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Snow - Informer Snow - Informer

Also included below - a metal version with somebody in a bunny costume for no reason:

Legendary thread somebody at JRITS linked to.

You know, a garage raccoon. It’s like a barn cat or a junkyard dog, but for the garage.

Jefferson Starship - Light the Sky on Fire Jefferson Starship - Light the Sky on Fire

Am I wrong, or is this song crying out for a cover? The bones of a really good song are in here, and it needs to be played somewhere other than the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Mixing things up a bit, setting desktop to something non-car Mixing things up a bit, setting desktop to something non-car

Because Stephan Martiniere is very good at what he does. He had a panel at Dragon Con on concept art and the process behind it that I went to - fascinating stuff.

Why, no, Mr. Clickbait, I don’t happen to have much faith in your mechanic-ing. Not at all.

I’m not familiar with that destination.

Edgar Winter - Frankenstein Edgar Winter - Frankenstein

It’s Wednesday, which to my people is “watch an albino jump around, play a keyboard, play sax, drum, and tweak eight kinds of hell out of a synth” day.

Some maniac went on a shopping bender with my card on Saturday. Wait, no, that maniac was me. NEW TOOLS FROM EASTWOOD TIME

Bizarreness. Bizarreness.

I made a post to Oppo, which is not showing up in my posts on my page. I made another post to Oppo to remark on this, realized my post had reappeared on the left sidebar, and unpublished post #2. Then I had post #1 and #2 (in “preview”) showing up on the sidebar... and nowhere else. Wut.

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