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8-bit snow day 8-bit snow day

since I am a teacher in PA and I have been off school for two days, I broke out the little RetroPie gaming emulator my cousin put together for me a few months ago. I am ROCKING Moon Patrol like I never did as a kid (especially since now I have what amounts to an unlimited supply of quarters).

LeMons, anyone? LeMons, anyone?

I don’t have the means or the time to participate in LeMons, but this thing is just BEGGING to go out in a blaze of glory...

i think i may have a problem

is it bad (i mean, is it REALLY bad) that I totally get what this guy was trying to do and I kind of like it?

this must mean something this must mean something

these are both for sale near me on Craigslist right now. i feel like i should take action of some sort, but not sure exactly what...

clever clever

Just saw this picture of the 2018 Mustang instrument panel on Ford’s website. Seems like they slipped in a couple references to vintage Mustangs. Hardcore Mustang fans... are any of the other numbers significant?

LeMons candidates near me

i hate when stuff like this pops up. cuz I’d love to try LeMons but I can’t afford a divorce lawyer.

apologies to Torch apologies to Torch

sorry, man. I know how you feel about stuff like this, but i couldn’t resist...

spacious skies, amber waves of grain spacious skies, amber waves of grain

I made a decision today.

Mustang love at the Gale Halderman Museum Mustang love at the Gale Halderman Museum

Today I had the opportunity to visit the Gale Halderman Museum in Tipp City, Ohio. A little background: Gale Halderman is the man who sketched the design that became the first Mustang in April 1964. If you’ve seen the Mustang documentary A Faster Horse, he’s the kindly old gent who talks about Lee Iacocca seeing his…

musings from Colorado musings from Colorado

Ok, so I’ve spent the last few days traveling around the Denver/Fort Collins area in a borrowed late-model Sienna. Here are a few observations:

today I learned what a "track day" is today I learned what a "track day" is

Ok, so my 15-year-old and I were in southern NJ this weekend for a baseball tournament. Long story short, last night’s torrential downpours flooded the fields for today’s games, so they were cancelled. Before we left town, I wanted to check out New Jersey Motorsports Park, which was about 10 minutes from where we were…

emblem envy emblem envy

ok so this guy pretty much made my morning commute

transformation tuesday  transformation tuesday 

Ok so I got a deal on a set of 17x8 GT rims from an early S197 to dress up my ‘14 base V6. I think they completely transform the car... the old ones just scream RENTAL to me. My wife swears she can’t see a difference, wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t told her. Go figure.

Paging Dr. Torch... (Pixar Cars philosophical question)

Somehow this just screams Torchinsky to me.

keeping it real keeping it real

so I had to teach my 6th grade students how to use a stop-motion video app on their iPads, and I had a little red Mustang convertible handy... figured I’d make it as realistic as possible

colonnade coupe love colonnade coupe love

Saw this recently in an antique store.

playing into the trope  playing into the trope 

and why not? I know my place in the universe

to drone or not to drone

So I bought a V6 Mustang convertible and I love it. It’s a bone-stock base model with one exception: the previous owner put a Roush axle-back exhaust on it. In general this is loads of rip-snorting fun and works wonders if you like to feel like you’re 18 instead of oh, say, 47. But there’s a catch. Between 1500 and…

some serious ordnance some serious ordnance

to the tune of 2100 horsepower

I have become a punch line... and I ain't even mad I have become a punch line... and I ain't even mad

So I was shopping for sensible sedans (think Sonata or Fusion) and the keys to this pretty much fell in my lap. And now the Commonwealth of PA has seen fit to allow me to title and register it in my own name. This is roughly analogous to handing a Ziploc full of Sharpies to a toddler sitting in a formal living room…

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