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so. who wants a bike? so. who wants a bike?

BMW and Track SV officially posted on FB tonight. I’ll have to make the kijiji posts tmw.

Feel good music Feel good music

I’m not usually up this late,. so I shall leave those who are up (and our wonderful euro friends) a song that i always felt a little better after listening to it. enjoy you insomniacs

Bike updates Bike updates

So, the house of SV will be getting some changes happening this week biggest amoung them: that CBF that I was planning on flipping? not anymore. looks like dad is going to sell the BMW and take over the much lower milage CBF. Track SV is getting listed by the end of the day today. I will be needing some $ for my next…

I find myself with a sudden desire I find myself with a sudden desire

for something old, manual, RWD, with a long hood, short tail, and a 6 cylinder

Tonights demo Tonights demo


Bike parts hunting Bike parts hunting

64212MZ7000ZC this is the part code for the left upper nose peice on a 1994 Honda VFR 750. and i cant find one for sale for a reasonable price ANYWHERE.  if anyone can find me one in good condition (doesnt have to be red, though it would be nice) i will send a finder fee to that person. 

current state of my garage current state of my garage

CBF and SV tracker along the left side. Z1000 and F800R in the middle. VFR along the right side. By the end of this week, I hope all 5 will be running.

Long to do list. no drive Long to do list. no drive

I have a crap ton of work to do, for both school and work itself. And I have exactly 0% drive to do it. I see it just a mountian of shit thats piled up almost out of no-where. Not to mention my own crap with getting the new bikes home and hidden from the parents.

I bought a bike I bought a bike

1994 Honda vfr750 rc36. 62k km needs a front left panel, a battery and a set of tires.

holy fuck balls UPDATE holy fuck balls UPDATE

5.837 quarter mile....that is NOT right. EDIT: found video of a low 6 second pass. jesus 

So. I bought a thing.  So. I bought a thing. 

2008 Honda CBF1000L. Abandoned at work for a dead fuel pump. Bike has 2680 KM on it. Paid $1700 for it. Fuel pump is $1000 for a new OEM unit. going to see if I cant find a used one on ebay and have a beater for the commute. 

I'm unsure when this happened I'm unsure when this happened

but fucking hell man 

Huh. neat Huh. neat

MV agusta is coming back to GP racing. but, due to the new rules, the first year will be an MV chassis powered by a TRIUMPH 765 motor. its intresting, because MV was the only other manufactuer to make a triple super sport bikes, a 675 and an 800 to compete with triumphs then daytona 675. With triumph no longer making…

what a decade will do what a decade will do

My 08 IS250 went tto lexus this morning for some recall work and some fluids changed (trans, diffs, power steering) and Lexus of richmond hill was kind enough to give me the keys to this thing. I like it a lot. Pros: 1: it feels like a more space efficent car. where as my 08 feels a bit fat, this one feels (and looks)…

what the fuck did I just watch

its concerningly catchy...but...I... just watch. Not around people who you want to stay in high standings with

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