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What are some good cheap, reliable, FWD cars?

I'm looking for a new rallycross car soon, and I'm wondering what I should look for. Transmission is less important to me than some of you, so it's okay if it's an automatic. But anyway, what should I look for? I'm thinking a Camry or Corolla would be the best bet, but I'd also like another Escort. Then there's the…

New neighbor. New neighbor.

This is a female Dynastes tityus, or eastern Hercules beetle, and she lives under my door. She’s about 2.5" long. I wish it was a male, though, because those guys have horns like the regular Hercules beetle. But still, she's super cool! All they eat is rotting fruit, and my human neighbor regularly leaves his trash in…

That's low.

So I matched with someone on Tinder and messaged her that I liked her hair. She said she liked mine, too, and asked what I was looking for and whatnot. All normal stuff, definitely not a bot account. (she commented on my shirt in one message) Then she said she was going to lose wifi and didn’t have unlimited data, so…


I need a new rallycross car and this one speaks to me. I'd get some of those stick-on chrome letters to make a "devolution" badge, representing the transfer of rally heritage to a lower trim level.

Isuzu NPR kills my phone?

This is weird. If I plug my phone into the charger in my work truck, it immediately dies and will not turn back on until I plug it into my car. I’ve even tried using the charger from my car in the truck, and no dice. What gives?

Does anyone have a Cricut machine?

I want to get one so I can make decals for various things. How good are they, though? Is the cheapest one good enough or should I spring for the newest model?

I went with rainbow. I went with rainbow.

The paint was only 50 cents a color, so I figured I’d go all out.

Does anyone happen to know... Does anyone happen to know...

Where I can find a bi pride flag version of this?

Trucks. Trucks.

I like this series a lot. Still missing one or two of the ones that I want, but whatever. They look good alongside these other cars. (FWIW, this is like 0.1% of my collection. I easily have thousands, most of which are still sealed.)

Welding vs bolting Welding vs bolting

As you may remember, my Volvo really only needs new floors (and tires) to be roadworthy. The problem is I’m really nervous about welding. I WANT to relearn that skill, but I’d rather do it on something more low-risk than a car. Last thing I want is to fry the electronics, start a fire, or both. So anyway, is it…


Would this look good on my bumper trim? It's a black first-gen Kia Soul. It needs more rainbowness.


So, if you saw my post earlier, I recently went to see Skegss in NYC. They’re a pretty big deal in Australia. (their new album hit #1 immediately down there) But anyway, it turns out that my cousin’s boyfriend actually knows them personally. His friend’s cousin is in the band. So it’s not like they’re close enough…


I just woke up to a huge cockroach crawling on my neck. It ran behind a box in my room and disappeared. I start my new job today and have to be up in 3 hours but how the hell do I go to sleep without having caught it?

It's been a few years... It's been a few years...

And this is the first time I’ve ridden in the back of my own car.

Skegss Skegss

Best concert I’ve ever been to.

I did a thing.

As of yesterday, I've driven the entire length of I-85. On Sunday, I will have done it in both directions. Other than the little interstates in Georgia, it's the first I've driven all the way.

Taking All Bets

I’m at Kia right now for the recall. My tires are a week old. My oil is a day old. My air filter is clean. My fluids are all good, EXCEPT for the brake fluid, which I forgot to top off this morning. It’s not dangerously low, but it is below optimal. So, here’s the game for you: what will they find wrong with my car?…

Should I buy this?

I would love to have this at races alongside all the Porsche and Corvette flags that other people bring. I’m just not sure it’s worth $15 when both of my pride flags were under $10 shipped. Do you happen to know of a cheaper source for this or one of an equally mundane brand?

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