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Got This Ad Today Got This Ad Today

When you own a Mitsubishi dealer, but the problem is the cars are Mitsubishis.

Goodmorning Oppo Goodmorning Oppo

It is nice to have my own working car. Passed inspection Monday. This is my 2nd day driving it. This is not a car I ever thought I would buy, but when you have nothing you get unpicky.


I don’t know why, but I want one of these today.

Old Brokeness vs New Hotness Old Brokeness vs New Hotness

I fixed my hood latch and made a new bracket for my horn. I also broke the connector that goes from the wiring harness to the horn. Don’t worry I inspected the connector and broken bit to figure out how the it was supposed to work.

Isuzu Wasp Isuzu Wasp

Isuzu Wasp pictures from the internet. Most of these are from the Australian batch of 1965 Isuzu Wasps


Volkswagon Caddy

Almost a Working Car Almost a Working Car

I put my car back together yesterday evening, but then the car alarm started going off at 4 am last night. I turned the alarm off; it went off again; I unlocked the car; it went off again. I ended up disconnecting the battery.

Immoral Minority How Are You? Immoral Minority How Are You?

Does anyone have an update on Immoral Minority?

Weekend Wrenching Weekend Wrenching

Painting the rust repair. Image from the internet because google chrome now crashes on my phone when I try to add pictures to kinja.

Mini Campers Mini Campers

I saw a couple ridiculously cheap Toyota mini campers on CL the other day, so now I am looking again. I wonder what kind of fabrication work it would take to turn one into a tray back truck, since their is no back on the cab?

Now I Want to Buy a Studebaker with no Floor [Update] Now I Want to Buy a Studebaker with no Floor [Update]

Reposting for the afternoon crowd. My friends are supporting this bad idea and I got approval from the wife. The odds of the frame being saved by the mud are low. [I called after work. I am 4th on the list. The 1st guy already flaked, so I am 3rd on the list?]

Good Morning; Cars That Are Coffee Good Morning; Cars That Are Coffee

Apparently Nissan had an Espresso Black paint which looks like a very dark brown / black with some brown in it. Also, there is the awesome Suzuki Cappuccino. What other cars are coffee related? I think their was another Espresso that I had in Grand Tourismo 2 or Grand Tourismo 3.

Kei Car Fun Design Features Kei Car Fun Design Features

Lets start with this fender mirror:

Starting a Car Company Starting a Car Company

I am always trying to think of a plan to start a new car company. I need low start up costs and a good market.

TIL There are Fluffy Bunny Shirts TIL There are Fluffy Bunny Shirts

When I have money I think I’ll have to get pink. It was really hard picking the right color.

The Crust Punk Show Was Awesome. The Crust Punk Show Was Awesome.

Here is a blurry picture of my new friend Pumpkin.

1958 Homemade Truck 1958 Homemade Truck

Apparently someone used a Crosley in 1958 to make one of the world’s ugliest tiny pick-up truck. It looks like it shares the same design philosophy as Geoff.

The Saab List *cries* : Want a Classic Saab?

Because of Saab’s naming convention if you want to find one you have to search by year on SearchTempest, unless you want a Sonett. Here are the finds, some are NP all day; A few may be CP; and you can buy 6 96s at one time.


Nice NA on Daisies at the grocery store. I also saw a new Continental I could not get a pic though.

DOTS 911 DOTS 911

I did not have time to take a picture, but it had a CHMSL like this. It had coupe windows, but the roof was different. Above the rear window it had some kind of spoiler lip and at each corner there was a circle. This picture is a 1981 911 SC. Does anyone know what year and model I probably saw?

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