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Resituating the Office Resituating the Office

The new look in the office.

Old vs. New Matchback Type-3 Old vs. New Matchback Type-3

I wish I had an old Type-3 fastback to go with this new one, I love how much retro feel comes with it. I didn’t know they made the RW 67 regular wheel Type-3, and hopefully this signals a grand return to their roots. Love this stuff!

Hitch & Tow + Hobby Shop = ...

Matchbox Surprise Matchbox Surprise

What is this awesomeness?

Hallmark 2018 Hallmark 2018

This year’s All American Truck and Classic American Car ornaments.

The Diecast Museum Is Open The Diecast Museum Is Open

I just finished uploading all my collection in pictures to Google Drive, so the navyeagleeye86 Diecast Museum is open to to public for viewing!

HW Minitruck HW Minitruck

How have I never seen or heard of this before?

Matchbox How Could You... Matchbox How Could You...

...Make such an egregious mistake...

Toy Show in Jackson, Michigan [HAWL] Toy Show in Jackson, Michigan [HAWL]

CAUTION: Heavily Image Weighted - Data Conscious Viewers Be Advised

Toy Show in Jackson, Michigan Toy Show in Jackson, Michigan

Yesterday, November 3rd, I visited a toy show at the Jackson Fairgrounds that I heard about on the radio. I’m here in Michigan for work and took full advantage.

Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween!

This may have already been shared, but have the Christine from Johnny Lightning!

In Search of Eddie In Search of Eddie

You’re ride has arrived.

How to Transport Teams How to Transport Teams

It’s been a hot minute, but I wanted to just leave this here...

Hobby Lobby Hawl Hobby Lobby Hawl

It’s been forever since I’ve posted. How’s everyone doing?

Yat///Ming - 1:72 Scale Yat///Ming - 1:72 Scale

Some cool small models that Walmart carried for a short time years ago. They came with clear plastic covers in addition to these nice black plastic bases.

First Ultra Red First Ultra Red

Sorry for the out of order pictures, but Kinja doesn’t like me.

Storage Solutions! Storage Solutions!

I finally got all of my diecast under one roof, my current residence, and although I had to innovate and package a bit, it looks like it all fit!

Some Boxes Some Boxes

First up, every Matchbox car I have that came in a “match box.”

Another $uper... Another $uper...

I thought this was a color variation when I first got it home with the others, I didn’t realize until I saw the real riders, TH and card mounted flame logo that I had a $uper in my hands! I’m glad I decided to “make sure I had the Then & Now Kenmeri” 😎

Christmas Collectibles Christmas Collectibles

It’s a bit early but we’re setting up the Christmas tree, and I have some Hallmark collectibles from the All American Trucks series to display.

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