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In Search of Eddie In Search of Eddie

You’re ride has arrived.

How to Transport Teams How to Transport Teams

It’s been a hot minute, but I wanted to just leave this here...

Hobby Lobby Hawl Hobby Lobby Hawl

It’s been forever since I’ve posted. How’s everyone doing?

Yat///Ming - 1:72 Scale Yat///Ming - 1:72 Scale

Some cool small models that Walmart carried for a short time years ago. They came with clear plastic covers in addition to these nice black plastic bases.

First Ultra Red First Ultra Red

Sorry for the out of order pictures, but Kinja doesn’t like me.

Storage Solutions! Storage Solutions!

I finally got all of my diecast under one roof, my current residence, and although I had to innovate and package a bit, it looks like it all fit!

Some Boxes Some Boxes

First up, every Matchbox car I have that came in a “match box.”

Another $uper... Another $uper...

I thought this was a color variation when I first got it home with the others, I didn’t realize until I saw the real riders, TH and card mounted flame logo that I had a $uper in my hands! I’m glad I decided to “make sure I had the Then & Now Kenmeri” 😎

Christmas Collectibles Christmas Collectibles

It’s a bit early but we’re setting up the Christmas tree, and I have some Hallmark collectibles from the All American Trucks series to display.

1991 California Custom Error Car 1991 California Custom Error Car

I shouldn’t have opened it.

Land of the Rising SunDAY Land of the Rising SunDAY

Here’s a closer look at that TLV-N that just came in.

Awesome Hawl Awesome Hawl

A visit to Cedar Rapids, IA netted some awesome stuff.

Finally Made The Switch To Google Drive

My spreadsheets and lists are all finally converted and formatted to Google Drive.

244th Day of 2017 244th Day of 2017

So have a Volvo 244 that I found online! Let’s see your 244s!

Engagement Day Hawl Engagement Day Hawl

Sunday, August 20th, 2017, I got down on one knee after a lovely Italian dinner and asked the woman of my dreams to marry me. She said yes!

Matchbox Jag on Forza Horizon 3 Matchbox Jag on Forza Horizon 3

Back when I was a nine year old kid in 1995, Dad bought me a Jag XJ220.

[Custom] The Mav-man [Custom] The Mav-man

A friend of mine used to have a 1976 Ford Maverick. It was this copper color, white vinyl roof and light brown interior.

[HAWL] Race Day! [HAWL] Race Day!

Finally found the Race Day set! Save for one, still missing that elusive NSX... 😞

[HAWL] Walmart Rollbacks [HAWL] Walmart Rollbacks

It’s been a lon while since my last post, but check your local Walmarts, RC Mint was $3 even and AW was $4!

Facebook Group Facebook Group

I’ve been posting a lot of my old posts over to this group on Facebook.

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