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Tuesday Morning Open Thread

It’s Tuesday again, plus everyone has lottery fever. Be careful out there.

Monday Evening Open Thread Monday Evening Open Thread

So this was a Monday. How was yours?

Monday Morning Open Thread

Wake up!!! Time for a whole new week of bullshit.

Sunday Evening Open Thread

That’s it for Australia Week. Have a good weekend? All ready to get back to work tomorrow?

Caturday Evening Open Thread

How’s your weekend going so far?

Saturday Morning Open Thread

I’m beat, and it’s gonna be raining most of the day. So I’m not doing much of anything. What’re your big weekend plans?

It's the "End of the Week" Open Thread

Almost over. Almost over. Almost over.......

Thursday Evening Open Thread

Another long-ass day. I’m beat. Gonna watch some TV and crash. What’re you up to?

Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Tired. Plus I thought it was Thursday all day today. Ready for this week to be done with.  What’s up with you?

Tuesday Evening Open Thread

This was definitely a Tuesday. What’s up with you?


It’s Tuesday again. Be careful out there.

Monday Evening Open Thread

So how was your first day of Australia Week?

It's the "Do We Really Have to Start Another Week of This Shit Again?" Open Thread

Aaaaaaand I believe our new theme for a new week is....... 

Sunday Evening Open Thread Sunday Evening Open Thread

So how was your Meme Week?

Caturday Evening Open Thread Caturday Evening Open Thread

How’s your weekend going?

Caturday Morning Open Thread Caturday Morning Open Thread

We’ve hit the weekend portion of Meme Week. What’re your big plans?

End of the Week Open Thread End of the Week Open Thread

This mess of a week is about over thankfully. I’m gonna try and catch a movie later after finishing up some stuff at work. What’re you up to?

Thursday Evening Open Thread Thursday Evening Open Thread

Meme Week keeps chugging right along. Everyone excited and ready for Friday tomorrow?

Wednesday Evening Open Thread Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Another long day, and I’m beat. We’re halfway through Meme Week. How’s it going?

Tuesday Sucks Open Thread Tuesday Sucks Open Thread

Day two of Meme Week was an annoying shitshow. What’s up with you?

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