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Help me Oppo Wan Help me Oppo Wan

My Kinja has been displaying wrong for months now. I'm finally going to do something about it. Which is to ask you what the hell do I do about it? Here's a screenshot for your amusement.

What Track Did I Fly Over? What Track Did I Fly Over?

Flying from Philly to Chicago O'Hare a few weeks ago I flew over a cool looking track that I haven't been able to locate. It looked like some sort of test track. There was a skidpad looking area, a road course, some service roads, and a giant AVUS looking track. It was two huge straights connected by two circular…

I feel bad for using this lane!

Alright, so here's the story. Let me know what you would do. I'll post a little ASCII art below, but also text, because my ASCII art is likely to be awful.

Da Grays

I think the old Kinja (before rape gifs, obviously) was slightly better, even if we had to deal with idiots and trolls. Obviously they had to deal with the problem at hand, but I hope this isn't the final iteration. Now the discussion is just broken. Nobody reads the grays, so most of the good commentary is lost.…

Right Turns on Red Arrows: A PSA

In some states (North Carolina for sure, I think New York and California, probably others) it is illegal to turn right on a red arrow. It's the same as running a red light. So if I choose not to, don't honk at me, don't flip me off, don't go around me, don't be an asshole. If you want to go when you're at the front…

Sports Car Racing Broadcast Audio Sucks Sports Car Racing Broadcast Audio Sucks

If there's one thing that NASCAR does right, it's the soundtrack. The announcers actually shut up once in a while to let you hear the cars. Even when they're talking the volumes are balanced so you still feel like you're at a race and not in some sterile box listening to talking heads.

Yet another red flag at Watkins Glen

This race is gonna last until tomorrow at this rate. Gonna take a while to clean up all the sand from the barrels. Shouldn't be nearly as long as fixing the barrier from earlier though.

Top Fuel "Facts"

Alright, so these "facts" (I use quotes because I'm not so sure on some of them) have been going around the internet for at least 10 years. The first source is possibly this page, but it is just a paste of an e-mail chain the author got. It lists some stuff from the 2003 season though, so it can't be much earlier than…

Xtreme Xperience Review Xtreme Xperience Review

For my birthday my wife got me a package with Xtreme Xperience when they were swinging as nearby as they swing to Charlotte. I'd never been to Carolina Motorsports Park, and wasn't even sure where it was. I'd heard of Xtreme Xperience, but didn't know a whole lot. We ended up deciding that I'd drive the four cheap…

What the hell are these things? (Part II) What the hell are these things? (Part II)

Update to my post from yesterday, with more pictures.

What the hell are these things? What the hell are these things?

So these giant blue things have been sitting near the railroad by my house for a week or two, and I still have no idea what they are. I got a few pictures as best I could, but they aren't great.

Nitro, and alcohol, and gasoline! Oh my! Nitro, and alcohol, and gasoline! Oh my!

I attended my first NHRA event this weekend at the 4-Wide Nationals, and wow, all I can think about is the noise and the feeling of the fuelers making a run. First of all, if you've never been to an NHRA pro event, you should go, at least once. I'm not sure I'll be back again, but it's certainly something I'm glad I…