, “it’s just indulging in a weird automotive fetish.”

Life with doggo Life with doggo

“No, you get off my bed.”

So, one of us? So, one of us?

Someone really loves themselves some vintage German schteel ...


YouTube recommended a video on cleaning S2000 soft top water drains and I figured I might as well do mine since I’ve never done it. Turns out someone had dropped/left a bunch of loose bolts and nuts in there. I can’t believe I’ve put up with the rattling for all these years ...

DOTS ... sadly DOTS ... sadly

I can’t understand why someone would leave a car they cared about parked on the street long term. Besides this Merc, I’ve seen an S2000 and a vintage Alfa that were street parked suddenly appear with catastrophic damage and disappear permanently days later.

F#$% Tesla F#$% Tesla

We live in a time when people around me are animatedly discussing “superchargers” and I really couldn’t care less.

Note on wife's windshield Note on wife's windshield

Me: so how impressive is Rob’s junk?

DOTS Catalina Island DOTS Catalina Island

Normal cars are banned so it’s mostly golf carts here, but it looks like they allow some very compact oddities to run around too.

My own little VTEC shrine My own little VTEC shrine

It’s an illuminated display case for 1:18 diecast models. I’ve had the S2000 for a while but I’ve never stared at it so much until now.

Wheel/tire downsizing Wheel/tire downsizing

AKA the “I’m getting too old for this” mod. For a road car it’s actually an improvement - the ride quality is miles better, the wheel/tire combo is 4-5 lbs lighter per corner, the tires are cheaper, and it’s easier to get the tail out.

So about Ford ... So about Ford ...

I say this mostly in jest, but ... maybe Raj Nair got booted over the Focus RS. I just find it fishy that Ford is axing their US market cars not that long after dumping their President of North America.

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