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Android Phone Wiping Suggestions?

I dropped my phone last week and completely lost the use of the screen. I had insurance on my phone, so they sent me a new one, but they also want me to mail my old one back to them.

Laziness Does Not Exist

I just saw this article on Facebook. My friend had copied these last couple of paragraphs and I thought they were worth sharing. I’ve included the entire article too, but I only skimmed the first part (so hopefully it’s not super weird). I wanted to share quickly, but now have a work task that showed up suddenly (as…

Sunday Open Thread Sunday Open Thread

We fished this little fellow from the pool yesterday. So cute and tiny and content to hang out on our fingers. We released him to the bushes though.

Attn: San Diego Area people - want my Yonder Mtn Strings Band Tickets?

I know this may not be an appropriate use of Backtalk/GroupThink posting privileges ... but ... if anyone on here wants 2 free tickets to Yonder Mountain Strings Band, playing at the Belly Up tonight in Solana Beach, let me know! I bought them a few months ago, and now can’t use them.

Book-Writing App Suggestions?

Hi GroupThink/BackTalk-ers! Anyone else awake and wishing there was something semi-productive you could do while still lying in bed?

Damn it, Katie Damn it, Katie

I love the way SNL has been mocking Trump, but now one of their writers mocked his son on Twitter (she deleted the tweet after 3 hours of criticism).

"Make America White Again"....

This may not be endorsed by Trump (yet), but I’m still blaming him for it. He’s opened the door for the closeted racists to not only be open racists, but to put it on a BILLBOARD ffs. He has schemingly removed the stigma from racism and set portions of this country back 50 years. I nominate him for Most Collateral…

COTD / Open Late Thread / Walken

This is my very first Saturday COTD / Open Thread post and I’m trying to squeeze it in under the buzzer.

Not to beat a dead, rapist horse but... this is worth reading.   

The whole blog article, written by a rape survivor as an open letter to Dan Turner, is worth a read.

Wait.... Who's the Threat and Who's the Threatened?

Again, it seems that a transgender person is a victim (though not specified yet if that was the reason for the attack). But cis people should all feel threatened if we share bathrooms with transgender men and women, right? Because they are a threat to us? So sad. I’m glad they caught these four suspects/murderers.

We are all in this together

Even those people who don’t support Bernie’s political views should appreciate that this is a beautiful explanation of his spirituality...

The Onion nails it again...

I wish the GOP had as much sense as the writers at The Onion.

Which is Worse.... Which is Worse....

Just saw the Johnny Depp Sauvage commercial. So pretentious it hurt. Asking the big question here.... Which is Worse: Depp Sauvage commercial or McConaughey Cadillac ones.