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Morning! Morning!

How’s your weather? And your person?

Good Morning! Good Morning!

What’s for breakfast?

Happy 1st Wednesday of 2019! Happy 1st Wednesday of 2019!

How is your year going so far?

Morning! Raise your hand if you survived yesterday! Morning! Raise your hand if you survived yesterday!

Hi! We had a good day here? How about you?

Good Morning to You Good Morning to You

Happy Wednesday, folks!

Good Morning, Folks! Good Morning, Folks!

How is your season going?

Morning Morning

How’s life in the trenches?

Hi. Good morning. Hi. Good morning.

You’ve got snew in your hair.

Happy TG Eve Happy TG Eve

He’s ready. Are you?

Hello Wednesday People! Hello Wednesday People!

How is this brisk November week treating you?

Welp, it's Wednesday. We all know what that means. Welp, it's Wednesday. We all know what that means.

A pat on the back to everyone who did their part. What else do folks have on the table for the week?

Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween!

Or, if you’re one of those poopy party people, here is your regular, average Wednesday morning open thread.

Good Morning Good Morning

Are we still in upside down land or what is the theme now? I’m so behind in life and everything in general.


Here’s some Australian baby cuteness. I hear these are nasty buggers when they’re all growed up, but gosh darn if baby dingoes aren’t the cutest little things.

Saturday Morning Cartoon

This is not really a cartoon, but now that I have your attention, watch this amazing animated short film about a cat and dog couple, their passion for baking, and the interplay between love and capitalism.

It’s Wednesday  It’s Wednesday 

So, of course,

Good Morning, Balkers!! Good Morning, Balkers!!

What is your quintessential fall food? For me it will always and forever be caramel apples. As much as I love all the savory stews and soups, it’s these that I look most forward to every autumn. How about you guys?

Good morning! Good morning!

I hope everyone is having a lovely fall day this morning.

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