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tonights snack: tonights snack:

step 1: cut bacon strips in half and cook the bacon so it starts to crisp, but doesn’t get stiff.....giggity

CL bad habits

Like many of you I like to browse the list of craig. today’s search criteria was 10 or 12 cylinders

What would OPPO do? What would OPPO do?

you still want that Volvo?

Paging the OPPOs of the East, the far east Paging the OPPOs of the East, the far east

OPPOsaurus spawn #3 caused damaged to OPPOsaurus spawn #1's piggy elephant bank. Does anyone have any experience with Kintsugi? I want to give it a try but I know nothing. Ill be searching out some youtube videos (probably while I’m at work tomorrow as I have too much sidework to do right now) but i’d be interested if…

today's NPorCP

for about the same price of today’s NPorCP you could also get this:

things that shouldn't happen things that shouldn't happen

I had to grill some burger patties or they would expire and go to waste so I grilled them up tonight. They smelled so good I decided to have one. Now I want a second. I shouldn’t especially considering I already had dinner.  But they are sooo good.

the trees are making a huge mess the trees are making a huge mess

there is enough so when I drive off, it all blows off in a greenish cloud.

Chowdah and beah Chowdah and beah

On a beautiful sunmah aftahnoon


Wow do I feel old.

i wonder how it feels to have a brand new fancy MB i wonder how it feels to have a brand new fancy MB

and a Bentley rolls up to remind you you could have done better.

Mmmmm Mmmmm

I’m driving to work today, take a right at an intersection and hear the glorious roar of an American V8. I look in my rear view mirror just in time to see a beautiful cobra drive through the intersection

I'm leaving the clustersection I'm leaving the clustersection

The building I work in is broken up into individually owned office condos. The guy who owns the condo my boss rents is selling it and my boss did not want to by it so we are looking for another office space.


there is a construction zone up the street from my office. The road is two lanes that shift over and back to allow for a construction loading zone. I’m driving in the left lane heading south (down in the map). The guy in the explorer next to me (right lane) follows the shift to the left and then more or less continues…

This has to be disappointing This has to be disappointing

when I hiked Mt Washington, I was disappointed with the amount of other people on the trail. I would think the people going to Mt Everest to climb are not expecting to be in a Disney World style line.


For some reason this looks flat, but it certainly was not, and anyone within a mile of me would have know that with the horrible noise coming from my disc. I replaced the mineral oil in the rear brake which was frustrating. the kit came with a cup that was supposed to screw into the bleed hole at the brake lever. It…

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