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The case for urban trucks The case for urban trucks

A coworker yesterday was asking me about the Range Rover after I was complaining that my garage landlord wouldn’t stop calling me. He didn’t know that I had a secret life where I spend hours in a dirty garage repairing a cheap old SUV for “fun”. He asked me, “so once it’s all fixed up, what are you gonna do with it?”

Garage Space Woes Garage Space Woes

Old Suburban I saw last weekend for your time

Keep Oppo Range Rover Classic  Keep Oppo Range Rover Classic 

All images photo cred: Google image...

Tepid take  Tepid take 

The Lexus RC F is not a bad looking car.

Welding! Welding!

Buffer image! Horrible welds in this post!

Oppo, learn me on coilovers Oppo, learn me on coilovers

So, at 10 years old the A4 is getting a little long in the tooth. However, it is still a fantastic car even by today’s standards. It is optioned out, has plenty of pep, is comfortable over lots of highway miles (which is most of the driving I do anyway), and still looks good enough to pass as a nice car. It’s a solid…


My dad sent me this yesterday. 1950 cartoon featuring Goofy as Mr. Walker/Wheeler in a PSA of sorts about road rage. Still relevant today. It’s funny because my dad used to get bad road rage but has calmed down in the last 5 years or so. Cartoon has some cool old cars too.


Drove to work today and saw this in the parking garage. Hoping some BMW fanboys can tell me about it. Bavaria?

DOTS - Maine woods edition  DOTS - Maine woods edition 

Not seen by me, but my girlfriend who’s up in Maine this week on vacation. My car spotting rubbed off on her I guess.

Don't play chicken with cars Don't play chicken with cars

Biker trying to run the red light at Roosevelt and Halsted in Chicago on Tuesday. Biker was fully in the wrong here, helmetless, and shirtless but I still feel for the guy.

DOTS dream car edition  DOTS dream car edition 

everyone has one car they have irrational want for. This is mine and I saw it today! Mine would be white though.

Did someone say curb rash? Did someone say curb rash?

What about axe rash?

Cuttin' 'n grindin' Cuttin' 'n grindin'

Major progress on removing the rust from the passenger side of the Rover tonight. Seriously, to anyone considering it, do not buy a car from Wisconsin.

New Lyons Streamliner Update! New Lyons Streamliner Update!

Oh, you’re not familiar with the Lyons Streamliner? The car that totally exists and will have has 1,700 HP? Well they just posted a design update on their Instaface page. Looks like those twin turbos will still just have to cool themselves.


Old pic from my Friend’s Wife’s Parent’s parking garage. Parked next to a model S no less. Not really a fan of Teslas of either generation, but I wonder if the Roadster will obtain collector status soon.


Actually see this every morning on the way to work. It moves around so I know it gets driven. It routinely has notes stuck in the windshield asking to buy it.

Dirt bike disection Dirt bike disection

I decided to get my brother’s dirt bike fixed up so it could be sold and not make my parent’s backyard look like a redneck paradise anymore.

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