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It’s Monday. Time for Jim Carrey singing along to Welcome to the Jungle.

Kinja hates .gifv, but this act of auto repair is too important to miss.

longcar is long

I have just transported 10' conduit in the Galaxie with the trunk closed. Over the spare, rear seat cushion laid flat, over the front seat. 12' would have fit too.

New e-brake handle, who dis

Things that should be arriving today - a ‘66 Chevelle brake release handle. Because it’s chrome and has the right font to replace the *completely missing* handle assembly in my ‘63 Ford, due to reasons.

Oppo pop quiz (updated): Oppo pop quiz (updated):

What engine is this, and where did it come from? And why is the answer horrifying? (EDIT: a whole bunch of you at once got it - Mickey Thompson Twin Tempest)

It seems that not only are stiffer springs for the Galaxie’s front quite cheap, and a 1"swaybar available, but there is a bolt-on rear swaybar available as well...

This is a thing. A thing you can buy. And by “you” I mean ttyymmnn.

Loafing at work? Loafing at work?

Why not waste your time at this link?

"ttyymmnn!" *ting* *ting* *ting* "ttyymmnn!" *ting* *ting* *ting*

“Come out to plaaaayyy!”

Oy! Oppo Meet!

I am in the parking lot. I arrived very late. My signal strength is fo shit.

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