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Opposite Knock Opposite Knock

The ignition issues continue in the Rover after installing the MSD 6A, a new coil, and a new set of plugs. I have a new cap and rotor on the way as well, but last night I tried some things and managed to get rid of the missing/stumbling. I cleaned the buildup off of the inside of the cap contacts, and checked all the…

DOTS - Girlfriend Spots DOTS - Girlfriend Spots

So after years of dealing with my annoying habit of freaking out and taking pictures of stranger’s cars, my girlfriend is catching on. Here’s a few of her recent spots, which are quite nice indeed.

Mega Super Dope Mega Super Dope

Decided that as a birthday present to myself I would rid the ignition problems from the Range Rover once and for all. Went in whole hog with a MSD 6A box, MSD high vibration coil, Pertronix “Flame Thrower” distributor, and new plugs.

It is my birthday.  It is my birthday. 

I’m 30 and less than thrilled about it. Post vintage SUVs to ease the pain.

Shameless Rover Posting Shameless Rover Posting

I mean look at it, why wouldn’t I post these.

Rover made it home today Rover made it home today

Finally out of the garage and put back together. I’d say more but I’m exhausted.

Effin Craigslist mannnn Effin Craigslist mannnn

Sooo... I found a sweet set of clean A3 wheels with new tires on the CL for $380. Naturally, I was excited. So I arrange to meet the guy at a mall about an hour outside Chicago in traffic. I arrive early and text him to let him know what lot I’m in. Never hear from the guy again. Totally ghosted me won’t answer texts…

Any experience with replica wheels? Any experience with replica wheels?

Specifically from these guys here: https://www.oewheelsllc.com/about-us

Look who's out of the garage Look who's out of the garage

Finally got the Rover to drivable condition after a 10 month hiatus in the garage. Only have the driver’s seat in currently, and most of the rest of the interior is in disarray. First stop was to get some fresh gas, then immediately to the car wash. This was actually last Sunday, but I have been so bizzy bizzy I…

I must not be cool I must not be cool

I rarely understand what the blipshift shirts are referencing. Usually it is some obscure motorsports team or race car of old, but today’s shirt is genuinely baffling.

I know what I have


Rust Progress! Rust Progress!

Been a while since I updated y’all on my valiant battle I’ve been waging against the rust on my range rover. I’ve made significant progress over this winter and today I finally wrapped up the last of the welding, and have coated everything in a layer of chassis saver paint.

I know what I have


I know what I have 

Nothing says “deferred maintenece” like duct tape over the CEL.

I know what I have 

Also, if you don’t follow @iknowwhatihave1 on twitter, you really should. Its just a twitter bot that scans craigslist ads for the keywords “I know what I have”.

Hour Rule Hour Rule

Jeep Africa Concept

Merry Christmas Oppo Merry Christmas Oppo

From my family to yours, I want to wish each of you a very merry Christmas. My Oppo family has been very nice and deserves the very best this Christmas. No matter your religion or beliefs, I wish goodwill towards all of you! Good night!

Any ideas Oppo? Any ideas Oppo?

The gear selector illumination “ribbon” behind the glowing PRND321 on my center console is torn up. The going rate for a new one is $130 so I’m wondering if Oppo has any ideas on how to replicate one or maybe get something out of the junkyard.

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