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Isuzu Bellett GT type R Isuzu Bellett GT type R

I decided to spoil myself a couple of Sundays ago. I bought 3 Isuzu Bellett diecasts. This one is the first to arrive. The box says it is an F-Toys Confect and is 1:64 scale.

Lovely Bellett Lovely Bellett

Looking for a specific Bellett add I happened upon this great brochure. I really like the interior image looking out at other cars. Also, I love this dash design. The whole brochure is included after the jump.

Anyone want an Isuzu Impulse and Have 2K Anyone want an Isuzu Impulse and Have 2K

I found this on Craigslist. I want it, but I don’t have that kind of cash. Who wants it?

Would You Rather? Would You Rather?

$1000 Craiglist beater Miata or $500 Craigslist beater Volvo?

Good Morning Oppo Good Morning Oppo

What do I do with all of this oxygen? I went to the allergist yesterday. My breathing test said I have the lungs of a 59 year old. The after treatment test, I had the lungs of a 36 year old. The doctor put me on asthma meds. There is so much air it is such a strange feeling. I felt perfectly good before (it was normal…

I've Lost Interest In New Cars I've Lost Interest In New Cars

I used to love to read Car and Driver and any online information I could get on new cars. Now I feel like I am never going to be able to buy a new car. I also feel like new cars are all about the “newest tech” and best advertisement not the best car. F*ck I feel like I am in debt slavery. I am paying my cosigned…

Good Late Morning Everyone Good Late Morning Everyone

I accidentally left my alarm on for the 1st and it woke me up. I made sure I had both alarms set for this morning and I slept through both.

Fun Daihatsu Concepts from the Tokyo Auto Salon Fun Daihatsu Concepts from the Tokyo Auto Salon

I have not seen enough from this show this year. I’ll have to search after work.

Configured McLaren 570GT Configured McLaren 570GT

We have a major computer system down at work, and I need it to do my most pressing task. So, I decided to configure a McLaren 570GT. I forgot that the side is shaped like a kiwi bird. I went with the dark palladium to show off this design feature. I like how the turn signal at the front corner is the tip of the beak.

Merry Christmas LaLD Merry Christmas LaLD

I hope everyone had a good holiday. I appreciate everyone's photography skills and artistry skills.

Merry Christmas Oppo Merry Christmas Oppo

I hope everyone had a good Holiday. I had a lot of good time with family. I am looking forward to New Years and good times with friends.

GMC Hummer H3T GMC Hummer H3T

Anyone else envisioning a new Hummer H3T if the Jeep Gladiator is successful? I saw a new Tahoe and Suburban today. Now I am seeing a H3T based off the Suburban and H3 off of the H3.

Dots Dots

Mint Daewoo Lanos and a nice Jeep.

The gallery is neat you can click the camera button links for different angles.

No More Dairy No More Dairy

The doctor said no more dairy for me, so cheese and crackers is steak and crackers.

Chrysler Had The Best Malaise Era Cars Chrysler Had The Best Malaise Era Cars

Many Chryslers of the 70s are really good looking cars. The wife and I are watching Supernatural so I looked up 60s Chevrolets. Prices for 60s Chevys are crazy. 60s and 70s Chryslers are cheap, and the 70s Chryslers are very good looking cars. Here are a couple from the local Craigslist:


Matchbox is killing it, and here are some badly taken photos.

Lapin SS Lapin SS

Now Canada eligible. Is this Australia and New Zealand eligible? I don’t know what kind of import restrictions you all may have.

NP or CP? NP or CP?

What is a good price for a good cheap rusty NB Miata? I am visiting my mom, so searching the local not local to me craigslist.

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