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Don't just "respond" to Trump's climate change denial; "treespond"

Here are a couple of inspirational articles from Treehugger, one of my favourite sites;

Toronto meetup with HoneyHeart

All new update; mrsfinch is available for dinner, as am I. I’m heading out for dinner, so will not be replying until later in the evening.

Canadian slang (OWYAC steps up to the plate) Canadian slang (OWYAC steps up to the plate)

mrsfinch and anybody else, feel free to add;

Mid-terms, Texans, mid-terms ... Mid-terms, Texans, mid-terms ...

(And I can’t believe I know this much about American politics)

It's biblical, Jeffy? Your fellow church members disagree

Members of Jeff Session own church are accusing him of child abuse regarding the interned children separated from their parents. This may result in his expulsion from the church.

Helping interned children

Wonkette has some suggestions, so I’m passing the word;

Political news from Mexico

Oppo commenter Aspiring Engineer would like to share some political news from Mexico; over to you, Aspiring Engineer!

The mask just slipped

Fox News just referred to Trump as a dictator.

Some eye surgery done! Some eye surgery done!

So, I started getting flashing lights in the side of one eye last Friday, and since it was still going on by Monday, when I had an unrelated doctor’s appointment, I mentioned it. My doc thought it might be a detached or torn retina and booked me with an ophthalmologist this morning. I’ve also been at risk for…

Doggo update Doggo update

Some of you may recall that my household went through a Great Extinction Event last spring; my Lab cross, Beau, died in March, followed by Milo (cat), three weeks later, followed by Gus (tamed feral cat) three weeks after that. Leaving only two cats, Biscuit and Monty.

VR 5; a pioneer tv series about virtual reality

Virtual reality; u r doing it wrong - you need dial-up!

Printmakers and printmaking Printmakers and printmaking

I’ve been meaning to do this one for a while; a nice break from the outside world. And I haven’t done any posts in quite a while. :)

Double mic drop

Not the Nine O’Clock News.

A lifeline for McCabe's pension?

And a middle finger to Trump?

Kinja glitch (not seeing comments) seems to be fixed

They do seem to have some new feature(s), but now I can’t post an update with a new time and date, so here’s an new post! grrr

Kinja!!! Update; seems to be fixed

Replies are not always showing up in notifications.

How to write a post (for new authors) How to write a post (for new authors)

It’s come up that some of the new authors don’t know how to write and publish a post, and how could they be expected to, if nobody told them how? So, I’m here to tell you how, or at least the basics.

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