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shitty car mods shitty car mods

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Where are we going today, Ms. Frizzle? Where are we going today, Ms. Frizzle?

ah, Arnold and the gang are in for quite the ride...

J! E! T! S!

via Gfycat

Time waits for no slave Time waits for no slave

It is clear that the world is purely parodic, in other words, that each thing seen is the parody of another, or is the same thing in a deceptive form.

Finally got a proper bed liner. Finally got a proper bed liner.

Dualliner, was $400 shipped. Ordered it Monday and it came today from Wisconsin. Made in USA. Installation was pretty straightforward... clean the bed + dry it, remove factory tie downs + accessories. Install the loadguard, then snap in the sides. Roll down the anti-slid rubber mat and tuck them into the slots on the…


license plate frame says “UR MOM GAAAYYYY”

dat mechanical keyboard dat mechanical keyboard

iKBC CD108 PBT. Cherry MX Blue switches with PBT keycaps. Nice and minimalist keyboard with no RGB or backlit nonsense. Look at the size comparison. Also was only $70 shipped on newegg.

Here's a car I'm not afraid to say I like. Here's a car I'm not afraid to say I like.

First gen Avalon, especially the facelifted ones. Cheap, roomy reliability.

HP LaserJet 5MP HP LaserJet 5MP

Found locally for $25. Good shape.

Save ribbon Save ribbon

Looks like the star has been replaced by a ribbon.

PSA - do not drive on a flat tire PSA - do not drive on a flat tire

Yesterday, was driving home from Buffalo (had to attend a wedding). Noted the Honda Odyssey in the left lane doing 70-75mph on I-390. It had a flat rear tire to the point the car was leaning. Stopped at a rest stop to pee. Few minutes later saw a cloud of tire smoke and everyone slammed their brakes. Sure…

Leafs fans, you happy? Leafs fans, you happy?

Can’t wait to see how pissed my coworkers will be.

Toshiba Tecra 780CDM Toshiba Tecra 780CDM

Took a risk, was $30 shipped on ebay since it was untested and no charger. Found a charger for cheap and whaddya know, it works!

Shark cannibalism Shark cannibalism

This is a sand tiger shark devouring its wombmate. Yep. Some species of sharks end up eating each other in the womb when the yolk runs out and the first shark to develop teeth eats its siblings to survive. After eating all of its shark embryo siblings, the mother will continue to produce unfertilized eggs for the lone…

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