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Tesla Now Top Selling Domestic Luxury Brand

I don’t know if anyone’s commented on this yet, but, with 2018 closed out, it seems Tesla has overtaken Lincoln and Cadillac to become the best selling domestic luxury marque in the US.

Timeline Timeline


Larry Sparks is the Boss Larry Sparks is the Boss

Just thought I’d mention that.

6/29 Never Forget

I wonder if he ever got his bike frame?


So, as some of you know, I recently bought a house, which means buying more stuff to fill the extra rooms I now have; as well as some renovations to make the place look less like I’m house sitting for some 80something empty nesters. And one thing has struck me - no matter where you go, Target, Wayfair, Amazon, local…

So Close, So Close

After a year of listing on and off, I finally had someone bite on Craigslist that 1) spoke coherent English, 2) wasn’t flaky, 3) could keep an appointment, and 4) actually showed up to look at the car.

How to Save the Passenger Car How to Save the Passenger Car

We’ve heard a lot about the impending death of normal cars, in the face of the all-consuming onslaught of SUVs; accompanied by the revelation that Ford spent a shocking $1 billion on the Lincoln Continental, a car that sells primarily in two countries and has no direct mass volume equivalent for economies of scale.…

When You Have DeSoto Tastes on a Dodge Budget When You Have DeSoto Tastes on a Dodge Budget

Presented without further comment.

Not Sure If This Is Brilliant Body Work... Not Sure If This Is Brilliant Body Work...

...or horrifying. Maybe its both.

Is It Just Me... Is It Just Me...

Or does anyone else find the sound of a hit-and-miss engine oddly relaxing?

This Seems Unwise This Seems Unwise

Spotted in a convenience store parking lot - newish looking Honda Odyssey. I can say with confidence that these are the baldest tires I have seen on the road in quite some time.

Fiat Sales in America Fiat Sales in America

Fun fact, the 2nd gen Chrysler 200 sold more in its worst (and last) full year on the market than the entire Fiat brand has in its best year since its relaunch in the US.

Is This a Scam? Is This a Scam?

OK, I’ve received three emails in two days from a guy two states over inquiring about the old Lincoln I’ve got listed for sale. He urgently wants to buy it this week, sight unseen, apparently no interest in negotiating on price, and each message has a different email address (though the phone number stays the same).

1950's Lincoln-Mercury Dealer 1950's Lincoln-Mercury Dealer

Passed by this building today - up until recently, it had been an HVAC & plumbing supply warehouse, and I had no idea it was an old Lincoln-Mercury showroom (although there is a Ford dealer across the street). The property’s being renovated, and the corrugated metal siding was taken off to expose this 1950's paint…

So, This Was Inside My Tire So, This Was Inside My Tire

I’m impressed it went in so cleanly, the puncture appeared to be the size of a nickel. Score one for South Florida road debris.

And Then There Was One

This seemed to get lost in the shuffle amid the news that Guangzhou Automobile (Group) Corporation was out of the running to buy Fiat Chrysler, but Dongfeng Motor Corporation has also disavowed any interest. With Geely already out of the picture, this just leaves Great Wall out of the four that were originally said to…

Inside Bob Vila's Secret 40-Year War Against the American Garage Inside Bob Vila's Secret 40-Year War Against the American Garage

Like any kid that grew up in the ‘80s and ‘90s, I was a big Bob Vila fan. I watched him on This Old House, followed him to Home Again, joined the Sears Craftsman Club - you know, the normal stuff we all did.

Finally Rolled Over Finally Rolled Over

Took 33 years, but the Lincoln finally passed 100k today. That first zero probably hasn’t seen the light of day since sometime in 1985.

What Is Going On Here? What Is Going On Here?

Seen today while sitting in traffic, best picture I could get. It has Pep Boys stick on vents everywhere, tons of stickers, the giant wing on the roof, blue LEDs, and the big AZTEK decal across the windshield.

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