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I know what I have 

Nothing says “deferred maintenece” like duct tape over the CEL.

I know what I have 

Also, if you don’t follow @iknowwhatihave1 on twitter, you really should. Its just a twitter bot that scans craigslist ads for the keywords “I know what I have”.

Hour Rule Hour Rule

Jeep Africa Concept

Merry Christmas Oppo Merry Christmas Oppo

From my family to yours, I want to wish each of you a very merry Christmas. My Oppo family has been very nice and deserves the very best this Christmas. No matter your religion or beliefs, I wish goodwill towards all of you! Good night!

Any ideas Oppo? Any ideas Oppo?

The gear selector illumination “ribbon” behind the glowing PRND321 on my center console is torn up. The going rate for a new one is $130 so I’m wondering if Oppo has any ideas on how to replicate one or maybe get something out of the junkyard.

Throttle holding skilz Throttle holding skilz

Trying to keep the car at 2,000 RPM to charge the battery on my GFs Prius

OppositeSock  OppositeSock 

Packing for thanksgiving weekend and I can’t find the brothers for these left and right specific pairs of socks

But David Tracy needs to post some articles or something about that Wagoneer, right? I loved reading his project slowdevil articles last year.

Rust Level: Fred Flintstone Rust Level: Fred Flintstone

Major cutting action

WTF is this? WTF is this?

Took the front door panel off to discover my second door speaker isn’t a speaker at all! I don’t know jack about audio, but it was wired to the actual speaker at the top. The other side is just a metal plate with some foam on it.

NPoCP EDIT: We have a winner! NPoCP EDIT: We have a winner!

East Coast Defender is doing a special run of RRCs that “will bring the car to the 21st Century, without sacrificing its classic heritage and originality.”

PCP is a hell of a drug

But that ‘rado took it like a champ!


What would Oppo do given this predicament I’m in?

The compression test results are in! The compression test results are in!

The highly anticipated results of the compression test on my range rover are in!

Driving School stories post from the FP got me mad Driving School stories post from the FP got me mad

I’m sorry, but if the story about someone’s mom pulling the handbrake is true (which it’s not), then that that is insanely reckless. If I saw a car drifting around a curve at 40 mph I would call the cops and report a drunk driver. There is no way that person’s mom actually did that, “son, I drift this curve all the…

Rust progress! Rust progress!

After many weeks of working on the rust I’ve finally made some progress. The whole passenger side is patched, primed, and sealed. The cargo area patches are loosely tracked into place. Gotta clean up some of that red oxide primer because the welder can’t get through it. Pretty soon I can start on the drivers side…


Peeped this beauty downtown today at lunch. Perfection from the massive tires to the integrated winch bumper. I love the graphics too.

The case for urban trucks The case for urban trucks

A coworker yesterday was asking me about the Range Rover after I was complaining that my garage landlord wouldn’t stop calling me. He didn’t know that I had a secret life where I spend hours in a dirty garage repairing a cheap old SUV for “fun”. He asked me, “so once it’s all fixed up, what are you gonna do with it?”

Garage Space Woes Garage Space Woes

Old Suburban I saw last weekend for your time

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