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Some eye surgery done! Some eye surgery done!

So, I started getting flashing lights in the side of one eye last Friday, and since it was still going on by Monday, when I had an unrelated doctor’s appointment, I mentioned it. My doc thought it might be a detached or torn retina and booked me with an ophthalmologist this morning. I’ve also been at risk for…

Doggo update Doggo update

Some of you may recall that my household went through a Great Extinction Event last spring; my Lab cross, Beau, died in March, followed by Milo (cat), three weeks later, followed by Gus (tamed feral cat) three weeks after that. Leaving only two cats, Biscuit and Monty.

VR 5; a pioneer tv series about virtual reality

Virtual reality; u r doing it wrong - you need dial-up!

Printmakers and printmaking Printmakers and printmaking

I’ve been meaning to do this one for a while; a nice break from the outside world. And I haven’t done any posts in quite a while. :)

Double mic drop

Not the Nine O’Clock News.

A lifeline for McCabe's pension?

And a middle finger to Trump?

Kinja glitch (not seeing comments) seems to be fixed

They do seem to have some new feature(s), but now I can’t post an update with a new time and date, so here’s an new post! grrr

Kinja!!! Update; seems to be fixed

Replies are not always showing up in notifications.

How to write a post (for new authors) How to write a post (for new authors)

It’s come up that some of the new authors don’t know how to write and publish a post, and how could they be expected to, if nobody told them how? So, I’m here to tell you how, or at least the basics.

Is the noose tightening?

Politico is reporting that there are additional charges against Manafort and Gates. Maybe to give them added incentive to cooperate?

Watch this

Be prepared to cry, and to cheer too. These kids man ...

Changes to Google images

Google has removed the “view” function from google images, making it harder to copy and paste images;

A poke in the eye for white supremacists A poke in the eye for white supremacists

The oldest known Briton, ancestor to about 10% of the British population (hi, Grandad!), had very dark brown to black skin, black curly hair and blue eyes. Cheddar Man (and no, he’s not made of cheese) lived somewhere in the region of 8,000 to 10,000 years ago in Somerset, in the south of England.

For Owl

Snowy owl riding an ice chunk on Lake Ontario;

Damn you mrsfinch

So I’m doing laundry, and when I come out of the laundry room, one of the cats is tossing something around in the other room in the basement. The lighting is not great, so I can’t really see what he’s got ... he runs upstairs and leaves it on the floor, in a dark corner ... it’s got a tail and is the size of either…

They don't teach the classics anymore (minor spoilers)

Very few people spotted the reference to the short satire Hardware Wars in a sequence in The Last Jedi. Since mrsfinch and I saw TLJ on Thursday, I’ve been cruising reviews, both print and youtube, and only a few reviewers caught it. One reviewer even mentions the scene, but seems to think that it’s just some random…

Some movement on the Devin Nunes front?

From rawstory, and you absolutely have to watch the clip of Rosenstein exiting the meeting; he can’t contain his glee. He is almost chortling.

PSA; preventing frozen and burst pipes; reposting this from 2 years ago PSA; preventing frozen and burst pipes; reposting this from 2 years ago

We’re heading into another polar vortex winter, so there may be record breaking low temps in areas that don’t normally see such frigid weather, some people might be unprepared to deal with frozen pipes, particularly if your houses are not insulated enough to deal with these temperatures.

Something good (for a change)

The members of a mosque that had been defaced with hate graffiti paid off the court fines of the perpetrator.

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